[Kdrama] Soori’s weekly bla bla bla!

I was thinking for a while now that I rant too much on twitter and so I won’t spam my twitter followers with rambling I thought it was better to make a weekly post about what happened during the week in drama land.

1) To start my ramblings, this week the cast member of soon to air tvN Signal held the press conference at Seoul Yeongdeungpo Times Square on January 14. The 3 main actors, Kim Hye Soo, Choi Jin Woong and Lee Je Hoon together with the PD, Kim Won Su,k were present at the press conference.

  • During the press conference Kim Hye Soo said that she didn’t plan to do any dramas for a while but after seeing the script for ‘Signal’ she decided to do it.

“When I received the script it looked really fun. In fact it seemed like a movie scenario. Although my character is very good, overall the story seemed really fun. There was no reason for me not to do this.”

(…) Truth is I never saw any of writer Kim Eun Hee’s dramas. I didn’t know she was a person with such a great capability. Just by looking at the script I could tell she is a great writer).”

  • When asked if he feels burdened that ‘Signal’ will follow up the popular drama Reply 1988, actor Choi Jin Woong said that he isn’t burdened at all because the two dramas have different genres.
  • Lee Je Hoon said that his current favorite drama is ‘Cheese in the Trap’. The actor said that he read the original work (the webtoon) and is curious to see how the story unfolds in the future.

2) Park Min Woo joins Kim So Yeon and Lee Pil Mo in weekend drama ‘Happy Home’ on MBC

Park Min Woo will play the role of Lee Kang Min, an editor-in-chief born with a golden spoon in his mouth. To put it simple, he’s going to plan the arrogant chaebol.

There were also articles about Lee Sang Woo joining this drama but I am a bit confused if he is indeed in or not. The thing is that some articles said he is confirmed but another article released by his agency says that the actor is still considering the drama.

3) Han Ji Hye joins Key East

She signed with Kim Soo Hyun and Park Seo Joon’s agency this week but I wonder why since she is going to stay in Austria for 2 years, or at least that’s what she kept saying on her instagram. It is true she does some CMs and is the model for various products but I wonder if the actress will decide on a new drama soon.

However, even though I like her a lot, I can’t miss the fact that her friend, Park Soo Jin probably played a big role in Ji Hye’s “decision” to join Key East.

4) Lee Dong Hwi who played the role of Ryu Dong Ryong, the mood maker friend in Reply 1988 is receiving numerous movie, drama and advertising love calls. Currently, Lee Dong Hwi chose the movie ‘One Line’ and will act alongside Siwan and Jin Goo.

To be honest, I started watching Reply 1988 for Park Bo Gum, stayed for Ryu Joon Yeol and left with Lee Dong Hwi. Anyway I’m happy to see that he is receiving a great amount of attention from the casting directors. Although he will probably choose more movies than dramas, I will continue to follow his career. But what I hope for is that all the casting calls won’t be for comical roles, he looks like the type of actor who enjoys acting and wants to try different roles but considering that he got popular for his role, Dong Ryong I won’t be surprised if 80% of those casting calls are for comedy movies/dramas.

What will be surprising is to see him in a romance movie, hopefully it will happen at some point.

5) Not really connected with dramas, but this week I started watching “Devil’s Runaway” – for those that don’t know, it’s a survival show for models on Onestyle. The winner will take 10.000.000 (if I remember correctly) won and will sign with Esteem Models. There are two teams divided as Team Soo Joo and Team Hye Jin (both are well knows models and under Esteem Models actually all models in this show are under this agency). Each team has senior models and junior models, the senior help the juniors during challenges and in every episode someone will be eliminated from the losing team.

I personally love both mentors but Hye Jin is an all time favorite model and I’m kind of cheering for her team more. The truth is that some of her senior models are also part of my favorites so that’s why I always wish for them to win….Ha!

I watched the first two episodes and at some point I was thinking to sub this show but I can’t do it alone since I clearly need an editor. I will probably try to find someone after my finals and work on this show but I’m not 100% sure if I will do it or no. However I will recap Devil’s Runaway, I’m going to post the recaps for the first two episodes somewhere near the end of this week.

6) On January 13, the press conference for the movie ‘Robot, Sori’ (I’m going to watch the movie because duh obvious reasons), actor Lee Sung Min (Misaeng) said that Chae Soo Bin is a promising actress.

I’m so happy whenever senior actors praise her. Although in ‘House of bluebrid’ her acting was green, I loved her in ‘Cheer up’. Leaving aside the badly written character, she was actually the one that caught my eyes the most in that drama.

7) Nam Gyu Ri is coming back to Korean Drama Land in a new weekend family drama on SBS. ‘Yeah, That’s How It Is’. She will play with Yoon Soo Yi and the drama is of course about a family, like any other weekend family drama.

‘Yeah, That’s How It Is’ is written by writer Kim Soo Hyun – she wrote ‘Life is beautiful’ a drama about a gay couple. That show used to make mothers in Korea angry because they were afraid that their sons will watch the drama and then turn gay. Yeah…..they actually believed that a drama could turn their sons gay. Anyhow, the writer didn’t give a damn about people who were complaining and continued with the show. It was pretty brave for a writer to simply continue with her work without being scared of people’s complains compared to someone else who does last minute changes.

Seo Ji Hye is also in this drama. She appeared in ‘Punch’ last year. In this new drama she will play the role of Ji Soo, a woman who loses her husband in a plane crash. After that she lives with her father in law and starts teaching English at a cram school.


  1. Oh, I hope Lee Sang Woo picks a better weekend family drama this time around. He was great in “Glorious Day” but his current drama is pretty much unwatchable.

    1. I’m not sure tho, but we will see soon, But yeah I agree the current one is kind of bad.

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