[Kdrama] ‘Healer’ ep 5-12 ~ review/impression/opinion ~

I was in a way skeptical regarding ‘Healer’ in my previews review/opinion post but now after seeing episode up until episode 12, I’m starting to love this drama. Actually, my prime drama for the season was ‘Pinocchio’ but now I’m slowly changing it to ‘Healer’ and ‘Punch’. Although it’s true, in terms of plot and production, ‘Healer’ doesn’t lift up to ‘Pinocchio’ nor ‘Punch’, yet as I watch more episodes, I’m finding myself enjoying this drama.

However although I like ‘Healer’, there is something that’s not really on my liking and that is the action scenes. I’m personally finding the fighting/action scenes a little tiny bit lame, it’s not the actors’ fault but rather the producers who put the slow motion effect.

On the other hand, the same as ‘Punch’, ‘Healer’ seems to also have a decent female lead and not the normal stumbling, bubbly woman who needs just to be protected by those around. Young Shin is a good example of a female character that has the courage to overcome a ‘wall’. Even though she isn’t the strongest I’ve seen out there, I like her personality for having a strong identity as she tries to protect herself and those around. Sure, there are moments when Healer is mainly protecting without her noticing but at least she has the initiative to do things.

Young Shin is turning into one of my favorite female character, after all we rarely get a character like hers that isn’t turning weak as most female characters do in Korean dramas, she is actually the opposite from the rest as she is in a constant development and growth, trying to overcome fears. Normally the actions or decisions of other females may actually affect the plot in a bad manner, Young Shin is challenging herself with every new episode. Or even if she can’t have the inner power to face something, the girl takes other routes that may bring her to the desired destination.

But realistically speaking, Young Shin is out of her mind, she wants to meet a man who she never saw and on top of that he is a suspect of murder. It may be infatuation from her part but she has to be more careful with trusting people. Although considering her past, she is brave for trusting another human, still somehow she kind of needs to do it in normal quantities.

On the other hand, Min Ja is reasonable waking Jung Hoo to reality whenever he wants to run to see Young Shin. After all, if he is ready to reveal everything to Young Shin, he can’t give her anything considering that his current situation isn’t the best at the moment (suspect of murder). Nevertheless at the end of the day, leaving aside all that, they are two young people sharing the same feelings, unfortunately can’t show them in an open environment. But at least he has enough trust in her to go at the ‘date’ without wearing his “masks”, although that means Jung Ho is completely exposed.

I totally love how the writer uses the phone calls between Young Shin and ‘Bong Soo’ as a way to enter in a stated of calamity, along the way he become her “journal” who comforts her as she is putting emotions in speech. She is always in a comfort zone every time the two talk on the phone much as if telling her feelings to Bong Soo relaxes her from the overall stress.

Overall I like how things are progressing and that I didn’t get a change to let my mind fly – because it does happen to me with most dramas after I start losing interest around episode 9-11, however it didn’t happen with ‘Healer’ thus the writing is okay the development as well. There aren’t much fillers within the episodes so I suppose that the writer did had a plan for the drama on how to evolve everything and when to reveal certain things, thing that sometimes Korean writers can’t (yet) manage.

Now I’m curious on how things will go further since we still got 8 episodes of ‘Healer’.


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