[Kdrama] ‘Man To Man’ ep 3&4~ review/impression/opinion~

Despite the fact that Man To Man didn’t turn out as I was expecting it to be, I continued to watch the show and so, in a way or another, I finished episode 3 and 4.

Episode 3 was a bit all over the place because they talked about the past of the lunatic manager girl, about the Woon Kwang’s past, added some random comical scenes, more than in the previous episodes and then focused on the tense relationship between Mi Eun and the actor.

The spy-like stuff is definitely extra from my point of view. But I’m not troubled about it, not like they go spy-mood all the time, so it’s bearable – although, some scenes look like bits from low budget dramas. In episode 4 they go over the board and turn from extra to extra x100 but again it’s bearable, for now. However, the spy related thing doesn’t interest me. Compared to that, I liked the comedy, moreover I actually enjoy it. It’s entertaining.

The sound effects are doing wonders for this show in creating the right atmosphere. While in other shows, those little funny sounds work out with the actors as a “team”, I find it that in this show, having the sounds saves the comical scenes.

Luckily, other than the comical side of the show, I’m also warming up to the characters even though the story continues to be green, to me. Sul Woo and Do Ha are cute…sometimes. I like their interaction….sometimes.

Hmm but Sul Woo is a jerk, he was especially rude in episode 4. I do agree with him on some things, like for example Do Ha always goes forward never right or left but he didn’t had a break and just blurred out words that hurt her. As I was watching that scene I was thinking how awesome it would be for him to fall for her and then have Do Ha break his heart by ending up with Woon Kwang.

Anyhow, what I didn’t like was that Woon Kwang was kind of left behind while the focus was more on Sul Woo and Do Ha – talking about episode 4 here. To be honest, I do want him and Do Ha to live happily as friends – contrary to what I said above but I don’t know, I like their bond, the connection the two created in time. Not like a relationship between them will turn the world purple but I like them as buddies with a friendship created after experiencing different pains.


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