[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 6 ~recap/review/opinion~

Episode 6 picks up from when Woo Seok receives flour on his head as a ‘welcome’. When he sees Soo In, he remembers that during the dinner with the Ma family everyone was talking about Soo In being in prison; however he tries to hold up his anger after getting a ‘warm welcome’ from the inmates.

During the baking class, since he is a man…. something that they didn’t see from a long time, the inmates start flirting and asking questions about his personal life. No matter how much he tries to get a hold of the women to pay attention to his class, none of them care about baking and start dancing and singing – except for Bok Nyeo and Soo In.

After class, Woo Seok calls Yi Moon to tell him how it went to the prison, but although he also tries to find out who is the father in law’s girlfriend, Yi Moon doesn’t want to slip that information too early for Woo Seok.

Because Shinhwa Company’s image is going down, the managers and Tae San try to find a way to lift their overall image with the general public. But that isn’t easy to do.

Joo Ran finds out from the driver that Aeng Ran tries to marry Do Jin with the daughter of another rich family, thus her brother may become richer than her and of course the old sister can’t let that happen.

During the blind meeting, Do Jin is pretty rude towards the possible future wife, but Aeng Ran who was spying on him, calls her son to be careful how he acts around the girl – afterwards Do Jin completely changes and starts acting nice towards his (future?) wife. Meanwhile Mi Oh finds out that her father died. Later she returns to her cell where the other inmates try to console their youngest member.

Joo Hee comes to visit Woo Seok and although Yi Moon is nice towards her, Byeol acts rude the moment she sees the woman. Later at night, Do Jin returns home and Aeng Ran bombs him with questions regarding the meeting.

Joo Ran gives some medicine to her husband to awaken his “inner power”. At first he doesn’t want to, but in the end the man is forced to drink it.

On the other hand, Joo Hee ends her visit at Woo Seok’s house but before leaving she finds out that he teaches inmates how to cook and she starts thinking that it may be a good idea to bring inmates at their company to bring up their image.

At the prison, Bok Nyeo, Poong Geum and Soo In are being sorrowful thinking that Mi Oh’s son will be soon send to an orphanage. As for Do Jin, he still thinks of Mi Oh but in the end he deletes the videos he had with her from his phone.

Woo Seok starts wondering it will be okay to tell Joo Hee that he meet Soo In in the prison.

At breakfast, Tae San is curious about Do Jin marriage meeting and he is pleased to find out that everything went smooth. However even though Joo Ran kept bugging her younger sister about liking Woo Seok, Tae San seems okay with his daughter liking the ‘widow’ guy.

Nr 911 and Poong Geum start fighting for a bra and neither wants to give up on it. When Nr 911 wants to hit Poong Geum, Soo In interferes but in the end Bok Nyeo appears appears and saves the day again.

Soo In is informed that she has a visitor – the Ma family driver. He tells Soo In that with a night before he Do Hyun appeared in his dreams asking him to pay a visit to his wife. Mr Tak gets angry seeing Soo In becoming thinner as the Ma family lives peacefully. Before leaving, the driver tells Soo In that he put some money in her account so she should buy something for herself.

Bok Nyeo threatens Nr 911 that is she dares to bother ‘her girls’ one more time then she will reveal to everyone her true self, that she Is just a mere servant who stole their land.

Yi Moon received a knitted vest from Bok Nyeo and an apology letter for disappointing him.

Woo Seok asks Byeol if she hates Joo Hee, but the girl tells him that she doesn’t hate Joo Hee she just hates the idea of becoming her mother. But Woo Seok tells his daughter that he will not marry Joo Hee.

The girl that was a potential wife for Do Jin found out about Mi Oh and their past together, and apparently Joo Ran is the one who told her. In front of Aeng Ran she acts innocent but it’s pretty clear that she is at fault for it.

Do Jin has a letter from Mi Oh where she confirms receiving a million won with to abort and leave oversea. Still, that was probably made by Aeng Ran to make Do Jin hate and forget about Mi Oh because he still isn’t aware that she is in prison.

Woo Seok finds out that the woman his father in law likes is Bok Nyeo and asks the man how he can like a woman like her, but that annoys Yi Moon who scolds his son in law for thinking bad of his friend.

In the cell, the 4 new friends enjoy some alcohol without the guards knowing about it – as they all drink the women try to comfort Mi Oh for her lost and for the future problems (since her son will be soon send to an orphanage).

Another day, Joo Hee tells Tae San about her plan to have cooking classes for inmates to improve their image.

Woo Seok finally gets a hold of his students and successfully teaches them how to cook for his second class. To teach Soo In how to hold the whisk, Woo Seok goes from behind her back – and it looked more like a back hug resulting to the two becoming a little awkward after exchanging glances.

At the end of class, the director comes and tells the inmates that Shinhwa Group offered to have cooking classes with them, but when Woo Seok hears the news he looks at Soo In who looks down.

Days later, the inmates from the cooking class are taken to Shinhwa bread factory to work and the Ma family goes to visit to see how the plan works. Soo In sees them entering the hall and she takes off her mask to confront them. When they finally see her, Soo In shouts at Tae San if he isn’t afraid of the Heaven for what he did to her, but the man starts playing dumb as if he did nothing and everything was he fault. His words end up angering Soo In who starts throwing bread at Tae San.


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