[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 17

Recently, I watched one of the older episodes and noticed that Man Se actually looks like his mother. On the other hand, in this episode, Il Guk took the boys for their regular check up where Dae Han showed to be growing up faster than the other two, not only physically but mentally. By the way, I won’t be surprised if the eldest son will become a doctor, until now, every time the father took the triplets for their check-ups, Dae Han seemed to actually be curious of what the doctor is doing.

The new episode starts with Dae Han who wakes up at 6 in the morning and because he was along, the boy starts talking with the cameraman while telling the later one that his father is sleeping. Min Guk hears his brother and he wakes up as well. Min Guk keep telling Il Guk to wake up, but the father pleads to let him sleep for a little while. However Min Guk and Dae Han keep bothering the father to wake up.

Since the father wasn’t waking up, Dae Han and Min Guk go to the kitchen to wait for their breakfast.

Min Guk: Dae Han your chair is here. Dae Han also wants to eat.

But since on the oven is exactly behind their chairs, the Min Guk starts pressing the buttons of the oven even though Dae Han told him to not press anything. After pressing the buttons of the oven, Min Guk and Dae Han start washing dishes in the sink, however because they were making a fuss there, Il Guk wakes up fast to see what the two were doing in the kitchen.

Meanwhile Man Se who was still in bed hears his father telling the other two that he will give them milk so he wakes up fast and goes to get some for himself as well.

Min Guk: Dad, please give me food.

As they were all waiting for Il Guk to give them their breakfast, Dae Han shows Min Guk a little bruise and the second son tells the father that his brother is hurting.

Dae Han: it hurts.

Min Guk: Dad, Dae Han is hurt.

Il Guk: Dae Han is hurting? Where it hurts, Dae Han?

Min Guk: Here (and shows his father the little bruise)

However, Man Se who still was in his world asks his father to give him food faster. While they were all enjoying their breakfast, Man Se asks for a banana, but because there weren’t any more bananas, Il Guk takes some from Min Guk, thing that irritates him a little.

After eating, the triplets play by themselves in their room and Il Guk goes to check on them. As they were talking about the things from outside the window, Il Guk senses a rather familiar smell, one of the 3 peed. He asks Man Se and Min Guk if they did pee but the culprit was actually Dae Han.

While Il Guk was changing Dae Han, the other two start bickering each other but they end up hugging one another. Dae Han sees them and jumps over his siblings.

Later, Il Guk takes the boys for their check up. As usual Dae Han is pretty calm and enters the building first, on the other hand the youngest two start crying. The father tries to stop them from crying but with no result.

Man Se is the first to be checked. The doctor checks first to see how much his head grow and so on. Meanwhile the other two boys were playing in the waiting room.

Min Guk is the next one to be checked by the doctor, however while Il Guk was trying to convince the boy to ender the room, the doctor asks Dae Han if he wants to get his head size checked and the boy agrees.

In the waiting room, Man Se and Min Guk notice the big moving scale and they decided to play with it.

After Dae Han, it’s Min Guk’s hurt to get his measurements.

The doctor: Min Guk, did you cry?

Min Guk: I cried (it all).

The triplets’ report:

Dae Han Min Guk Man Se
Weight 16,3 kg 16,5 kg 15,4 kg
Height 97,9 cm 97 cm 95,3 cm
Head size 51 cm 51,5 cm 50 cm

The doctor tells Il Guk that even though the boys are 30 months their physical condition if of a 38 months (meaning they grow faster). During the interview, Il Guk tells the staff that he is thankful to see the boys eating and growing so fast, especially Man Se who weighted the least when they were born.

After taking their measurements, the doctor prepares to give the boys their vaccine, the first to go is Min Guk who starts crying. After that is Dae Han who is the one who comes to the doctor to give him the vaccine – when the father sees Dae Han there, he tells the nurse to hold him because Dae Han is pretty strong, yet after the vaccine Dae Han didn’t cry. Because his brother didn’t cry, Man Se thinks that it will be easy and goes to the doctor by himself as well, however to his surprise the vaccine actually hurts and he starts crying.

In the interview room, Il Guk tells the staff that he was surprised to see Dae Han go to the doctor by himself.

After the check up, Il Guk takes the boys to a special place to eat shrimp. When the owner gives Il Guk the live shrimps, he gets scared and asks the owner to teach him how to eat it since he is a Seoul person. Then the father shows the boys the shrimps, although Min Guk and Man Se get scared by the live shrimps, Dae Han shows some courage.

Out of nowhere, Man Se tells his father that a taxi fell in the sea, thing that surprised the father and looked fast towards the sea – of course there was no taxi in the water,

Man Se: There is a shark in the sea.

Min Guk: Do you want to see a shark?

Man Se: No

Min Guk: Do you want to see a shark?

Man Se: Shark leave, shark leave.

Min Guk: Shark leave! The shark fell into the water.

Il Guk: But the shark is an animal that lives in the water.

Min Guk: is that so?

Later Il Guk serves the boys some shrimps. Then he tries to give the triplets some shrimps with red pepper paste, Dae Han refuses because it’s spicy, Min Guk also refuses at first and the only one who eats is Man Se. Min Guk also takes a bite of it but after eating it, he tells his father that it’s spicy.

Dae Han asks or a live shrimp and Man Se is scared of it, but everything is settled after they start eating their noodles. As Man Se was trying to eat his noodles, Dae Han helps his younger brother.



  1. Thnx for the recap! Hope u won’t get tired! Btw I’m ur silent reader since u started giving us recap and I’m thankful to u! I think daehanie will grow up tough like his dad,and so responsible at such a young age, he never cry whenever they see a doctor unlike the other 2 boys! And I notice evry week we can see that they are building a strong brotherhood! They bicker sometimes but more caring to each other! The eating shrimp segment recorded a high ratings of 22.9! Im happy korea is giving much love to the song family

    1. Thank you for reading and for the comment – I will never get tired of the triplets XD

      That’s a huge rating point for a variety show, glad they still go strong with the ratings.

  2. i just found out that someone writes written updates about the triplets too. read all of them and i went back and watched the previous episodes again. lol. i watched a raw video of this ep and it
    showed that before leaving manse went and talked to the doctor alone. can u tell me what he said.
    great job u have done here and please continue ur work 😀

    1. Thank you for reading XD

      I forgot to write about that part, sorry. Man Se goes to say goodbye to the doctor before leaving and the talk goes like this:

      Doctor: Did you come to say goodbye? Come here. You weren’t scared? (of the vaccine)
      Man Se: I wasn’t scared.
      Doctor: You received a vaccine, are you okay?
      Man Se: Yes
      Doctor: You can do It alone (I suppose she was talking about the vaccine as in he grow up and can do it himself without being scared)

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