[Kdrama] Looking forward Autumn Season List (Sept-Oct 2017)

Autumn!!! My favourite season to watch dramas is here! I would give up on going out, having fun with friends or anything of that sort over a stay at home rainy autumn day watching dramas accompanied by my tea – that’s heaven to me, I swear!

I can’t say I’m head over hills with the upcoming dramas but there are quite a few I’m eager to watch, be it thanks to some comebacks to drama land or new faces, all in all I do have some stories I want to watch as soon as possible.

As some of you might know, I like my weekenders but since the casting of recent weekend dramas were a letdown, I turned my face towards the normal ‘during the week’ dramas. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed by my choices.

Before I jump onto my list, I want to say that I am currently watching ‘Age of Youth 2’ and ‘Girls’ Generation 1979’ and I love both. In fact, the only Korean dramas I’m watching right now are these two and ‘Save Me’.  Anyway, let’s get into the autumn dramas list. By the way, I won’t write about the plots (much), I just want to write my reasons on why I’m looking forward to these dramas. For the plot, anyone can just Google it.

Argon (Sept 4/ tvN/ 8 episodes)

Frankly speaking, I’m not the type that watches political dramas but the cast is making me crazy. Especially the fact that Shim Ji Ho is in a normal drama and not a daily is making me so excited. Unfortunately there are no subs available but I do think it will be better t just marathon it later on.

Temperature of Love (Sept 18/ SBS/ 40 episodes (30 min each)

Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Jae Wook, a bunch of handsome dudes, a what it seems light story with food…well, that’s more than I could ask for so count me in. Honestly, the plot does seem like a mash of some old Korean dramas but all of those were dramas I liked so that’s okay as long as it turns to be a good show. The plot also reminds me of a Christmas movie I saw some time ago, you know, that cheesy Hallmark type but lately I’ve been all for cheesiness. However, normally I’m not a fan of SBS dramas, I don’t know why, maybe because SBS always tends to go over the top moreover the writer is quite messy with her works so even though I’m kind of looking forward to this drama, I try to keep my excitement low.

While You Were Sleeping (Sept 27/ SBS/ 32 episodes (35 min each)

I added this drama just for the sake of it. Not sure if I will even finish half of it judging by the teaser. Even if the writer is predictable in her work and Suzy can’t really act but somehow my major problem is with Lee Jong Suk who seems to have hit a wall with his acting. But there’s Lee Sang Yeob, so maybe he will cure my heart since the other elements of this drama are kinda meh and again SBS, but I still want to try it out.

Because This Is My First Life (Oct 9/ tvN/ 10 episodes)

Housemates drama? Yes please! I’m always in for a plot where the main characters live around each other or in the same house mostly because that’s for sure a call for a comical start. And let’s not forget that Lee Min Ki is coming back to drama land so that’s a plus. Esom here as well.  I’m a bit iffy with Jung So Min as a main girl. I do like So Min but her acting is either average or a miss, rarely a hit.

The writer’s past works were quite light so that’s also a plus for me especially since lately we got this wave of heavy melodramatic and imitation of dark dramas.

Avengers Social Club (Oct 11/ tvN/ TBA)

I have a hunch that this drama is going to be the dark horse of my list. Can’t say I’m overly excited about the cast, but the plot seems fun. Rather than being heavily centered around revenge, I think we’ll get to see the transition and growth of the characters which will be interesting, at least I do think so.

Revolutionary Love (Oct 14/ tvN/ TBA)

He’s Choi Si Won and plays a rich guy, she’s Kang So Ra and plays a poor girl, they fall in love. There’s also Gong Myung but I was never interested in him.  The old ‘rich guy, poor girl’ may be a total cliché but I’m okay with the story since it’s with Kang So Ra. I don’t know, from the teasers it looked fun so why not.

Mad Dog  (October/ KBS/ TBA)

I’m so conflicted with this drama. The plot is about insurance fraud cases, the drama has Yoo Ji Tae who acts like a robot, Ryu Hwa Young who’s not that good of an actress but on the other hand, there’s Woo Do Hwan and Jang Hyuk Jin who I recently started to like because of Save Me. Agh! Whatever, I’m watching this!




  1. I’m looking forward to all the dramas on your list (for different reasons) minus Mad Dog, whose storyline doesn’t interest me even a bit.

    1. Added Mad Dog mostly for those two actors XD the same as with Suzy’s drama, not sure if I will have the power to finish it but we’ll see, maybe both will be good

      1. I like the writer…so have high hopes from While You Were Sleeping. Of course no expectations from Suzy’s acting.

  2. i’ really looking forward to all these dramas especially revolutionary love it seems interesting.

    1. Let’s just hope all of them will turn out to be good~

  3. Omg this is our first life is such a hit in my book …like its😍

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