[Kdrama] ‘Remember’ ep 7&8~ impression/ opinion/review ~

The drama remains intense but the plot is turning predictable. After this week I’m starting to lose interest in ‘Remember’; I don’t know if it was because of last week’s break but I don’t have the same thrills now like maybe during episodes 2-6.

I actually wrote about this on twitter as well but I have a hunch that in episode 6 Dong Ho put his men to beat Jin Woo so the later one will end at the hospital and have the clear idea that the girl helped framing the VP and the story about him raping her wasn’t true. But maybe it’s just me over thinking things as usual.

Anyway moving on, Nam Kyu Man has a serious father complex. He does everything just to get his father’s attention be it by causing problems or calling the press whenever he signs a big contract. His assistant will probably turn out to be the key element of the whole drama as he will confess everything Kyu Man did…if he isn’t killed before that.

It’s so annoying to see the detective, Kyu Man’s assistant or Joo Il have second thoughts after the things they all have done so far. For what are they feeling bad, they have a consciousness? Great, then why they didn’t use it until now? Joo Il does it for Dong Ho? What kind of bullshit is that? The assistant does it out of friendship? What idiot would stay to be beaten up. But I still have some faith it that assistant – as I already said it, the guy may turn out to be important for the story’s development. It’s obvious the man is starting to get feed up with Kyu Man, hopefully his mouth won’t bury him too soon.

In regards of the story’s development I like that we are given new things to witness and the writer doesn’t just fill us with random cases at the court and then in the final episode they will keep Kyu Man’s case. That would be boring but it’s better to see that the main idea of the show stays with us and isn’t pushed aside. All we can do now is wait and see if the writer will continue this road or will fill the next episodes with random cases for Jin Woo to solve. On the other hand it will be stupid from the producer’s part if eventually ‘Remember’ will get an extension, there’s nothing more to be done with this story. I mean, even this week it was clear that they don’t have enough things to put in the plot so they just add more and more scenes of Jin Woo’s father. Moreover episode 7 and 8 had a great amount of flashbacks and it was tiring to watch all that….again. Also I feel that the actor who plays Jin Woo’s father is overreacting a bit.

I like In Ha’s personality but I’m worried she will cause more trouble. She needs to be careful because at some point her rightful personality (?) will overflow and she will split the beans thinking that she is saving Jin Woo….I really hope this won’t happen but seeing the way things went in episode 8, it will eventually go like I’m predicting. Sadly!

Dong Ho is smart but at some point he will lose it. He wants to protect Jin Woo but Kyu Man won’t be an easy target even so although he does know that, Dong Ho is still pressured by what happened in the past and feels like he has to pay a debt to Jin Woo. That pressure will eventually throw him on the ground when Kyu Man will finally figure out that Jin Woo is Dong Ho’s weakness. He remains my favorite character though.



  1. Ah this drama! It’s one of those dramas I watch because I like all the characters so much. It’s as if we are all waiting for everyone to reach “the last straw of conscientiousness/ear/loyalty or whatever. I really was surprised that our hero didn’t copy the thumbnail drive. Am hoping all the underlings will be the ones to save the day. Thanks for the recap.

    1. Indeed, this drama will test each character’s limit in terms of conscientiousness. Personally, I wonder if the lawyer guy who works at Jin Woo’s law firm, will stay loyal until the end.

      Thanks for the comment and for reading~

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