[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 13 ~recap/review/opinion~

Mi Jung is still ignored by Sang Tae. As she was wondering why he looked away from her, she receives a call from Soo Young. Before making the call, Soo Young and her mother wrote what she had to tell Mi Jung on a paper. However things don’t go the way the two wanted because Mi Jung has a strong personality and knows where to hit. She asks Soo Young is she doesn’t believe in her own husband since he cheated once, he can do it one more time.

The question lets Soo Young with nothing much to say and her mother advices her to end the call but before that Mi Jung tells her that even though she and In Chul aren’t married anymore, the children will always connect them and in the future will have to meet again to talk about their children. After that, Mi Jung ends the call. Surprised at what Mi Jung told her, especially regarding the children, her mother makes it more obvious for her how important children are therefore So Young thinks that she should see a gynecologist soon.

Mi Jung meets Sang Tae in the elevator and she is pretty talkative with him, yet he ignores her. Back at the office, Mi Jung hears that the company plans to cut a person from each team. But at some point one of the colleagues says that married women are at the top of the cut list. That makes Mi Jung furious since people are discriminating, after all married women also work hard. During a meeting, Mi Jung starts thinking that Sang Tae ignores her because she is put on the cut list.

Later, she takes her junior for a talk and tells him that she might be laid off but he says that someone from the marketing team is leaving so she can just move there. Hearing that, she beats him and on her way out, at the parking lot, she meets eyes with Sang Tae. He continues to ignore her.

Sang Tae takes his in-laws to shopping but this was more like a blunt PPL. After shopping, he takes them to a restaurant. At the restaurant, they start talking about Jin Joo and how worried they are that she didn’t graduate but Sang Tae says that Jin Joo is smarter than they think so they should just believe in her. However the parents say that Jin Joo matches with a rich guy because she likes money so all she needs is to get married.

Mi Jung arrives home and sees Woo Young recycling. She asks him about various things but he is rather blank and somehow sad. Later, she talks with her granny about how they can put some of their expenses.

On the other hand, Sang Tae thinks again about Mi Jung. So he won’t think about her anymore, he throws away the doll he received from her when they went to see a movie with their colleagues. He also hears his in-laws talking about how happy they are now that they can call him ‘son’ and he calls them ‘mother and father’.

At work, Mi Jung falls asleep and when Sang Tae arrives, he lets her sleep on him so she won’t fall down but after a while, the cleaning lady enters their office making Sang Tae leave Mi Jung’s side. She wakes up and sees him. She continues to be talkative with him and show him that she is hardworking, so she won’t be fired. Sang Tae wonders why he likes a woman like Mi Jung when she isn’t even his type. Mi Jung already had it and talks about how she can’t leave the company. Sang Tae is confused but tells her that no one is going to be laid off. Later, Mi Sung finds form a colleague that everything was an April’s Fools day joke.

Woo Ri goes to Bin’s house for the acting classes and Woo Ri sees Bin’s princess like room.

Yeon Tae receives messages from Sang Min, asking her if she is still alive. Because she doesn’t answer, he thinks that maybe she isn’t well or he doesn’t have phone signal thus he doesn’t receive her messages. Meanwhile, Tae Min tells Yeon Tae that he and Jin Joo had a date but they have a team meeting with their dance team. Since he doesn’t want to let Jin Joo go nor can’t skip the meeting, eventually Yeon Tae introduces Jin Joo as her friend and tells them that they had plans that day, that’s why she came along.

Sang Tae ignores Mi Jung even if they are together with the other colleagues. At some point, one of the colleagues says that maybe Sang Tae acts like that because she might have done something wrong to him.

Back to Yeon Tae and the others. Since the other guys were hitting on Jin Joo, she tells everyone that she has a boyfriend already, Tae Min. However, someone says that she thought Tae Min and Yeon Tae were dating but looks like she was mistaken. They leave the bar and go to a karaoke bar, where Yeon Tae sings a sad song as she sees Tae Min and Jin Joo flirting with each other.

On the other hand, Sang Min seems to be worrying about Yeon Tae and tries to call her but she doesn’t answer since she was at the karaoke bar. On her way out, she eventually replies to tell him that she is alive. But then Sang Min is annoyed because she could’ve answered faster and she souldn’t have made him worry. Thinking that things got better, Sang Min receives another message from Yeon Tae saying that she wants to die again. He runs to the Han River and because he doesn’t find her there, he goes to wait for her in her neighborhood. When she arrives, Sang Min is angry because he had to wait for her and he was worried, but Yeon Tae ignores whatever he says but then invites him for a drink.

