[Kdrama] ‘Blue Bird’s house’ ep 1-6 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

After the ratings killer drama “What happens to my family?” ended, KBS started airing “Blue Bird’s House” and judging from the first episodes, we may have another story that will keep people glued onto their TVs.

To be frank, “Blue Bird’s house” isn’t anything special however the writer incorporated all the things that attract attention when it comes to weekend family dramas, and those things are: secret birth, a stolen company, irritating characters and at least two main families. Luckily, the writer wanted to change something, so she decided to complicate the story even more by adding 3 main families giving us more headaches.

For starters we have the Kim family with 4 members: Kim Ji Wan the eldest son of the family, the mother Han Sun Hee, the younger sister Han Eun Soo and the grandmother. As noticed although I did say the Kim family, Sun Hee isn’t Ji Wan nor Eun Soo’s real mother, more than that Ji Wan and Eun Soo aren’t real siblings. Complicated, huh? Wait, because there’s more!

Because Ji Wan struggled a lot with finding a job after being dropped down by multiple companies since he didn’t graduate from a top University, the grandmother thinks that it will be a good idea to call one of her late son’s friends, Jang Tae Soo.

Speaking of Jang Tae Soo, The second family, the Jangs is composed by the head of the family Tae Soo, his wife Jung Soo Kyeong and only son Jang Hyun Do. Since Hyun Do constantly refused getting on the right track and focuses more on his non-existent musical career, the father demands that he should work for the family’s company. Unfortunately, the Jang family didn’t escape the birth secret as it is connected to the Kim’s secret because from what I saw or more like what I’m intuiting, there is a possibility that Eun Soo is in Tae Soo’s daughter. But wait a minute, there’s even more headaches coming considering that Hyun Do is currently having a crush on Eun Soo –if Eun Soo is indeed Tae Soo’s daughter then hopefully Hyun Do isn’t his real son.

Recently, the main cast of the drama was invited to KBS’ show “Hello Counselor” where Lee Sang Yeob revealed that there will be a Romeo-Juliet kind of story so at this point I have no idea how things will progress between his character and Eun Soo.

The 3rd family are the Kangs: the father Kang Jae Cheol who is struggling with (forced) retirement, the mother Oh Min Ja whose sole purpose in life is to marry her daughter and lastly the daughter Kang Young Joo who quit her job as a teacher to become a drama script writer; side note Young Joo has a crush on Ji Wan.

Overall the story is quite nice despise all the complicated things because it tackles important society issues such as young graduates having difficulties to get hired or work place bulling. But to be honest, I was a little put off by the first 1-4 episodes as barely something happened and the story seemed to take a slow route. Starting episode 5, things got to become more serious and the plot thickened with Ji Wan finding out that his father is the actually founder of Tae Soo’s current company. Yet for now he doesn’t seem to think that there is something serious behind this nor suspect Tae Soo of stealing the company.

If I am to talk about my favorite character for now, then that would be Young Joo simply because she had the courage to give up a stable job and starts something she really likes to do. Yes, she was definitely irresponsible but how many people have the courage to leave a steady life to pursue something they always dreamed of? Not too many since humans in general prefer stability over something that may disturb their personal peace.

Also, I have a small love-hate relationship with Lee Sang Yeob’s character, Hyun Do who is always confident in whatever he does and speaks his mind, but that confidence is burdensome for others around him especially for Ji Wan. Hyun Do’s flaw is that he take everything for granted, he knows that people will walk around him just because he is the son of the president and takes advantage for it. At the same time, Hyun Do genuinely thinks of Ji Wan as his friend and always wants to help him although his helping hand be hard for the friend to carry with confidence.

As for Ji Wan, I hated his prideful self. A job was being giving to him on a plate, yet he wanted to reject it because the job came only after his grandmother got her nose into things. In a way, I do understand him however at that point, the only solution was to accept it. I’m actually expecting for Ji Wan to change and see something different rather than a plain and quiet young man.

Regarding the acting, everything is okay except for Lee Jun Hyuk who gives out a robotic vibe to his acting and that, in a way gives me a bad taste but for now it’s okay and maybe things will change soon.

Before closing my post that is more like a introduction to “Blue bird’s house” rather than a first impression, I found out that the original writer had been changed from episode 5 with the one who wrote “Naeil’s Cantabile”. Actually, I think this is a bad mistake made by KBS since the original writer Choi Hyun Gyung had experience with writing lengthy dramas where’s Park Pil Joo who has only one (failed) drama until now and even that drama isn’t really of a length that can give space to development.

They could’ve get a writer that can manage stories larger than 20 episodes. So I’m not sure if I’ll eventually finish this drama, probably I will stay for a while to see if things go toward a better light for the story but seeing the new writer on board isn’t giving me any excitement.

Regardless, for now I plan to follow “Blue bird’s house”, still, if things turn hard to watch I will drop it without any shame.



  1. I was loving this drama so much and poor Jiwan and then the birth secret just kicked in. Not sure i want to deal with it. Will you continue recapping?

    1. I want to continue with the drama, but I’m not sure if I can actually finish it. I’ll have to wait and see how the story will develop, if it turns bad then I’ll have to drop it.

      But for now I’m enjoying it so I will post about the drama however I’m going to probably follow up the videos posted by KBS World.

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  3. Hello helloooo Soori as you know I love your blog and your perspectives are challenging ^^ I have just nominated you for the Liebster Award : https://kdramaendings.wordpress.com/2015/03/27/liebster-award-nominations/

    1. Hi there! Thank you for the nomination. I will make a post soon with my answers ^o^

      Thank you !

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