[Kdrama] ‘Cheese in the Trap’ ep 3&4~ impression/ opinion/review ~

With each new week I’m loving the drama but at the same time I can’t understand the people who glorify the manhwa. It was a good read but after reading some of it, I can’t find myself enjoying it as much as I enjoy the drama, but then again as I already said in my previous post that is maybe because I’m more of a drama person.

I do admit that for me the actors are also a big part of why I like the drama more. Park Hae Jin remains good as Yoo Jung, but I actually find the other characters such as Seol, In Ha, In Ho or Seol’s friends to be more charming in the drama. I didn’t even notice In Ho in the manhwa, but that is because the writing didn’t make me have any feelings towards him as a character yet in the drama Seo Kang Joon makes him seem charismatic and comfortable to be around him. The thing is that I still can’t see him have any romantic involvement towards Seol – nor the other way around. They match being just friends. I enjoy the scenes with In Ho and Seol, they seem like two pals and it’s likable seeing them biker or advising each other but overall being comfortable in one another’s presence.

There’s something similar about In Ho and Jung, both, together with In Ha are just brats. Jung acts mature but he isn’t and thinks things only from his own perspective while In Ho is rush in every action he does. The main idea is that both need to drop or tone down the prideful act afterwards I will take them seriously since for now the two act like some high school students.

As for In Ha I love her over the top personality. It may not be the best approach for a drama and I do think Lee Sung Kyung’s acting isn’t that good but In Ha as a character brightens up the story. Even though I agree with other people who don’t like the actress at the same time I don’t want her to stop the overreaction. At this point I’m thinking that Lee Sung Kyung understood In Ha in her own way. There is the possibility she thought In Ha is hiding her true self beneath the big and loud actions she normally does.

Seol is on her way of becoming my favorite female character of all times. I like that she isn’t the normal pitiful female lead but in fact she also has her own flaws showed. The story doesn’t take Seol’s side and I like this part of the drama. Like for example with the team project incident. Although Seol was disadvantaged because her team mates weren’t doing anything, she is also the type of person who thinks that it is better to do things by herself since she can do it better. Even the teacher told her and Bo Ra was also frank about this issue. Seol refuses help from people nor asks and just keeps everything to herself like Bo Ra said. She is in a way gullible and we saw that in the way Sang Chul treats her.

Moving on to the couple, Seol and Jung. The best scene of this week has to be when the people from the office were asking Jung if he and Seol are dating and he smiled and confirmed it. It was actually way better than when he asked her out.

My question is if Jung understands Seol. Personally I don’t think he does get her but let’s just think of that as the fun part of dating and a long process of maturing together. However he makes her uncomfortable most of the time because of him being so carefree with the places he choose and so on. He doesn’t think from Seol’s perspective at all.

Anyway, I liked these two episodes as well and to be honest even though I was concerned with the writer (I still am) the flow is quite nice so I hope she maintains it.



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  2. i just need to say that i’m starting to think we think alike. when Jung smiled shyly confirming that they are dating, i was wishing where was my Jung all these years.

    Anyway, my thoughts on Lee SungKyung: she’s the only over the top character in the drama imo, but I haven’t read much about her in the manhwa to actually understand her. yours is a new perspective to look into, but she’s not yet on my nerves and i actually see the ‘deadly glare’ from her eyes soooooo…

    1. There is a scene in ep 3 I think – when the 3 went to Jung’s home to have dinner with his father, after the dinner In Ha continues to glue herself onto Jung and he tells her to stop getting so low or something like that, anyway, she stopped her bubbly act and with a straight face told him “this is the only thing I can do” so that is why tho Lee Sung Kyung saw In Ha’s overreaction as a way to hide her true self.

      Thank you as always for the comments XD

  3. Maybe you have to take note that before the drama came, there was only the manhwa and judging it without any “drama” to compare to, the author is very smart as she’s capable of writing such realistic social situations. I don’t know which chapter you’ve read until but as someone who read till S3 and above, I’ll say the manhwa gets more and more interesting as the story progresses.As a CITT manhwa lover and a follower of the manhwa for years, there’s a special attachment to it. First impression are the strongest.

    The drama came and I’ll say it’s very good on its own too, I’m totally satisfied with the drama adaptation, it brought in a different flavor. There’s both pros and cons about both version.

    The manhwa is much more in-depth in describing the characters but slower in pace. The drama is less in-depth and some change in time sequence that I think is not as “logical” as the manhwa but I’m totally fine about it because it’s much faster in pace and has pleasant BGM. It’s in motion, plus good acting and it has everything that elevates the “ambience”.

    Drama lovers prefer the drama, manhwa lovers may prefer the manhwa and me, I’m just loving both version.

    As for In Ho, he was annoying in the beginning in the manhwa but the character became more and more interesting as more of his back story is revealed. Then again, SKJ pulled him off in a good way and I definitely think drama adaptation has the upperhand of being “able to move”, things are much more interesting when they’re in motion, rather than in drawings/books/text.

    I’m just saying that you’ve to understand manhwa lovers POV too..

    1. I’m a Noblesse reader so in a way I do understand the fans of CITT and there is something the webtoon will always have the advantage in, in the fact that compared to the drama, it will always have the time and space to approach each character in a detailed manner where the drama can’t do that.

      Personally I would recommend anyone who watches or plans to watch the drama to read the original work to understand the beneath of every character since it will create a better base to enjoy the drama more. After reading I started enjoying the drama more because I could understand Jung.

      I’m not saying the webtoon is bad so I hope the fans of CITT won’t misunderstand my posts, it’s not that I didn’t enjoy the webtoon but as you said it maybe because of the motion and BGM I can connect faster with the characters.

  4. My favorite moments in the show so far have been the “walk and talk” scenes whether it was between In Ho and Sell or Seol and her friends. There’s so much going on in the background, that I accidentally focus in that first. Then I rewind the scenes to see what the characters are talking about. And most of them are captured in one long take. I love those details that the director adds to the drama. They make the drama fresh and different.

    1. Yes, they seem to put effort in the background details. I also noticed that people from the background do their own thing w/o staying put as how it normally happens in other Korean dramas. This is pretty normal in Japanese dramas but I rarely saw it happen in Korean ones.

      Thanks for the comment and for reading 😀

  5. oh it’s so nice to find that I’m not the only one who like In Ha’s over the top personality (as you put it). I agree that Sung Kyung understood In Ha in her own way but I don’t think her acting is unbearable (like when she suddenly changed from the overreactions to being serious I was actually chilled), and I do think they might want to twist In Ha’s character a bit for comic’s sake but too bad it just doesn’t match people’s taste especially the webtoon’s fans (and they are furiously demanding less In Ha’s screentimes, which make me feel bad cause she’s cute imo).
    Thanks for nice reviews 🙂

    1. I’m pretty used with this type of overreacting because I usually watch Jdramas and they have a lot of that XD

      I find her cute and it’s not like she appeared much to the point of destroying the drama like others say. The thing is that the director is also a big part of why actors act in a certain way so that’s why I don’t want to blame her entirely for the overreacting.

      Thanks for reading and for the comment~ ^^

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