[Kdrama] ‘Cheese in the Trap’ ep 7&8 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

I don’t want Seol to end with either Jung or In Ho. Really, I don’t. At least in Jung’s case it is psychological while In Ho is just a brat. He is like a Chihuahua dog, will always bark but never bite. In Ho failed to see the sufferings of his sister as she had to give up something she wanted to do but on the other hand we all should feel sorry for him because he couldn’t play the piano. It’s true that his talent plays a big role in weighing the problem but he should learn to understand other’s suffering and stop – indirectly- ask people to pity him. Although he doesn’t say he wants pity, who does, but through his actions he asks people to pity him.

In episode 8, reality is finally hitting In Ho in the face. He acts like a brat blaming others for his “miserable life” but expect to always be called a genius. Sometimes even ones talent needs to be nurtured but for 5 years he turned around acting like an 8 grader who is hitting puberty.

Whenever I see this, I wonder how people want him to end up with Seol, why are they liking him….he is really immature. The only thing he can win against Jung is that In Ho can fix this while for Jung it may be hard or even have zero chances to change anything regarding his personality.

In regards to Seol and Jung’s relationship, they are being tested a lot. It was a matter of time before Seol started to question Jung again. Normal relationships do get through ups and downs but seeing Seol wondering whether he is scary or not normal and so on, doesn’t make their relationship healthy at all.

Jung doesn’t get what he does wrong while she is scared of him. He does everything for her, but it’s from his own perspective. For the sake of their couple, she leaves everything and always wants to put behind without thinking about what he did in the past but the glass will overflow at some point. There are questions that need to be answered to Seol. Even though Jung may have not personally put Young Gon to follow Seol, he still did it indirectly. What I mean is that Jung knows how to use people, he is smart and will trace down others complexes or secrets/sufferings to use for his own good.

What I find interesting is how all the weirdoes notice each other. Like the pervert and the stalker knew the type of person Jung is as for everyone, who are apparently normal, can’t read his true self. To be honest the stalker dude scares me more than Jung. Young Gon is impulsive in comparison to Jung who is calculative with his actions, but I notice that if he calms down his anger, Young Gon can also use people to his advantage. Although both juggle with people, they do it different manner because Young Gon is just testing the waters for now.

In a way, Jung is improving. I love how he is getting better at consoling and making Seol feel better or ease her worries. I liked the drunk Jung scene. It was like he finally let his guard down and told Seol his feelings and why he acts sometimes the way he does. Anyway, I’m looking forward to next week’s episodes since the preview left me wondering about what is going to happen with Jung and Seol and what is Young Gon going to do next


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  2. realmente me gustan mucho tus opiniones cada semana las espero saludos

    1. Gracias por leer y por el comentario

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