[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 20 ~recap/review/opinion~

I had my doubts until now, but Aeng Ran is sure ready to help out Woo Seok so he can find out the truth about his past, and that Shinhwa is actually the factory his father build. Even so, I’m not really sure why she has to do it in such a manner, mostly hiding away from Tae San – this make me wonder if the man has anything against her or she just wants to get some time to prepare for the actual ‘war’ against the Ma family. Also, I’m starting to think that she didn’t make Do Jin marry Bo Kyung just so he can get more shares at Shinhwa but to have a secure future when everything will be found out. After all, Do Jin will stay married into a rich family and at the same time they can have the shares to help Woo Seok retake what was his in the first place.

As for Joo Hee, this woman completely lost it, she is sure that Woo Seok will at some point have feeling for her, when it’s clearly that he won’t especially since the man blunty told her that he is in love with Soo In. She insists that Woo Seok is her man and will always be, I mean just give her a change and she will look him there straight away.

The recap:

Joo Hee insults Soo In saying that she wants Woo Seok to pity her but before Soo In gets to defend herself, Woo Seok appears and demands a sincere apology for the woman he loves. Joo Hee can’t believe that Woo Seok is defending her sister-in-law but he continues telling her that she should stop wasting time on him since he already in love with Soo In, however Joo Hee is irritated and asks him if 10 years of having feelings for him can be seen as a waste of time. Woo Seok remain decided and tries to make her understand that nothing will happen between them. Joo Hee doesn’t stay put and starts insulting Soo In once again saying that she acts frail in front of men when she isn’t like that because from her point of view this is the way the sister-in-law fooled both Woo Seok and Do Hyun. Woo Seok can’t control himself and shouts at Joo Hee that she should stop talking nonsense.

After Joo Hee’s leave, Woo Seok asks Soo In to remain for a while with him. Again, he sincerely confesses his love to her, however Soo In refuses his feelings because currently she can’t think of something like that considering how her life is at this point and asks to remain as teacher and student.

Joo Ran tells Bo Kyung that she saw her at the department store with a baby. The girl keeps up with the lie that the child is her nephew however Joo Ran clearly doesn’t believe and starts making assumptions. Aeng Ran steps in and defends Bo Kyun saying that an aunt can love her nephew. When Joo Ran leaves, Bo Kyung asks Aeng Ran if she really can’t let Do Jin live in her house, but the future mother-in-law isn’t too pleased with the question telling Bo Kyung that she shouldn’t use her son’s weakness to her advantage. Bo Kyung excuses herself and tells Aeng Ran that she just wants to live with her nephew now that he is still a baby.

Do Jin comes back from work and still acts rude towards Bo Kyung, eventually he controls himself and becomes a little more lenient towards her to the girl’s surprise. He even accepts to go with her to prepare for the weeding (actually when he last time meet Mi Oh, she told him that the only want he can help her is by living a good life with Bo Kyung).

Mi Oh finds out that Do Jin saw the child without knowing that the boy is his. Poong Geum comes in running saying that she has good news for everyone but it may not be so good to Bok Nye. Apparently Nr 911 wants to invest in their store however Bok Nyeo has t apologize on her knees. But the woman refuses since the one who is wrong is actually nr 911 not her.

Woo Seok comes back home and Bok Nyeo starts wondering what happened to him since he looks so down. On the other hand, Poong Geum and Mi Oh want to tell the good news to Soo In, but because she was crying in her room, to hide it from the girls, she pretends to be sleeping.

The next morning, Bok Nyeo sees Soo In acting weird and sad so she starts getting concerned that something happened with her. Mi Oh appears and tells her that something may have happened between her and Woo Seok but the ‘mother’ doesn’t think it’s that since he even prepared to propose with a cake to Soo In.

Meanwhile, Yi Moon asks Woo Seok if something happened since he looks so down. Although Woo Seok tries to act like everything is fine, Yi Moon bluntly asks if things aren’t going the right way with Soo In, if not he offers to help. Woo Seok doesn’t understand how his father in law found out about him liking Soo In but in return Yi Moon says that he knows him the best since he thinks of Woo Seok as a son and not as a son-in-law.

Joo Hee informs Tae San about Soo In refusing their offer. Aeng Ran enters and seeing Tae San insulting Soo In she tells him that beautify is different in everyone’s eyes thus Joo Hee isn’t inferior to Soo In just that she isn’t his type.

Bok Nyeo asks Woo Seok if something happened between him and Soo In since her ‘daughter’ looks strange recently. Although Woo Seok says that he got rejected by Soo In after confessing his feelings, Bok Nyeo seems sure that she likes him.

On his way out, Woo Seok sees Soo In but the two don’t say a ward to each other. Later Aeng Ran calls Woo Seok to confirm if he goes to the orphanage for the cooking lesson. When she hangs up the phone, Aeng Ran says that she now will open the Pandora box.

At the Mas’ house, Do Hyun’s mother tells Tae San to run away because she meet up with Bok Nyeo so she may come again. He refuses saying that he did nothing wrong but the woman tells Tae San that she did do something wrong towards Bok Nyeo and her husband. After she calms down, Do Hyun’s mother starts hugging the pillow she always hugs.

Joo Ran says that it’s weird how Aeng Ran leaves home lately alone without the driver but Tae San gets angry and leaves the room. (clearly he knows why Aeng Ran left on the Christmas day – to her former boyfriend’s grave)

Joo Hee is still upset after remembering how Woo Seok protected Soo In in her face – after a few minutes Joo Ran appears and starts talking about how she doesn’t understand why Woo Seok likes Soo In. Joo Hee gets irritated at shouts at her sister to leave the room. Later Joo Ran goes to meet the men she hired but unfortunately all they could find out is that Bo Kyun studied abroad up until recently.

Do Jin has a date with Bo Kyung but somehow he ends up in front of Mi Oh’s house. As he looks outside the window he sees Soo In and Mi Oh with the child he meet a few days before but doesn’t think too much of it.

Soo In and Mi Oh go to Nr 911 to help them without Bok Nyeo having to apologize but she doesn’t want to, meanwhile Poong Geum tries to make Bok Nyeo apologies to nr 911, however both women are stubborn and don’t even want to hear about it.

After the cooking class with the children, Aeng Ran asks Woo Seok to put a picture on the wall (seems like she is putting her plan into action). While trying to put the picture up, Woo Seok sees a picture with him on the wall of the orphanage so he goes to ask one of the sisters that take care of the children. Unfortunately the nun doesn’t know much about it. Luckily, Woo Seok notice “Geokbuktang” written somewhere in the pictures and goes to find out more about it. After searching for a while, Woo Seok finds out that it was a factory a long time ago and he goes to the address of the former factory. He tries asking around but since the factory closed a long time ago, no one seems to know much about it, however Aeng Ran watches his every step closely from the shadow:

Aeng Ran: You are the only one who can open the secret door, Nam Woo Seok. No, I mean Nam Jin Woo. I wish you good luck.

At dinner, although Bok Nyeo still didn’t want to apologies on her knees to Nr 911, the owner of the truck that Soo In rented appears and tells everyone that he will fill a complain at the police station against Soo In. Hearing that, Bok Nyeo decides to help her ‘daughter’ and eventually apologizes to nr 911. Moreover since nr 911 got kicked out from the share house, they let her live in Yi Moon’s house.

Next morning, the 5 women go ‘shopping’ for a new store to rent to open the bakery nr 911 promised. After a lot of work, they open the store.


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