[Kdrama] ‘High Society’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I was curious about this drama because Ha Myung Hee is the main writer, she also wrote ‘Warm Word’ one of the few dramas I got to fully enjoy in 2014. Knowing who the writer and director were, I got myself prepared for some future scenes where the characters would give out interesting lines full of symbolistic meaning, because ‘Warm Word’ overflow with such things.

Unfortunately, in these two episodes I just saw random/useless scenes especially in the first one. The director went ahead and put whatever he wanted without thinking much – or that’s what I wish to think, that he barely put any effort in these two episodes, but if he indeed put effort then I have to say that he disappointed me. However more disappointment comes from the writer since I was looking forward to more than what I got in the pilot episode.

Episode two did relatively got better, from the story to the character interaction but the actual flow was still on the same level as from episode one.

I had my doubts on the casting as well. In a way I don’t find the main actors to blend well with each other for now but they will probably get better with creating chemistry between each other. Here I’m not talking about the chemistry between the couples but rather the lack chemistry from Yoon Ha with Ji Yi and Joon Ki with Chang Soo. Personally, I don’t think this is anything bad, for now at least it isn’t, it’s not like they could bond to the point of giving off chemistry and probably with the next episodes they will get better. However, I’m skeptical over Sung Joon’s casting, there is something about him that just doesn’t match with playing a main character. He seems to always be awkward and his body movement gives off a robotic vibe.

Regarding the characters and the overall story, I love the simple and genuine friendship of Yoon Ha and Yi Ji. I mean it’s not like we get this a lot so we must enjoy the friendship now before things will turn bad. As for Yoon Ha’s family, she is clearing being suppressed by the mother, even so I wonder where the father has been to all this time? Doesn’t he notice the things happening in his house? I suppose not, or probably doesn’t care about anything else than his company and his game of ‘do as I like and I’ll think if I give you the company’. I kind of hoped that Yoon Ha and the mother weren’t related, thing that unfortunately didn’t happen and we got a real mother-daughter. Exactly when I wished for a secret birth, the writer decides to turn things around and make them related…. for real.

Despise the forceful mother, blinded by money sister nr 1, irritating sister nr 2 she at least Yoon Ha has a good relationship with her older brother. I enjoyed their little walk around the garden where they talked without a restrain and had a normal conversation. I like how he always goes out of his way to do things that Yoon Ha ask for or to protect her honor. I wish things will stay like this between the two and the older brother will continue to be the person who comforts her and that there won’t be any secret behind this bond.

On the other hand, Yoon Ha is a little bit of a hypocrite or maybe she fools herself with that independent life she wants when in fact the girl runs to her brother every time something happens or whenever she needs help -Like for example when she had a conflict with one other supermarket’s clients.

The actual story is predictable, Joon Ki will fall for Yoon Ha in his plan of getting her to fall for him. She will find out that he used her and things will get makjang from there. At least the characters are interesting, especially Yoon Ha who seems to always speak her mind and gives off a strong impression. Yi Ji also has her own charm and things get even better when Chang Soo is around.

Although for now there were barely any interactions between the main couple, Joon Ki and Yoon Ha, I was too busy laughing at the small fights of Chang Soo and Yi Ji to even notice the other two or more like the lack of them. Surely Chang Soo and Yi Ji will become my main focus of the whole drama after seeing them in these two episodes.

All in all, even though it may not look like it from my short first opinion, I did enjoy the episodes but I hope things will get better in the next episodes because there are a lot of stuff in need of a little more polishing.


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  2. Hmm. I do like your analysis. I am yet to see the drama but from reading the recaps…I’m not too sure. I agree with you, i do find the main lead stiff some times..like he is trying to be cool and aloof, but he comes off a little bit awkward. Hopefully, once i see the drama, he will adjust into his role.

    Just like you my interest is going towards the second leads as compared to the leads. Maybe after watching the first two episodes I will change my mind….eh who knows. Hehe

    1. I think I need to see more of the story to get used to the characters but for now Sung Joon’s character is colorless. Not sure if it’s because of his acting or that was the way the writer made it, but I just don’t see his charm (character-wise).

      The second couple is really cute especially in the second episode XD

      Thank you for the comment and for reading my post ^ ^

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