[Kdrama] ‘Unkind Women’ ep 1-24 END ~ review/impression/opinion ~

I made a promise with myself to give a second chance to dramas I dropped or just didn’t want to watch for various reasons. Regarding Unkind Women, I had a rather shallow reason not to watch it at first, Ha Na. I don’t like her as an actress, I can’t get used to her acting, to put it bluntly her acting style isn’t my type. Anyhow eventually I re-started Unkind Women and got over the first episode, over the second and then I marathoned the drama.

Shame on me for not watching a good drama just because I didn’t like an actress out of many, but at least I got over it and the drama turned out to be a great road to drive on. The drama tells the lives of different women from the same family. It shows the struggles and how their past affects their present. The story was romantic, humorous and had genuine characters. I saw people interact and trying to understand each other while continuing to suffer because of their past.

The connections and interaction between the characters was interesting. One of the most, if not the best interaction is the one between Soon Ok and Mo Ran. To see how a woman who finds out that her own husband loved someone else more than her is trying to make her children forgive that woman is something to clap for. Although she was struggling Soon Ok never wanted her daughters to hate that woman no matter what happens behind the scenes. Sooner or later both woman starts understanding each other and even more the two become close by helping one another. Despite their small stabs from time to time, Soon Ok and Mo Ran healed their past wounds by communicating.

Hyun Jung and Moon Hak were boring and I didn’t pay much attention to them however out of all the couples, the both partners approached their relationship in a mature manner. Hyun Sook and Goo Min were lovable. I liked how Goo Min always supported his wife, be it in the past or in the present. He would always think of her and through his actions he showed that Hyun Sook was someone he will always cherish.

The couple that annoyed but at the same time I loved was Ma Ri and Roo Oh. It was annoying to see only Roo Oh struggling to make their relationship work. I never saw her do anything, he was always the one fighting for it while she was just there treating him like a baby. In episode 23 when their mothers appeared, Ma Ri just wanted to run away leaving him behind with the two furious mothers. She never confidently protected her relationship. The fight was suffocating for him and it was sad that none of the 3 women saw that. While he was ready to give up everything for Ma Ri, she never indented to do the same for Roo Oh. This type of relationship won’t work if both won’t try to unravel the anger of their mothers. Other than that, Roo Oh and Ma Ri were actually cute together.

My least favorite character Hyun Sook. She has a social complex as big as Godzilla where she never strikes to improve but uses her daughter to climb on an intellectual ladder. She remains childish and continues to act likes she did in high school demanding others to believe her, she is always the victim but refuses to improve herself even when her husband wants to help she uses excuses such as ‘I’m tired’ ‘it’s too late’ and so on. What was angering me was that although Hyun Sook was putting the blame on her former teacher, Na Hyun Ae, however the two were the same. Putting down others because of their own insecurities and no, Hyun Sook wasn’t different – see the episode when she was against Ma Ri and Roo Oh dating since he wasn’t good enough for her daughter because of his social status, a kendo club master.

Hyun Sook only cared for her well state of mind without considering others’ way of living or life choices. Meanwhile Roo Oh’s mother is immature and couldn’t accept that she was wrong. At the end of the day both women were cunning in their own ways.

The acting was good but I continue to keep the same opinion regarding Ha Na, as an actress she remains flat. The music blends well with the characters’ emotions but to be honest the OST isn’t memorable, it was good though.

Out of the character, writing or acting side, the product placement was show arrogantly that at some point I wanted to fast forward some scenes – like the gym parts.

If I am to say if I would or not recommend this drama then I will wholeheartedly say to give it a try, for me it was a worth watching drama. Clearly not a favorite but Unkind Women was good however if someone is expecting only romance out of this drama then I say to watch it with an open heart. Although romance isn’t the big pie of the story, the drama is good.

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