[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 7 ~recap/review/opinion~

Soo In goes to face the Ma family but before anything, Bok Nyeo seems to know both Tae San and Aeng Ran however the two act like they don’t remember her. As they were trying to leave, Soo In gets angry and shouts at them that they locked an innocent woman in prison. Soo In tells them that they should fear the Heaven, but the Ma family continues to act as the innocent ones; seeing them act like that, Soo In starts throwing bread at them while telling everyone that she will get her revenge for putting her in prison.

Outside the factory hall, Tae San blames the whole scene on Joo Hee.

Poong Geum finds everything that happened while she was in the bathroom. Minutes later, Soo In returns to her place however the officer tells her that she will be send to the committee when they will return to prison. Behind, Joo Hee appears and apologizes to Soo In for what her father did and said.

On their way back, it seems that both Tae San and Aeng Ran recognized Jin Ho’s mother – as they call Bok Nyeo. Meanwhile Joo Ran’s husband calls her to tell the details of what just happened at the factory. After he ends the call with his wife, he asks Do Jin if it’s wasn’t weird that the woman (Bok Nyeo) from the prison seemed to be certain that she meet Tae San and Aeng Ran in the past.

Mi Oh’s child has to be send to an orphanage since he is already 2 years old. Out of concert, Mi Oh asks the officer if they won’t place him for adoption without her knowing, but the reply comes fast and the officer tells her that the boy won’t be send to adoption if she doesn’t give up on her parental rights. The other 3 inmates also don’t want to part ways with the boy but since those are the rules, they have to respect the decision. After the car with the child leaves, the other 3 hug Mi Oh as she drops on the ground crying.

Joo Hee goes to Woo Seok to tell him that she meet Soo In at the factory (after being selected for the working program for the inmates). After hearing her, Woo Seok decides to tell Joo Hee that he also meet Soo In at the prison he teaches baking however the woman falls asleep after drinking a few shots.

Soo In is taken to isolation and there she remembers the scene from the factory – as she remembers Tae San’s words, she swears to get her revenge.

At dinner, Joo Ran starts talking about how Soo In could dare to throw bread at her father and so on until at some point when she receives a phone call. The call was something that she didn’t want the others to find out so she tells the family members that a friend of her needed help. When she tries to leave to meet her “friend”, Woo Seok comes home to bring the drunk Joo Hee, more than that when he sees Joo Ran he shoves the younger sister in her arms. Joo Ran gets angry and tells him that she won’t let her sister marry him, yet Woo Seok replays that it was never his intention to marry Joo Hee. After Woo Seok takes his leave, another car appears – it was a young guy who apparently is Joo Ran’s boyfriend.

Tae San remembers what happened at the factory and when Bok Nyeo appeared.

Bok Nyeo and Poong Geum tell Mi Oh that she should hang in there a few more months and then she can see her son. The day ends for them with Bok Nyeo singing a lullaby for them. Meanwhile in the isolation room, Soo In can’t seem to be able to sleep.

Woo Seok tries to continue his classes but Nr 911 once again disturbs him. When it comes to call Soo In, the other inmates tell him that she got in trouble a few days ago thus she is in isolation. Later Woo Seok teaches the women to make croissant, however Nr 911 disturbs the class. To make her stop talking, Woo Seok gives her a face mask with a “X” on it.

After class, Woo Seok asks the officer to let him meet Soo In for a moment. At the isolation room, he gives Soo In some croissants made by the other inmates to ‘analyze’ (eat) and think about how they made them. He then tells her that the croissants were made by people who miss her.

Woo Seok: “These croissants were baked by the people who miss you, so don’t think you are alone.”

When Soo In asks if he is comforting her, Woo Seok starts stuttering and tells her that the croissants are her homework and then he leaves. But before getting to actually leave, Soo In thanks him moreover she says that until then, her image of him was of an “arrogant and hard to talk to” man but now she is sure that he is nice.

Nr 911 lies to the other inmates that she owns a building but after a few minutes a letter comes for her. Because she didn’t had her glasses, Poong Geum reads the letter out loud, and from the letter, Nr 911 was informed that because she failed to pay her rent, according to the law, her apartment will be taken away.

Aeng Ran makes another blind date for Do Jin, as for Joo Hee, she meets again with her younger boyfriend. To get rid of the blind date, Do Jin asks his driver to take his place at the date.

Joo Hee goes after Woo Seok to ask him if she said anything as she was drunk the day before. But to her surprise, Woo Seok tells her to explain to Joo Ran that they aren’t in a relationship. On the other hand, paparazzi find out about Joo Ran’s new boyfriend, a member of an idol group. Later that day, the news is all over the TV. When she comes back home, Tae San is infuriated, but Joo Ran tells him that he has no right to tell her what to do since he also lives with his mistress (Aneg Ran). Although the family tried to stop Won Jae, he still leaves threatening with divorce.

Apparently the one who reported everything to the TV stations was Aeng Ran.

Before sleep, Byeol tells her father that from next time she will shower alone since she can’t show herself naked to a man. As he puts his daughter to sleep, Woo Seok seems concerned about Soo In who has to stay in a cold room in isolation.

Woo Seok: Why am I worrying about that woman now?”

Time flies by fast and Christmas is near. During baking class, Woo Seok seems to be proud of his students although he doesn’t directly shows it to them. At the end of the class, the inmates make a wish before blowing in the candles of the cakes they made.

Yi Moon finds out that Bok Nyeo will be released on Christmas; Aeng Ran also finds out about her release and asks someone to find out everything Bok Nyeo will do after the release.

Later, Yi Moon tells Woo Seok that Bok Nyeo will live with them, at first he seems a little displeased with that idea, but when his father in law tells him that if he is jealous, then he should also find himself a woman – after hearing Yi Moon, Woo Seok falls (somehow) thinking of something ….or someone.

Bok Nyeo tells her roommates that she will visit them often and that she always thought of them as her daughters. She also promises Mi Oh that she will visit her boy often at the orphanage.

Time goes forward and Yi Moon goes to pick up Bok Nyeo. Meanwhile the other 3 already miss her.

Won Jae pays a visit to Soo In asking to team up to take down Shinhwa Group.

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