[Jmovie] ‘Initiation Love’ ~ review/impression/opinion ~

A movie talking about the main character’s first love, not a subject that will catch my attention at all but being free from finals required that I should watch some movies. I randomly clicked on this movie because the poster looked interesting, even though I’m not a fan of Matsuda Shota’s acting.

Since I got a bit curious with what the title hides, what’s the true meaning of ‘Initiation Love’, I watched the trailer. As I was watching, everything about this movie screamed ‘idol type of movie’, ‘first love’ and ‘yeah they will all be happy or one will leave oversea’ but, one big but here, the second half of trailer showed the viewers at the pre-screening being shocked by the twist at the end. That won me over and I started wondering what could’ve been so shocking. All I can say is that the ending was indeed shocking.

The plot tells the story of Suzuki (played by Matsuda Shota) who falls in love with Mayu (played by Maeda Atsuko). The two date for one year and a half however things don’t stay as bubbly as in the beginning when Susuki gets transferred to Tokyo. At the new branch, he meets a colleague, named Myiako (Kimura Fumino) and Suzuki starts questioning his feelings for Mayu.

Despite the mental breakdown I had at the end of the movie, the whole story was an interesting ride. I saw a couple change and drifting apart from each other. Suzuki changes the most throughout the process. As he meets the new girl, he tries to maintain his love for Mayu. While he spends more time with Myiako, Suzuki stops being Taakun (the nickname Mayu gave him) and remains just Suzuki. The man notices the new girl’s mature behavior and personality so naturally he drifts apart more and more from Mayu.

With this, Suzuki develops feelings for Myiako. However the story gets complicated because he is never sure of his own feelings. When he is with Mayu he is thinking if he loves Myiako more and when he is with Myiako, it is the other way around. Finding himself on the edge, Suzuki asks Mayu to get married but does the same with Myiako when he questions his feelings for her as well. Probably the man felt that marriage could stop him from thinking about the other girl.

“Everyone’s first love is like that. At that time you believe that this person is absolutely the only one for you. But later you realize that there is no such thing as absolute. The moment you realize that you become an adult. That is an initiation love.”

Suzuki’s inner turmoil was normal. Guilt starts to appear and fears to let go of the woman he changed him.

Mayu is definitely childish compared to Myiako. The later one is mature and always shows what she thinks and with her straightforward personality, Suzuki is seeing himself being drawn by her charms. Mayu was the one to change Suzuki but was that enough?

I’m part of those people who will fast jump and criticize Matsuda Shota for his acting but he did pretty well in the movie although the majority of the scenes were carried out by Maeda Atsuko.

I wholeheartedly want to recommend this movie. Don’t try to understand the anything about the story, don’t try to find the hints like the producer said, just watch it and enjoy the last 5 minutes that will turn around the whole story.

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