[Kdrama] Looking forward Summer season list (June-July 2015) – Spring list short review

Another season ended and a new one starts full of interesting dramas. But before proceeding into my list of looking forward dramas for the first part of summer (June/July) season, I want to share a few thought over the dramas that recently finished airing or other dramas that started airing during spring.

I still couldn’t manage to watch ‘Book of Corrections’ but I decided to keep this one and other two dramas, ‘House of Bluebird’ and ‘Queen’s flower’ to marathon during my summer break. I did watch some episodes from the later two mentioned however these kinds of drama are in need of a lot of time and patience.

For ‘Heard It Through the Grapevine’ I’m still trying to finish it and I will most probably do it after I finish my school work and other stuff so then I can enjoy my ride. What I saw until now from the story was definitely something new so this drama is also a keeper.

For some reason I enjoyed ‘Missing Noir M’ a lot, more than I thought I will. Don’t know if it was thanks to the actors but I loved the flow of each episode where they didn’t push the ‘good always has to win’ card on the viewers. It was close to reality where some choices in life aren’t the correct ones.

‘Angry Mom’ was my favorite drama out of the spring season. I don’t have a clear reason however I enjoyed the story as it was. The characters were well written and played. But if I am to choose one character that wasn’t really on my liking that would be the main character, the Angry Mom. She was always going around pushing, saying how she will save everyone but unfortunately she was the one making the most problems. On the other hand, my favorite character was Ahn Dong Chil played by Kim Hee Won. Although in the beginning he was despicable, I liked the development or I should say more like the inner struggle he went through knowing and feeling the fear of losing someone dear.

‘The Girl Who Can See Smells’ was a total pleasure. Even though I can’t possible say that the story was something new, it was more like a better version of ‘You’re all surrendered’. The chemistry between the two main characters and Namgong Min’s ‘evil-eye’ acting was what kept the show alive. Compared to the sweetly portrayed story from ‘The Girl Who Can See Smells’, Mnet presented us with something of a more mature content ‘The Lover’. Even if it didn’t end but will soon, the drama was interesting from a lot of aspects, they did portray a lot of stuff in a rather comical manner but all those subtle but up-front jokes were actually hiding a lot of real-life problems just that the writer and the director managed to deliver with the help of the ‘actors’ in a groovy way for the viewers to enjoy. Something that may not be on everyone’s taste are probably the adult jokes often used in every episode, but for me it wasn’t really anything bothersome, I found everything to be quite funny.

‘Who are you – School 2015’ is my favorite drama at the moment. It’s really different from the other School series; I found that it has its own charm that can pull in the viewers with the sudden mystery.  But I do wish that the writers would be a little more careful with the way they stretch the story because in a way I felt that School 2015 lost the main idea of its predecessor. They gave too much time to the love and mystery part more than the actual thing about students’ struggle. Following School 2015, in a weird manner, Warm and Cozy is my second favorite at this point. The story isn’t anything that I would normally like and to be honest I’m not a big fan of the Hong sisters’ work up until now but I like the placement of the story and the peaceful delivery without any big conflicts that will make someone pull its own hair. At first I was concerned with the chemistry between Kang So Ran and Yoo Yeon Seok but as the story went further, they somehow managed to make their characters seem closer.

Orange Marmalade was cute until they changed into the historical mode and it kind of turned me off. There were a lot of parts that made me confused so I just didn’t think much of them simply because I didn’t read the manhwa however I can’t handle the rushing of the story-telling therefore I’m thinking of giving up on this drama.

As for Producer, before I started the drama I was ready to criticize it because I’m an avid variety viewer and I LOVE 1N2D (I learned Korean thanks to this show) and it is my Sunday happy pill thus I was side eyeing this drama. All in all, I ended up liking the drama mostly thanks to the comical side of the story – well that was expected since the PD, Seo Soo Min, was the PD for 2 other shows I like and currently also the Director/Producer over the Variety/Comedy department at KBS.

Dropped dramas of spring season:

Supper Daddy Yeol – one of my favorite dramas is ‘Mama – nothing to fear’ and it has a similar plot to ‘Supper Daddy Yeol’ and I thought I will like this drama as well but the thing is that in this drama I couldn’t really feel the story. A lot of things went overboard and I just decided to drop it.

Falling for Innocence – they did start well with how the main character was dealing with knowing that he is taking someone else’s characteristics after the heart transplant but the overall focus on the love story turned me off.

