[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 21 ~recap/review/opinion~

All this time I thought Tae San knew who Woo Seok was but I suppose Aeng Ran is the one who watched him from the shadow since childhood seeing as how she also wants to help him now. Hopefully her plan will work and Tae San won’t find out that she is behind all this because if he is to find out, both Woo Seok and Do Jin will have to suffer.

The recap:

The 5 women celebrate the opening of their new bakery however even now Bok Nyeo and Nr 911 biker each other.  Next, nr 911 complains that her face wasn’t on the fliers but the other decide to ignore her babbling and attend the first customers.

Woo Seok remembers a moment when he saw Soo In working at the store and slightly hurting herself, since she (slightly) hurt herself he wants to help but she tells him that there isn’t anything more to do, however she apologizes to him for refusing his feelings although he is the one that helped her the most.

Tae San comes to see what Woo Seok is doing but he hears him talking on the phone about ‘Gokbutang’ (the factory) and after the phone call he asks what was the call about. Woo Seok tells him that he lost his memories so he doesn’t remembers much but that ‘Gokbutang’ must have a connection to his past. After hearing from Woo Seok about the picture he found at the orphanage, Tae San suddenly leaves to his own office. Wang appears and Tae San tells him to find out at what orphanage Woo Seok had baking class at.

Wang calls Aeng Ran fast to tell her that Tae San found out about Woo Seok being Jin Woo. So that their plan won’t fall apart, she tells Wang to keep a close eye on Tae San.

Joo Ran has a meeting with Bo Kyung with the excuse that she wants to take the girl to a beauty salon, but Aeng Ran finds her actions suspicious.

Meanwhile, Joo Hee goes to the bakery where is seen by Poong Geum who kind of stings her since Joo Ran stole their truck. Joo Hee ignores Poong Geum and goes into the store to talk with Soo In – inside she falls on her knees asking Soo In to forgive her about what happened a few day ago when she was rude in the coffee shop, but she also tells her sister in law to clearly inform Woo Seok about apologizing on her knees. However she continues to be rude to Soo In saying that she can’t do anything for Woo Seok other than being a burden.

Bok Nyeo sees the scene and when Joo Hee was on her way out, she asks her not to drag Soo In in the problems between her and Woo Seok. Poong Geum also appears and tells Joo Hee that if in a period of 10 years nothing happened between a man and a woman, then the problem isn’t Soo In.

Poong Geum: Byeol’s father just never liked you in the first place.

She advices Joo Hee to find another man since she wasn’t fated with Woo Seok, but Joo Hee threatens them. After Joo Hee leaves, Poong Geum tells Soo In that she should marry Woo Seok and then show it off in front of the Mas.

Do Jin is still buys stalking Mi Oh, and every time someone was throwing away the fliers the girl was sharing he starts scolding those who did so. After a while he hears Mi Oh talking on the phone and it seemed like she was talking with a man (yes a man, but in miniature – it was her son on the phone). Annoyed, Do Jin goes to ask if she is seeing someone but Mi Oh tells him that it’s not his place to ask her about that. Since Do Jin was pestering her, Mi Oh tells him that the guy she is seeing now is much more handsome than he is and not a mama’s boy like him. Of course Do Jin ends up acting like a baby and leaves.

Joo Ran gives the brush from the salon that Bo Kyung used to the men she hired to have and DNA test.

Aeng Ran wets the pillow of Do Hyun’s mother, but when she wants to clean it the woman strongly refuses. However when Aeng Ran talks on the phone with Wang about Tae San who may find out about Woo Seok being Jin Woo, the woman seems to pay attention but Aeng Ran leaved the room.

Joo Hee informs Woo Seok that she apologized to Soo In on her knees so now she blames him for having to do that. She starts shouting how she can do more than that for him – and again he tries to tell her that there are no feelings between them she doesn’t want to accept something like that.

Before closing for the day, Bok Nyeo tells Soo In that Woo Seok is serious and sincere about her so she should rethink about him, since like this she will also think about herself.

Bok Nyeo is jealous that Yi Moon ate some of nr 911’s food. Yi Moon takes advantage of the situation and asks Bok Nyeo once again to marry him. On the other hand, Tae San is still concerned about Woo Seok who may be Jin Woo.

Mr Tak meets with Woo Seok at a street food tent by mistake but leaves since he had something to do. Soo In and the others are happy to see the results of just a day of selling but Mi Oh is curious why Woo Seok didn’t visit the bakery all day. A few minutes later Tak appears to congratulate them and also tells Soo In that he saw Woo Seok drink alone.

Soo In goes to see but hides from him, however the tent lady (owner) gets angry at her and tells Soo In to decide to enter or leave because she is being annoying. She enters the tent and starts drinking all of Woo Seok’s drinks making him wonder if she can hold all that up; Of course not because on their way home, he has to carry her on his back. Being drunk, Soo In starts babbling about being sorry for hurting him, in response Woo Seok tells her that if she feels sorry then all there is to do is date him. But she again goes forward with her usual “I’m not worth to be your lover” thing. Then, Woo Seok asks what kind of relationship the two have currently but refuses to be called teacher or a friend, when he asks again Soo In falls asleep on his back.

At home, Bok Nyeo thanks Woo Seok for wanting to start over with Soo In but her tells the woman that he never stopped wanting to have a relationship with her saying that he decided to wait for Soo In.

Tae San returns from the office and looks concerned about something and Aeng Ran asks him if there is anything wrong but he refuses to say anything. (actually she does know about the thing that worries him).

Do Jin remembers Mi Oh talking on the phone with another “man” and ends up calling her in the middle of the night to asks for a clarification for her saying that he is disappointed in her for dating another man. Mi Oh shouts back and tells him that if he dares to bother her again she will have to tell her ……….”boyfriend”.

The next day, Soo In is late to open the store but when she arrives there, Woo Seok already did it for her and even baked some bread. Because she wanted him to leave, Woo Seok starts joking with her that she reeks of alcohol. Since she couldn’t remember what happened last night she asks him but he joke again tell her that this time she didn’t sing (like last time).

At the company, Tae San seems to ignore Woo Seok and even tells Wang that he needs to rest thus clear up his schedule.  Joo Ran’s husband appears and Tae San tells him that he may have trusted Woo Seok a little too much without checking on his background so he makes the son in law steal Woo Seok’s picture from his office (the one he found at the orphanage).

Joo Ran gets the results of the test and Bo Kyung is revealed to be her nephew’s mother. While Aeng Ran and Bo Kyung were choosing a wedding dress, Do Jin appears however later on Joo Ran also appears with the test in her hands. She hands out the papers to Do Jin and reveals to him and Aeng Ran that Bo Kyung is the mother of her nephew.  Do Jin fires up the same as Aeng Ran for being fooled and in the end Aeng Ran collapses.

Joo Ran’s husband manages to steal Woo Seok’s picture and when Tae San sees it and without blinking an eye he recognizes Jin Woo in the pictures.


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