[Kdrama] ‘Yong Pal’ ep 3&4 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

I’m not sure if Yong Pal is doing a good job or the writer is just giving us false hopes that this drama may actually be something worth giving your time to. From the way I see it, the drama certainly has a positive effect on the viewers, given the constantly growing ratings but that for sure is not a reliable source to consider when it comes to dramas, especially ones from public broadcast channels.

In terms of character display, Yong Pal lacks diversity. Of course, there are various characters, but a small number makes their presence be noticed. I don’t know if it’s because of Joo Won or Jung Woong In, however the rest of the characters can barely be heard, or at least I didn’t entirely notice them. While, I do understand that this is just the beginning, I would like to see the others more, like for example Lee Chae Young or Han Do Joon to be more for the story than Shin Sa Ah is.

Actually, I don’t really get why Sa Ah gets more screen time than the second main characters unless this is the writer’s way of stretching it so they can fill 20 episodes. Do Joon and Chae Young have yet to enter the story to have an impact more than ‘yeah, I am one of the second lead characters’ because that’s what I’ve seen when both were shown.However, Chae Young’s scenes made me interest in what duty she will have in the future episodes and how she will benefit Tae Hyun or maybe it will be the other way around. But what’s sure for now is that I’m enjoying the parts with Chae Young and Tae Hyun, it will be interesting to see what kind of team the two will make.

Contrary to what the first two episodes gave us, the 3rd one was slower and didn’t give as much information as we received in the beginning. It was much calmer but in a way it felt like a hole and kind of made me take a step back from Yong Pal. Luckily, episode 4 made the drama return to a faster pace where we finally get to understand the story a little bit more with the given information about Yeo Jin’s current and past situation. In addition, we also get to see more of Tae Hyun’s personality but in reality, we had his character’s features all along however, this episode revealed more of him by exploring his emotions.

I’m not sure yet what to think of Kim Tae Hee. Her character, Yeo Jin has to make an official appearance (not the ‘sleeping beauty’ kind of appearance) to actually see if it can become an important part of the story or it will be thrown away behind Tae Hyun and Chief Lee. The whole thing is pretty tricky at this point because the other two already spend time within the story more than Yeo Jin did and even though the plot is in a way revolving around her, the writing of Yeo Jin will be the deciding factor.

The scenes between Tae Hyun and his younger sister, So Hyun are my favorite. Especially the phone conversation scenes that seems to charge Tae Hyun or more like calm him down.

There is a thing that in a way was a little displeasing, to me at least. The flashbacks! Why was there a need to have so many when only the first 4 episodes aired so far? I would’ve understood if we were at episode 9 (or around there) to show scenes from the first episodes but the director decided to give us a handful of flashbacks that happened within the same episode. This makes me wonder if the story is solid enough to lift the weight of 20 episodes. Still, so far so good, let’s see how Yong Pal will develop in the next episodes.

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