[Kdrama] ‘Cheese in the Trap’ episode 5 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

This week I’m going to post one episode at a time because I had to say a lot regarding episode 5 thus I didn’t want to get influenced by what will happen in the following one. Strangely after episode 5, I started to understand In Ha and Jung more or at least I think I am – but this is just from my own point of view therefore I may be slightly mistaken by how I read them.

But before talking about why I understand In Ha and Jun more I will first talk about Jung and Seol’s relationship. This week Jung continues to wish that people will do things his way and yes I’m referring to the way he demands Seol to stay away from In Ho. He thinks that it’s the right thing but Jung forgets that he should explain why she should avoid In Ho. Jung didn’t intend to explain anything and the same goes for In Ho, who tells how everything happened from his point of view but at the same time being repulsive to anything that has to do with Jung.

Of course, there are things that should or we want to keep inside but at this point Jung is supposedly in a relationship with Seol. Meanwhile In Ho shouldn’t be required to confess anything that happened between him and Jung since he isn’t friends with Seol – at least for now he isn’t.

“What am I to you? Is this a relationship?”

Seol is right, with him never revealing his feelings to others and more importantly to his girlfriend, Jung can’t expect to have a relationship just the way he wants. But then again, Seol needs to understand that Jung has lived like this and that calls for time to have him openly say anything. Moreover she didn’t notice, both are the same, they keep things to themselves while making those close to them question if they are indeed close.

I won’t blame Seol for the misunderstanding between her and Jung. That was expected to happen even though she heard things from a third party. But I liked how they just sat together and revealed their feelings regarding of what happened. Something I really like when it comes to Seol, is that she wants to understand Jung rather than ignoring and letting things be like that, she does make an effort.

As for Seol and In Ho, I continue to love the comfortable air that the two share. Personally I still not feel anything romantic though and I don’t think I will ever do.

A really cute thing that showed the beginning of the relationship was seeing Jung and Seol doing circles with their fingers when they were on the phone with each other in episode 5. Although it may not seem much, I found that action to be sweet.

It was a great improvement by the middle of episode seeing Jung blur out his current feelings, like when they were eating or were having a normal conversation. The same as Seol, Jung is trying to change himself. It was quite nice seeing them balancing things.

I really like the way Sung Kyung is doing In Ha. She is over the top but I’m really enjoying her. I like the way she changes from bright to a darker expression.

I noticed that in this episode, when they showed parts of In Ha and In Ho’s past, the little girl was also talking with her mouth on a side (?), it’s clearly that the director is asking this so why are people blaming Lee Sung Kyung like she is the one destroying the drama when she barely has scenes. I quite enjoy her and as I said in another post, In Ha gives a new light to the story. A reason people may not like Sung Kyung’s portray is that both Korean and international viewers aren’t used with this animated acting in Korean dramas.

As for In Ha as a character, is clearly that she is still suffering from abuse and her actions are only there to attract attention, she wants people to give her attention and care for her but given her personality, her actions may look a bit too much. For example the way she demands money or going around with different men for their money. But I also see that she is using her past abuse to get things her way. Probably money is her form of escape.

When it comes to Jung, the way he acts might not be flower power but I do agree with him, everyone was bad despite the reasons they had, I also believe all were bad and acted bad. Does this make me the same as Jung? If so, be it! I don’t care but I just don’t see Jung as always being the one at fault for things. Particularly, Jung’s approach towards let’s say Do Hyun, Sang Chul, Joo Yeon or even Yoon Sub (the teacher assistant) wasn’t the best but it’s not like all these people didn’t have their own share of fault. Yes, they had various reasons for acting like they did but does this excuse what they did? For me it doesn’t for others it will but my point is, Jung isn’t that bad as how people are trying to make him be.

I’m curious of what people think, are In Ha and Jung that bad? Or those around are misjudging them by their own without thinking of the two’s point of view? Was bad Jung for telling Joo Yeon that if she did something wrong she should resolve it? The idea is, please let me know if I’m strange…..


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  2. Maybe because every time he deals with this kind of people, his facial expressions turn scary. I think Jung is an opportunist. He uses his knowledge of other people’s dirt and manipulate them to suit his situation, as he sees fit.

    1. I agree on this, he does use other people’s secrets but just because he does this, the doings of the rest won’t become nothing, or that’s how I see this XD

      Thank you for the comment ~

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