[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 2 ~recap/review/opinion~

This episode reveals that both Soo In and Woo Seok are orphans and probably they come from the same orphanage. Although the writer may have used this as a way to make them interact, their meeting until now were supposed to be pretty sad but I found all the scenes rather funny. On the other hand, the Ma family confuses me, one minute they are rude towards Soo In next minute they gang up on her.

Woo Seok takes Soo In to the ER, meanwhile Joo Hee who was waiting for his arrival tries to get a hold of him but with no luck. Joo Ran appears at the funeral hall and tells her younger sister that this time it’s her husband’s turn to become the CEO, however Joo Hee tells her it’s inappropriate to talk about such things this early (at their brother’s funeral) and takes her leave.

Back at the ER, Byeol thinks that Soo In looks like her mother but Woo Seok tells his daughter that her mother was way more beautiful that ‘this ajjuma’ – as he was talking with Beyol, Soo In wakes up. She tries to leave however Woo Seok stops her, but Soo In is determinate to leave the ER; since she was in a hurry, Soo In pushes a little Byeol who wanted to show the picture of her mother. Eventually, a nurse stops Soo In from leaving.

Later, Woo Seok takes Byeol to the funeral hall. While he was presenting his condolences, Joo Ran and her husband become curious on who he is and if he is Joo Hee’s lover; because if he is indeed the younger sister’s lover, the Joo Ran’s husband may have competition for the CEO position. When Woo Seok finishes his bow, Joo Hee presents Woo Seok to her sister and tells her that he is a senior from University.

Aeng Ran tries to wake up the Chairman who spend his night drinking away his sorrow. No matter what she says, the man won’t move away, however he jumps out when she informs him that company’s stocks went down after Do Hyun’s death.

Bok Nyeo tries to make breakfast for Yi Moon who let her stay in his house, but the woman starts tearing since the food she made was her husband and child’s favorite, yet she couldn’t remember the taste. Yi Moon comforts her saying that it’s been 30 years, thus it is hard to remember some things.

Joo Hee asks Woo Seok why he returned to Korean and in return he tells her that Byeol has to start school soon, moreover he doesn’t want to let his father in law alone anymore (I suppose Yi Moon is his father in law because he had a picture of Byeol at his house). Then Joo Hee starts crying because Do Hyun died but to be honest she seems to use her brother’s death as an excuse to look pitiful in front of Woo Seok, after all she didn’t seem that devastated at the funeral hall. To put a more depressing effect she cries on his shoulder.

While Woo Seok was helping the taxi driver to put their luggage into the car, Joo Hee tells Byeol that she will come visit them in a couple of days, however the girl didn’t seem excited hearing that, in fact she made a rather displeased face. On the road, Byeol notices Soo In on the street.

One of the hall employees finally convinces Soo In to eat something but at that moment Joo Ran appears and stars shouting that she has no right to eat when Do Hyun died because of her. Won Jae and Do Jin appear – surprisingly Do Jin takes Soo In’s side and tells his sister to stop venting her anger on the sister in law since it’s not her fault that Do Hyun died. Hearing that, Joo Ran is irritated and brings in the CEO succession into discussion and tells Do Jin that he shouldn’t even think of becoming the next CEO.

Joo Ran: “Me and Joo Hee aren’t fools to let the mistress’ son take the company.”

Aeng Ran appears and slaps Joo Ran and when Won Jae defends his wife telling his mother in law that it’s not appropriate to slap her, Aeng Ran gets pissed and tells them that if they are to bring up what’s inappropriate to talk about then they should be ashamed (she blames Joo Ran for bringing the succession talk at the funeral hall). Then Aeng Ran continues saying that they shouldn’t blame Do Jin for being the mistress’s son because they all share the blood of their father and if Joo Ran blames Do Jin then it means that her words are also meant to her father. Joo Hee interferes and tells Aeng Ran that she doesn’t have any right to scold them.

After the others left, Joo Hee tells Soo In to order another food if it got cold and take her time to eat.