Soon Young is sick and Ho Tae wonders if he should call her. Ho Tae lurks around her house and at some point he sees an ambulance taking Soon Young to a hospital. They are boring so let’s move on to my ship, Sang Min and Yeon Tae.

Yeon Tae tells Sang Min that she realized why guys like her friend, Jin Joo, because she is beautiful, cheerful and knows how to have fun the exact things she doesn’t have. She tries to hold on her tears saying that the balloon thing helped her but when Sang Min wants to say something about his past love life, she doesn’t even listen to what he has to say. She ends up falling asleep and the man from the street bar calls her name, Yeon Tae. That kind of makes Sang Min giggle thinking that people from her neighborhood are bad at remembering names just like she doesn’t remembers his.

Because of the way Sang Tae acted towards Mi Jung, she is finally starting to leave some space between them, in contrast with her normal cheerful personality, she is gloomy.

Later, she tries to apologies to Sang Tae for her misunderstanding with the layoff. She continues and asks him that if there’s something she did wrong. He tells her that if she realized that he puts a distance between them then she should also start feeling uncomfortable – around him.

My thoughts on episode 13

It was surprising to see the parents think that Jin Joo should just get married. They think so low of Jin Joo…. Maybe the fact that that they lost their eldest daughter, they didn’t focus on Jin Joo and stopped thinking about her altogether.

I liked that in this episode, Yeon Tae understood that Jin Joo didn’t steal Tae Min or anything like that and it was her problem because she never confessed nor showed her feelings to Tae Min during those 7 years of liking him.

We are finally starting the actual story with Sang Tae and Mi Jung…also Sang Min and Yeon Tae. I’m so excited for this. In a way I understand why Sang Tae was so childish and ignored Mi Jung. It was shocking and hard to accept that he likes someone else, someone that isn’t his wife. He lost someone dear to him and all this time he never ever imagined that he could start a new relationship, however he never thought about Mi Jung and how his attitude could affect her.

No matter how much I like Sang Min and Yeon Tae, I feel that Sang Min is the mature one in this whole thing even though he was presented as a brat in the very beginning. He seems to care for people and details. Always does his work and doesn’t slack off. On the other hand, Yeon Tae was the brat. Even if the scenes where he has to say his name a few times because she, apparently, didn’t remember was a bit rude from her part. The guy helped her but she is being overall rude towards him. But, I kind of like that she shows the true Yeon Tae in front of him, she doesn’t have to act girly or presentable or whatever like she does in front of Tae Min. She’s comfortable around Sang Min because, at this point, she doesn’t think of him more than “that annoying guy”. But is still nice and quite funny to see them together.



One comment

  1. this weekend’s episodes were awesome! my rotating annoyance meter pointed to sang tae’s mother in law and the women of the loser trio. i did not like, at all; how she treated little woo ri! i mean, who acts that way about a child??? she is going to be an outrageous bitch as the scenario plays out between sang tae & mi jung, it’s a prelude which could bring her way past the annoyance level into the loathing of a character level.
    the women of the loser trio were equally vile in this episode, especially with that phone call. wtf. was gleeful about mi jung’s slam down. those women are ugly human beings lol
    the enjoyable parts were really terrific this time, i absolutely adore sang min now, he’s really quirky and sweet. i loved how he calculated how many days that must have been for her in her 7 years. and how he continually tries to get her attention and fails is an endearing riot.
    i mellowed out a bit regarding ho tae & soon young. she was still a pathetic mouse but i’m thinking that writers did this arc a disservice by dragging it out so long. hopefully with cats out of bags there will be some progression and interest now *crosses fingers*
    the whole sang tae back-off is really well done and realistic. if you’ve ever known widowed people and experienced them ‘coming back to life’ as it were; it’s all quite recognizable. he is wracked with guilt about his feelings and thinks that part of his life should have died with his wife. it’s interesting because a few eps ago he was counseling mi jung that she isn’t a machine & shouldn’t be. this is exactly what he does as well. watching him lose to his feelings will be rewarding but i’m afraid we will aslo have to watch the new partner endure alot of pain. seriously good job by the writers though, the poignancy of a good man who’s a widow with kids is being scripted amazingly well.
    last but not least; it really struck me in this ep & in 14, what a good job writers are doing with juxtapositions in sk’s culture. there’s divorced women, career women, widowed men, children who are reasoned, thinking beings; there’s the old guard’s fixation on gender roles & marriage and the contrasts of modern culture whereby those constraints aren’t as fixed; rather they are choices.
    thanks for the recap! onwards!

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