[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 5 ~recap/review/opinion~

I started this drama with the mindset that it will be overly dramatic, full of revenge and so on, however each episode is filled with comedy. Of course the revenge didn’t start( yet) still I’m laughing so much watching this drama.

The court sentences Soo In to two years of prison. Hearing the result from the judge, Soo In can’t control herself and starts shouting that everything is a lie and so won’t forgive the Ma family for what they’ve done.

Time passes fast and Mi Oh gives birth to a baby boy. Meanwhile Poong Geum who is in prison finds out from her friend that the driver of the Ma family searched for her all this time (she still thinks that he is a director at Shinhwa).

Eventually we get to the scene from the beginning of episode 1 where Soo In being bullied by Poong Geum for not knowing the proper etiquette in prison. The 3 women who were already in the cell, introduce themselves to Soo In and they also reveal the reason on why they are in prison. When Mi Oh introduces herself, Soo In seems to remember her however Mi Oh acts like they never meet before. When the women end their introductions, Soo In falls down after Poong Geum trips her and since she wasn’t waking up, the other 3 call for a guard to come.

Soo In is rushed to the nurse’s office however there was the Nr 911 (the inmate who always bickers with Bok Nyeo) who didn’t want to get up from te bed, implying that she is sick, has osteoporosis, a frozen shoulder and even hemorrhoids. The guard gets angry and shouts at Nr 911 to get up; scared after hearing the guard, the woman gets up fast from the bed.

Tae San looks at pictures from Do Hyun’s childhood, remembering every important moment from his son’s life. Aeng Ran enters the room and tells Tae San that she understand his sorrow after losing the son he was expecting the most from.

Woo Seok is invited for dinner at the Ma household. But during dinner, the family was staring at him making the man having trouble swallowing his food. Do Jin bluntly asks Woo Seok if he is dating Joo Hee, but the question makes him choke on his food. Before the conversation goes further, Dan Shim enters the living room looking for Soo In. To make the woman stop embarrassing them in front of Woo Seok, they make her sit at the table between him and Joo Hee. However when she sees him, Dan Shim asks if they never meet before because he looks familiar. Since Dan Shim may remember some things, Aeng Ran suspiciously asks her who does Woo Seok make her think of, but she doesn’t remember who.

The food is served to the inmates, but Poong Geum get angry seeing how she and Bok Nyeo have to set the table when Soo In is lying down and Mi Oh is feeding the baby.

During a chess game, Tae San asks Woo Seok if he doesn’t want to be part of the management team since he can do better than kneading dough.

Joo Ran gets angry with her husband as the guy enjoys some quality time with his cat since he was supposed to follow Tae San around.

Do Jin remembers some happy moments he spend with Mi Oh when he asked get to marry him. But it doesn’t last long because he wakes up fast from remembering Mi Oh.

Back to the inmates, Poong Geum keeps complaining about how Mi Oh’s son smells. While Bok Nyeo was washing the baby, Poong Geum remembers seeing Mi Oh at the Shinhwa company so she directly asks the girl about the baby’s father. Yet, Mi Oh tells her that the baby’s father died in an accident – the whole conversation is heard by Soo In.

Woo Seok refuses the offer of working at the Shinhwa company in the management team. Still Joo Hee doesn’t want to give up and tells him that she knows the reason of him wanting to stay as a patisserie – because his wife wanted to share bread with the needy people thus after her death Woo Seok started baking. Joo Hee continues saying that he did enough to fulfill his wife’s dream, now it’s time for him to return to his life.

At night, Soo In has a nightmare and wakes up the other women with her screaming, moreover Poong Geum gets irritated for being disturbed from her sleep.

Time passes, and Mi Oh’s baby is starting to talk especially during roll call when he speaks in place of his mother.

Meanwhile Woo Seok asks Byeol if she doesn’t like any boy from her kindergarten, however the girl says she doesn’t like anyone because she hates ‘mama boys’. Later, the neighbor visits with some kimchi for Woo Seok’s father in law, thing that annoys the man.

Woo Seok receives an envelope with some money and a letter that was welcoming him on his return to Korea. The letter goes forward and tells him to go to his former orphanage because there he will find the missing pieces from his lost memory.

The wives of the executive directors are making kimchi in the name of the company, however when Joo Ran appears, they all start laughing, asking if she is indeed there to make kimchi since she was dressed pretty….high quality.

The driver of the Ma family receives a letter from Poong Geum….from “USA” – the man still doesn’t know that she is in prison. Anyway, in the letter she apologizes to the driver for leaving without notice.

Yi Moon who was talking with the prison director about Bok Nyeo overhears when a guard tells the director that their baking teacher was in an accident so he won’t make it to class anymore so the man recommends Woo Seok to be the new teacher.

Woo Seok goes to the orphanage from the letter, unfortunately he doesn’t find much things regarding his past since the Director didn’t remember about him. However when he leaves, the Nun (Director nun?) passes a wall of pictures and there was Woo Seok picture from his childhood.

Soo In wakes up in the middles of the night after starving. She secretly eats some rice but the other 3 wake up as well when she starts crying after feeling like a cow or a pig as she ate the prison food. Poong Geum gets angry and tells Soo In if she sees the rest of them as cow for eating the food from prison, she continues telling Soo In that she isn’t the only one who has a burning desire for revenge. The discussion falls silent when Bok Nyeo tells Soo In that she has to eat to survive so she can go forward with the revenge.

Woo Seok keeps asking himself who is sending the letters. In the morning, Yi Moon informs Woo Seok that he has to teach baking at a prison.

Nr 911 starts bulling Soo In in the prison yard but Soo In is keeping herself up (well…her opponent is over 70 years old…). Bok Nyoe and Poong Geum see the scene and come to rescue. Later all the women involved in the fight are taken to the director. When the man says that he has to put all of them into solitary cell, Bok Byeo and Nr 911 apologies to each other more they ask one another to become friends – meanwhile Soo In looks confused at the whole scene. But to punish them, the director tells them to participate in the baking class.

Because Nr911 wouldn’t stop talking, Bok Nyeo tells everyone from the cooking class that the she was the servant from her house. Since her image was damaged, Nr911 takes some flour to put it on Bok Nyeo. Soo In tries to stop the woman but the flour ends up on Woo Seok’s head.



  1. chasen8888 · · Reply

    Thanks for the recap. I just started watching this drama which I like so far, I was a bit hesitant as the PD is from a drama that shall not be named here and the lead actress though good tends to be in some mind mess, swearing dramas. From what I see, its promising hopefully it continues along those lines, as well as being smarter and less predictable. Looking forward to your next recap.

    Take care

    1. Thank you for reading.

      As you, I also was skeptical about this drama and to be honest I still am because both the PD and the writer, but I’ll just wait and see what happens in the next episodes.

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  3. whats the name of the song that Bok Nyeo sing to the kid ??

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