Do Jin comforts his mother and tells her not to take to heart everything his sister said, however Aeng Ran tells her son that he is the only one who can make them pay for all the insults she got during the years thus he has to receive his father’s favor and take of the company. On the other hand Do Jin doesn’t want to talk about such things at this time since Do Hyun just died.

Bok Nyeo has to return to prison and Yi Moon takes her until the train station. Seeing her shoes, Yi Moon tells her to wait a little bit and he rushes to buy new shoes. Before going onto the train, Bok Nyeo thanks Yi Moon for being the first person after 30 years to call her name since until not she got called only by her prison number.

Woo Seok visits his father in law with Byeol and tells his that he returned to Korea.

Soo In tells Aeng Ran and Do Jin not to take to heart when Joo Hee and Joo Ran said, however in return Aeng Ran tells her to tried and get as much money as she can before she gets kicked out of the family – Aeng Ran genuinely tells her that since the Chairman will kick Soo In out after the funeral, more than that Soo In doesn’t have any education nor skills to make a living alone.

Woo Seok takes Byeol to visit her mother’s grave. Byeol tells the father to cover his ears so she can talk with her mother. As the girl was talking with her mother she says that she will never marry a man who nags so much like Woo Seok

Aeng Ran tries to settle Mi Oh’s business with Do Jin with money however the girl doesn’t want the money unless they give her half of the company.

The Ma family driver has a fight with Poong Geum after she tries to stick her fliers on the car.

It seems that Woo Seok returned to Korea to find his mother after someone sent him a letter and half of a picture (with his when he was younger and someone whose body was ripped apart from the picture) – on the letter, the sender asks Woo Seok if he isn’t curious about who that person holding his hand in the picture is.

Do Hyun’s funeral takes place and Aeng Ran asks the Chairman if he doesn’t want to take him to the funeral, but the man refuses saying that Do Hyun was a bad son to die before his parents.

Dan Shim thinks she is 28 years old and has to breastfeed Do Hyun, luckily Aeng Ran stops her from stripping at the temple.

On their way home, Do Jin tells Soo In that the detectives found the ring at the accident scene so they assumed it was Do Hyun’s ring. When she sees the ring, Soo In breaks into tears. Joo Ran and her husband talk about how Soo In’s life is so pitiful not only she is an orphan but the poor woman is now a widow.

Woo Seok tells his father in law that he wants to search for his mother.

Since everyone was leaving to work, the driver makes Do Jin go to the company as well. At the company the Chairman finds out that Do Hyun left his shares to Soo In. Apparently Do Hyun didn’t agree with his father’s tax evasion.

Soo In tells her mother in law that a nurse will come in her place and so she shouldn’t swear or throw the food bowls at her. The mother in law still thinks that Do Hyun is alive and sleeping in the room next to them.

Soo In receives a phone call from the elderly house she normally does voluntary work for because one of the women is in critical condition, meanwhile Joo Ran has to finish washing her mother, however Dan Shim pushes away from her.

Apparently the woman who worked at Woo Seok’s orphanage is also the woman Soo In was informed that is in critical condition. Unfortunately, the woman dies, before Woo Seok gets to talk with her.

Joo Ran calls Soo In to tell her that the Chairman wants to talk with her, but when she puts her phone in the pocket, Do Hyun’s ring falls into the sea. From afar it looked like Soo In wanted to commit suicide. Woo Seok jumps after her but she slaps him because now she lost the ring and it’s his fault for stopping her to go further. Woo Seok can’t believe she actually slapped him and in return he tells Soo In to thank him for helping her a few days before when he took her to the ER. (this was supposed to be a sad scene but it ended up being actually funny with them bickering each other).

When Soo In comes back home, Do Jin and Joo Hee tell their father that he shouldn’t kick her out, however she tells them that she will take her leave from the family. Aeng Ran gives Soo In some money so she can get a new start. Before packing her stuff, the Chairman reveals to everyone that the new CEO of the company is Soo In.

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