 Divorce Lawyer in love – I actually even started recapping this one but when it was clear that the woman who Jung Woo was searching for was actually Cheok Hee I thought this thing is too predictable to me so there’s no need to waste my time on it.

 Ex-Girlfriend Club – I just don’t like Song Ji Hyo’s acting – no matter how much I try I can’t.

Dramas I’m looking forward – summer season (June/July):

My Love Eun Dong – tvN

Episodes: 16

Airing date: May 29

Not really a fan of childhood love stories but I do find this drama interesting (actually I did watch the first 2 episodes and the story kind of pulled me in). On the other hand the director, Lee Tae Gon – he was behind the family drama ‘Smile, you’ – one of my favorite family drama.

The cast is okay, not particularly a fan of a certain person but I do fancy them: Joo Jin Mo, Kim Sa Rang, Kim Tae Hoon, Yoon So Hee, Baek Sung Hyun and Got7’s Jr.

Mask – SBS

Episodes: 20

Airing date: May 27

I love the cast, Joo Ji Hoon, Soo Ae and Yeon Jeong Hoon. For this one as well I did get to watch the first 4 episodes and since sometimes we need some melodrama in our life, I will stay for the ride, hopefully until the end. One thing I’m iffy about is the exaggeration of Yoo In Young – too much is too much, she needs to stop sometimes.

The production team is pretty strong too. First we have the writer, Choi Ho Chul, who also made ‘Secret’ (with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum) and the director, Boo Sung Chul, the man behind Lobbyist, My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox and ……… The Heirs.

My Beautiful Bride – OCN

Episodes: TBA

Airing date:  June 20

Lately I’ve been into OCN dramas and ‘ My beautiful bride’ looks interesting even though it’s just another mystery drama. But when you give me Park Hae Joon and Lee Si Young in the same drama, well well, I’m completely falling for the show.

The director, Kim Cheok Kyu previously worked on ‘She is wow’ and the writer, Yoo Sung Yeol wrote the awesome ‘Cruel City’.

Need any more reasons to watch this drama? Nope, at least I don’t.

High Society – SBS

Episodes: TBA

Airing date: June 8

Frankly the story isn’t doesn’t have anything attractive to offer but I will judge after I get to watch some of its episodes however UEE and Hyung Shik are a good reason for me to try this drama out.

But even though I’m not into the story (at least not from reading the plot), the writer Ha Myung Hee who also made ‘Warm Word’ makes me become confident that the superficial plot may be interesting. Choi Heong Hoon isn’t falling behind as he worked in the past for dramas like: Warm Word (great directing style), Five Fingers , Iljime and The Painter of the wind.

Hide Identity – tvN

Episodes: TBA

Airing date: June 16

Yoon So Yi is coming back to drama land and as a bonus we get Kim Bum and Park Sung Woong. The plot is easy as the drama follows a police unit. Extra: Kim Tae Hoon – this guy is everywhere lately.

Expect good directing because Kim Jung Min is the main director, his past work is OCN’s Bad Guys and Hero.

The Time We Were Not In Love –SBS

Episodes: 16

Airing date: June 27

This one is a remake of the Taiwanese drama ‘In time with you’. Honestly when I found out that Korea is making its own version, I got angry. The thing is that in Korean dramas, they tend to put too much focus on the love triangle but countries like Taiwan and Japan make it in a subtle manner so I’m kind of scared that the Korean production team may destroy the message of the story. Also, although I like Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook I’m just too excited to see Yoon Gyun Sang!!

I have zero confidence in the two writers Jung Do Yoon, Lee Ha Na – their past works didn’t impress me so I hope both won’t mess this up. On the other hand the director, Joo Soo Won – Gap Dong, I can hear your voice and Pinocchio – will probably spoil us with lots of beautiful scenes.

These are the dramas I’m waiting for the summer (June/July) season, looking forward if someone has to recommend me some other dramas.



  1. Drama Lover · · Reply

    Generally like your list 🙂 The few in particular which have been particularly good will be School 2015, My Love Eun Dong and The Producer 🙂

    1. My Love Eun Dong has a great potential but it’s on the fine edge of boring and entertaining since it may not be on everyone’s taste ^ ^

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Has anyone watched Warm & Cosy? I wasn’t sure about starting it.

    1. I did watch the first 8 episodes. I like it, it’s an okay drama, not really a big fan of the show nor its writers but overall the show is pretty quiet w/o major conflicts so its fast to digest.

      But at this point, I’ll say try it~

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