[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 4 ~recap/review/opinion~

The Ma family sure is a scary group of people.

So In is taken into custody by the police but when she turns around towards the Chairman’s assistant, the guy asks as if they will take care of everything to get her out. However Aeng Ran who was watching the scene from afar seems to have been expecting this event even though she did warn So In multiple times not to believe in others.

Meanwhile, Joo Hee finds out that everything was her father’s plan to get rid of Soo In, yet she doesn’t agree with Tae San’s doings – a few minutes later, Joo Ran enters the office and starts acting concerned regarding her father (he still haven’t forgiven her drunk incident from the inauguration day).

So In is being investigated however because she doesn’t know anything about the stock manipulation to the procurer it looks like she is lying about the whole issue. On the other hand, Woo Seok and his father in law prepare for Byeol’s birthday and at the same time they make plans for the memorial table of the little girl’s mother.

Bok Nyeo and another inmate bicker each other and eventually the two start fighting, luckily the guards appear fast.

The procurer asks So In if the Chairman was controlling her from the shadow but at this point she is still innocent regarding the whole issue so she doesn’t confirms the man’s intuitions, however this makes him to want to dig more behind the Shinhwa Group.

Yi Moon and Woo Seok are still preparing for the memorial but then the father in law informs Woo Seok that Joo Hee sends flowers every year for his wife.

Do Jin takes Mi Oh to abort the baby, but before the step into the hospital, she calls him a “mama’s boy” since he can’t go against his mother’s wishes, however Do Jin tells her that it’s because of him that the whole Ma family calls his mother a mistress thus respecting her wishes is all he can do. Before the actual surgery, Do Jin starts having second thoughts about the abortion, still he doesn’t get moved. Minutes later Mi Oh comes out running and tells Do Jin that she can’t abort. At night Aeng Ran finds out that Mi Oh run away from the hospital and she sends the Ma family driver to pick up the drunk Do Jin.

Poong Geum keeps calling the driver ‘Director’ and he doesn’t understand the reason she does that but afterwards he remembers that on the day they had their first fight (in episode 2 I think it was) he gave Poong Geum, by mistake, Do Jin’s business card to ask for the compensation money (after the fight she complained that he needs to compensate her). Even though he understand the situation in his hear, he lets Poong Geum think that he is a Director at Shinhwa.

Dan Shim gets her memories back (apparently it happens only once or twice a year) and the whole family seems pleased to see her coming back, the only person who isn’t happy about it, is Aeng Ran.

A lady from the neighborhood butts herself in the memorial service but she seems to be good friends with Yi Moon. After paying their respect to Byeol’s mother, Yi Moon appears with a cake for the girl.

So In is being investigated the whole night and in the morning the Ma family is informed that she will be transferred to a detention center. Do Jin and Joo Hee are clearly displeased with their father’s doing and even confront him, on the other hand Aeng Ran who is also not happy with the news (or so it seems) keeps her thoughts to herself rather than splitting everything out as the other two did.

Woo Seok sees So In’s picture in the news paper and so he finds out that she was the CEO of Shinhwa. Back at the detention center, the two (older) women still bicker each other. The show between the two ends when Bok Nyeo is informed she has a guest. She enters the visit room and meets an angry Yi Moon who is visible angered by refusing to get out of prison and for telling the committee that she will take revenge on those who put her in jail if she is to get out.

Tae San visits So In and he continues to play his role as a good father in law who will take her out of prison, unfortunately she believes everything he says. More than that Tae San asks Soo In to transfer her shares to him since they need to protect the company. Soo In doesn’t suspect anything and signs the contract.

Aeng Ran buys Mi Oh’s house thing that infuriates her even more and runs to confront Do Jin about it. Because she wanted to meet the Chairman, Do Jin tells her that he still doesn’t know if the child is his when she could’ve went around with multiple men. Hearing that Mi Oh gets irritated and gets a little knife from his desk and stars threatening him. Do Jin is scared at first but Mi Oh manages to infuriate him when she calls his mother a mistress – the two end up fighting and by mistake Do Jin gets stabbed. While Do Jin is rushed to the hospital, Mi Oh is being taken by the police.

Soo In starts waking up when the procurer tells her that she is being played around by Tae San. Meanwhile Poong Geum and Mr. Tak (the driver) continue their lover game, but it doesn’t last long since the police comes after her.

Do Jin wakes up at the hospital where no one except his mother visited him. Aeng Ran tells her son that he should know by now that it’s only the two of them and they much fight back together against the other Mas.

Aeng Ran goes to the police station where she slaps Mi Oh – by the way Poong Geum is also at the same station.

During the night, Soo In remembers the words of the procurer and Aeng Ran’s advice not to believe in people.

Joo Hee meets up with Woo Seok – as they were drinking Joo Hee tells him that her family is full of monsters who pushed an innocent woman off a cliff. When Woo Seok asks what she is talking about, Joo he refuses to talk further except she mentions that the woman is her sister in law, Moon Soo In.

Tae San finally reveals the truth to Soo In that she was only used for his own benefit. She doesn’t understand the reason he is hurting her, however Tae San nonchalantly tells Soo In that she should just rest for a while in prison and then he will take care of her situation when she will get out.

Soo In is sentenced to two years of prison and the whole Ma family watched the trial. When the police officers come to take her, Soo In turns around towards the Ma family shouting that she will never forgive them.


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