[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 3 ~recap/review/opinion~

In this episode is pretty much revealed that So In refused the CEO position, however the father in law kept talking to her about how his kids will start a war against each other if he is to give the company to one of them. So In agree with the proposal after hearing Tae San’s plead, yet he was using her as a wall for his tax evasion, however I somehow anticipated this since he wouldn’t change so drastically after years of being against So In’s marriage with his son.

As for the future main couple, I like the way the writer makes them interact in a rather funny manner rather than keeping So In as a mourning wife. Aside from that Woo Seok has a past of his own, and hopefully he will find out what one of the Ma family members did to his wife.

Soo In’s official inauguration as the CEO of the Shinhwa Group is being held so the family can formally introduce her to the general public and the board directors. However, her overall appearance also changes, things that doesn’t make Soo In too comfortable.

Aeng Ran and Joo Ran come into Soo In’s changing room – Aeng Ran tried to stop the eldest daughter from bulling Soo In, however Joo Ran doesn’t stop and goes further with it as she breaks the pearl necklace from her sister-in-law’s neck. When Soo In leaves the room, Joo Ran asks Aeng Ran why she is so calm even though her son wasn’t named as the new CEO, but in return the step mother says that this is the Chairman’s wish to have Soo In as the new CEO. On the other hand, Aeng Ran thinks to herself that the Chairman must’ve thoughtsof something (had a plan) that he named Joo In the new CEO.

Joo Hee asks Woo Seok to work for the company’s patisserie and he accepts.

Later, Soo In who tries to learn her speech, stumbles a little on the stairs so she ends up having a run in her stocking, however exactly when she was trying to take off the stocking, Woo Seok appears. Yet, he misunderstands her as wanting to pee; thinking that he misunderstood her actions Soo In tries to explain but when she turns around and sees him, the two remember the moment from the beach. Even though she tries to clear things up, Woo Seok still doesn’t believe and continues to scold her until Soo In’s phone rings. After Soo In leaves, Woo Seok sees the stocking and lifts it up, but at the same time, two female workers from the company enter and start screaming that he is a pervert.

While talking with his son in law and Byeol, Yi Moon receives a letter from Bok Nyeo who thanks him for always helping her. Woo Seok asks him if he received a love letter and Yi Moon becomes flustered so he runs away.

Tae San fakes it in front of everyone that now Soo In isn’t just his daughter in law but his own daughter. On the other hand, Do Jin still can’t believe that his father made Soo in the new CEO – as he was talking with his mother, Aeng Ran tells him that he should just stay back and enjoy the show, and that’s when Joo Ran appears in a drunk state. Joo Hee takes Joo Ran away and puts her on the same table with Aeng Ran and Do Jin.

Soo In tries to calm herself down before the ceremony. Apparently she wanted to refuse the Chairman’s request of her becoming the new CEO but eventually she accepted after Tae San told her that if he is to appoint one of his children as the CEO the other ones will throw fists so he wants to put Soo In until things will settle down.

Everyone is surprised to see a confident Soo In as she was giving her speech, but Joo Ran starts making trouble during the ceremony as she shouts at the new CEO in front of everyone. Do Jin wants to stop his sister, but Aeng Ran tells him to not get involved. Things get worse when Joo Ran falls on her kneed pleading her father to re-think about the new CEO.

Poong Geum comes to pick her hospital bill money from the family’s driver and the two end up fighting again as they did in episode 2. However after the driver left with Joo Ran, Poong Geum talks to herself about how much she prayed so that Shinhwa Group will fall, yet the company is still there.

Do Jin goes to Mi Oh to convince her to abort the baby, however she doesn’t want to do such thing telling him that she won’t lose a life for her career even though people won’t hire a single mother. Mo Oh slaps him telling Do Jin that their baby wasn’t out of an accident when they date with marriage in mind.

When Soo In returns from the ceremony, Aang Ran compliments her for doing a good job doing the ceremony, however she also advices Soo In that she should never believe in humans.

Woo Seok has a nightmare with the say when he lost his wife, by the way Joo Hee was at the wheel. (however I don’t think he knows that ….yet)

Out of fear for the outside world, Bok Nyeo refuses to enter society, even though the committee was ready to give her the okay to get out.

Soo in takes her role as the new CEO and starts visiting the factory of the company to learn more about it. However, she finds out that a meeting she was supposed to attend ended before she arrive. Later Tae San tells her that she needs to do what she tells her to, because he already made the strategies. When she sees Tae San’s strategy, Soo In doesn’t understand why he wants to sell stocks when their company stocks were finally recovering. At first she seems a little suspicious, but Tae San just tells her to believe in him so she should just sign it.

Joo Ran comes to apologize to her father for getting drunk on the day of the ceremony. After Tae San leaves, Soo In tells Joo Ran that she should take the change to stop drinking, however Joo Ran gets angry and tells the sister in law that she has no right to give her advice when she is just a cannon fodder.

Joo Hee goes to visit Woo Seok at the factory to see if he got accustomed with working there as a patisserie. As they were talking, Aeng Ran appears; after talking a little as if they didn’t meet in a while, Aeng Ran remembers when Woo Seok said that he returned to Korea to take care of some legal stuff. Later she leaves without her driver and visits the same tree Bok Nyeo and Yi Moon went at in episode 2.

The driver of the Ma family and Poong Geum meet again, just that this time he helps her.

Do Jin tells Mi Oh’s father about the baby and of course the father doesn’t agree to keep the baby. Because things got worse, Do Jin tries to apologize to Mi Oh, however she returns and pleads him to let her have the baby. Later that night, Do Jin returns drunk home saying that he wants to talk with his father because Do Hyun succeeded with his marriage so he also wants to succeed.

Meanwhile, So In is bothered by what Joo Ran told her in the afternoon (being a cannon fodder).

Later, So In is suspected of manipulation of stocks. While she was taken by the police, Tae San is enjoying his tea.


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