[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 23 ~recap/review/opinion~

In a strange way, I’m actually pleased at how the romantic relationships are developing for our main characters and even the story of Woo Seok’s past is going smooth. Although I was waiting for something overly-dramatic, this drama sure is far away from the normal melodrama as many of us were expecting to see.

Soo In rushes to the hospital after finding out that Woo Seok was sent there because the airplane he was on suffered an accident. Arrived at the hospital, she mistakes another man as being Woo Seok and reveals her feelings to him begging to wake up. On the other hand, the real Woo Seok was watching the whole scene from afar witnessing her confession. When he calls out her name, Soo In jumps into his arms happy that he is safe. Half stunned half happy, Woo Seok asks her if she is that happy seeing him safe; Soo In answers that of course she is happy and hugs him once again. Although it makes him happy, at some point the whole scene becomes embarrassing since people were looking at them.

Later, Yi Moon arrives with Byul at the hospital but since he sees Woo Seok and Soo In hugging each other, he decides to take the girl home so that the two can have a moment for themselves.

At Yi Moon’s house, Bok Nyeo is still jealous thinking that Nr 911 may actually take him from her thus she acts like the kitchen is hers when nr 911 wanted to cook. The two biker each other even more until Yi Moon returns home. However Nr 911 gives some of the food she made to Yi Moon putting him into an awkward position since Bok Nyeo was watching close by.

On their way out of the hospital, Woo Seok acts as if he can’t walk properly but Soo In asks him why he can’t walk since his arm was hurt not his legs – he was doing it to lean on her. Woo Seok doesn’t seem to care about it and tells her that she should listen to him so he takes her hand and places it on his – however Joo Hee who just entered the hospital sees the two being close to each other. Since they don’t notice Joo Hee, Woo Seok invites Soo In to eat together but she has to treat him. Joo Hee is clearly annoyed especially since Woo Seok never acted that close to her more than that Soo In told her that they aren’t in a relationship.

Aeng Ran is still thinking about Do Jin marring with Bo Kyung but Joo Ran tries to interfere saying that as his older sister she won’t let that happen. The woman gets angry and tells Joo Ran that until now she never cared about Do Jin so why would she start doing so now and leaves the room.

Do Jin calls Mi Oh to tell her that he broke off the marriage, even so she acts uninterested. Do Jin sets a date with her although she isn’t that willing. He closes the phone fast when Aeng Ran appears at his office to talk again about the marriage. Aeng Ran tells Do Jin the whole story of Bo Kyung but he doesn’t let himself dragged into this anymore telling his mother that he is disappointed since she thinks more about money and the company than about him.

Joo Ran’s husband meets Aeng Ran at the company and he starts thinking that something is up. Later he goes into Tae San’s office to update the man about the things regarding Woo Seok and the man he was supposed to meet.

Meanwhile Woo Seok is out eating with Soo In but he starts making things awkward for her asking to feed him. She falls in his trap and decides to feed him but she kinda treats him like a child (because well that’s how he acts). The two seem happy spending time with each other and as they eat Woo Seok asks for a bottle of soju saying that they need to celebrate the day Soo In confessed her feeling for him.

At the bakery, Poong Geum advices Bok Nyeo to stop acting hard to get and go forward with Yi Moon but a few minutes later Nr 911 appears and the two fight again. Then Woo Seok and Soo In come and Nr 911 takes him to have a talk, just the two of them.

In the kitchen, nr 911 asks Woo Seok when he is going to let Yi Moon marry. He seems to already spoke with Yi Moon about marrying Bok Nyeo but Nr 911 gets angry that the marriage talk wasn’t about her.

Thinking that it’s time to meet up with the man whose father used to have a store near the former factory, Woo Seok gives him a call to set a date for the meeting however the man tells him that he was confused about the whole thing and that his father doesn’t know anything about the factory.

Tae San tells Wang to find out who was the one (from the company) who gave the scholarship to Woo Seok. Thinking to himself, Tae San is sure that someone close to him may have saved Jin Woo, from him.

Aeng Ran goes to Dan Shim to ask about the papers Bok Nyeo hide under the tree. The woman nods that she knows where the papers are. To make her say where the papers are, Aneg Ran says that Jin Woo’s mother cried a lot after losing them so she needs to get the papers back. Dan Shim hesitates at first but she confesses that she took the papers from under the tree but unfortunately Joo Ran enters the room and interrupts them.

Bo Kyung goes again to meet up with Do Jin asking for forgiveness but he still can’t be moved away from the decision of not marring her. Bo Kyung finally blows up and shouts that they aren’t that different since he also has a son of his own. Do Jin is shocked to hear that Mi Oh didn’t abort the baby and he runs away to Mi Oh to see if it’s indeed true.

When Do Jin appears at the bakery he takes Mi Oh outside and falls on his knees asking to be forgiven. Mi Oh doesn’t want to forgive him and let’s Do Jin crying and kicking the ground in despair.

Nr 911 puts her hands on Yi Moon’s letter for Bok Nyeo. Woo Seok comes by at the store to pick Soo In up – as the two were on their way home, Woo Seok tells her his story about not remembering his past and not even his real name.

Wang tells Tae San that he couldn’t find out who recommended Woo Seok for the scholarship and he advices the man to go home since he seems to need some rest. At home, Tae San wants to have a talk with Joo Hee saying that she needs to give up on Woo Seok. However Joo Hee doesn’t seem ready to give up on him telling everyone that if she doesn’t marry him then she will remain single for the rest of her life.

Do Jin is back home and is decided to pack his things and leave. Although Aeng Ran wants to stop him, Do Jin already found out about the child so he is determinate to leave the house and break everything with his mother for lying to him and for hurting Mi Oh.

On the other hand Tae San sees box that Aeng Ran received from the same orphanage that Woo Seok supposedly stayed at.



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  2. Angskeet · · Reply

    It feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve dropped by the site. NWS is totally taking advantage of the fact that his arm is fracture. The drama is getting better and better. I would love to see more of MDJ and SMO!

    1. Yes, he is indeed taking advantage of his wounds to make MSI feed and wash him XD

      I think we will see more Do Jin and Mi Oh in the following episodes, especially since he left home he will probably end up living with the former inmates at Yi Moon’s house

      1. Yeah, I agree. I hope things go well for MDJ and SMO. It’s going to be hard for MDJ to adjust to life with little money, but we all know he can do it! He’s a mama’s boy, but he’s really soft and sweet.

  3. fatiyadh · · Reply

    I love reading your synopsis about The Legendary Witch. It’s very easy to understand. I would like to ask your permission to share the links of this drama synopsis in my blog. The display will be like this : http://kdramastory.com/sinopsis-legendary-witch-episode-1-36/.
    I have send you email but I heard no news. Please tell me if it is allowed to share or not. Thank you.

    1. I didn’t receive the email, probably it’s something wrong with wordpress.

      Sure, you ca share it and sorry for the late reply. ^ ^

      1. Yes, I have send twice email to you.
        No problem. And thank you for your kindness. I am going to share your links in my blog now. 🙂 Gomaweoyo.

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