[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 16

I recently read an article where Il Guk said that Min Guk will be the playboy out of the 3 brothers and after watching this episode, the father might be right; is not that Min Guk goes after girls, but girls (all) go to him. On the other hand, surprisingly Man Se is the one who listens the most out of the 3, he always seems ready to want to learn, although in the past episodes we saw only the troublemaker Man Se. As for Dae Han, there were a few episodes when the producers barely showed him however lately they seem to show him more.

In this episode, to have a taste of temple life, Il Guk takes the boys to a temple. Unfortunately, he had a bad idea of taking the triplets in the “Song train” since the 3 grow up so fast, they are way heavier now than when the show started, so the father struggles for a while until he reaches the temple. On the way, some other tourists gave the triplets snacks.

During the interview, Il Guk tells the staff he decided to take the boys to a temple because it will be good for Min Guk who has Atopy.

When they arrive, Il Guk takes them to change clothes, but when they get out, Man Se and Min Guk trip and fall, luckily it doesn’t turn it something bigger since the crying (Min Guk’s crying) stops pretty fast.

While the adults were preparing for the lesson (?) two girls seem to take a liking on Min Guk.

Later, one of the monks tells the children that they first should introduce themselves and she tells them to start with “who am I?” (as in to say their names and so on), however one of the children who also came with his parents misunderstood and introduced as:

Kid: “Who am I.” (and all the adults burst into laughter)

Then the monk asks the triplets to introduce themselves, but the 3 are shy to do so, eventually the father helps them. Even though, shy at first, Man Se shows to be more talkative then his older brothers.

Since the introduction was over, while the monk was talking, Man Se sees a stick and goes forward calling it “spanking”, and the monk explains to him that if they don’t listen, she will spank them – of course that attracts the attention of all the children so when they had to bow they all paid attention to the explanations. To (my) surprise Man Se did it the best out of the 3 and he was probably the one who paid the most attention to the monk.

Lunch time comes and the triplets get hypnotized. Even though everyone told them not to eat before the monk approves, the boys sneakily went in for some food. Again, Dae Han and Man Se stay quiet until the monk tells them to eat.

As everyone was preparing for lunch, Il Guk wanted to see how his children act when he isn’t around so he hides behind the door and looks at them. Meanwhile, Min Guk really wanted to take some food and actually succeeded, when the monk asked him if he ate something, a girl stood up for him and told the monk that he didn’t. The second time, the monk sees him again and when she tells Min Guk that he will be spanked, the boy smiles at her (does aegyo).

The monk approves everyone to eat their lunch, but before that Man Se sees Dae Han with a small car toy and he wants to take it away from his older brother; although they bicker a little, one of the monks takes the car telling them that during lunch them they shouldn’t play.

During lunch, as always, the boys are quiet while enjoying the food. Even though Man Se and Dae Han were eating by themselves, Min Guk was feed by a girl. Since Dae Han finished his food faster, he takes Man Se’s soup and drinks it until the last drop.

Meanwhile Il Guk who was still hiding was starving and one of the temple people gave him some rice cakes. As he was eating, Son il Guk transforms into “Song Ajjuma” while talking with the woman from the temple.

Later, Man Se is the first one who notices that the father wasn’t around, but Il Guk appears fast. The monks prepare for another teaching, but Min Guk starts walking around the room and Dae Han leaves the room and again Man Se was the only one from the triplets who was paying attention. Seeing them wavering around, the monk tells them that they should’ve came without the cameras; then Il Guk the monk that she can punish them if they don’t listen.

Without carrying much about the ‘class’, Min Guk takes a mic from the floor and starts singing.

During the interview, Il Guk tells the staff that he was surprised seeing Min Guk take the mic to sing; he continues saying that they (the boys) may become celebrities behind his back. When the staff asks him what if the triplets tell him that they want to become celebrities, although he hesitates to answer at first, Il Guk eventually says that he will have to let them (if they want).

The monks take the children outside, however when they were trying to get the children’s attention, Man Se calls one of the monk “aunt”.

Seeing how no one was paying attention, the monks give up for a while. Dae Han finds a big bug and one of the monks come towards him and tells the boy to say hello to the bug.

Later Man Se gets scared by a bug and another monk hugs him and tells the boy that the bug just lives his life like the also do so he shouldn’t be scared of it.

Snack time comes and the monks have a peaceful time. Even though everyone finished their corn, Man Se takes more.

Seeing the monks with so many children, Il Guk asks them:

Il Guk: “Isn’t it hard taking care of so many children?

Monk: Not really, I like children so I don’t think of this as being something hard.

Il Guk: We (the parents) are really relaxed right now. It feels like Heaven!

During the interview, Il Guk jokes with the staff members and tells them that he felt so good at the temple that he wants to return again.

At home, Min Guk tries to converse with one of the cameramen but since they aren’t allowed to take with the children, the boy ends up being ignored.

Before dinner, Il Guk wants to teach the boys how to eat with chopsticks. He takes his time explaining each one of them, one at a time. For dinner, the father gives the triplets jajangmyeon…..yep which means they have to get dirty while eating it. At first, Il Guk explains once again how to eat – Man Se enjoys his food, on the other hand, Dae Han who doesn’t like to get dirty eats with care. Later Min Guk gives up on the chopsticks and asks for a fork. Because he got black beans sauce on his hands, Min Guk tells his father to wipe again and again, every time he got a little bit on his hands.

Dae Han starts crying when his father was giving him food because he got the sauce on his face. Seeing the two crying for getting dirty, he tells them that once in a while it’s okay to get dirty. On the other hand, Man Se didn’t care about getting dirty.



  1. missconc3ption · · Reply

    thank you so much for review of the triplets..the more and more i watch them and their dad the more i grow to adore them. each week we get to see more and more of their different personalities and how they interact with each other and others. i noticed they are a bit shy at first around strangers but it doesnt take long for them to warm up to new people once they are comfortable they are balls of delightful fun. i loved the part at the end where the triplets are eating with the chopsticks and their dad is telling them its okay to get dirty so he (the dad) grabs the noodles with his hands and starts smearing the bean sauce all of his face. and daehan and minguk are looking at their dad as if he has lost his mind. haha. i know not all the families will want cameras following them forever and will eventually “graduate” from the show and venture off to do other projects. but for the meantime i do hope the triplets stay for awhile. i cant imagine my sundays without them. for the short time they’ve been on i have grown attached to the triplets and their fun loving calm tempered dad. and their temple stay was entertaining as well. there is never a dull moment with the triplets.

    1. missconc3ption · · Reply

      i forgot to mention that the triplets are really really well behaved. sure they may be naughty at home but outside they listen and behaved really well. when manse and daehan were fighting over the car and the nun said not to play when eating i was expecting either one to scream and throw a fit and cry but i was so surprised they kept eating. the song triplets have wonderful parents who have taught them well. they are so well behaved. i am saying this because i also watch dad where are you going. i loved lee junsu (his dad is lee jong hyuk) and he returned for two episodes and during that time his behaviors were how do i put it nicely…a bit rude? he wouldnt bow when saying hi to an elder. he smacked another dad on the back of the head (they dad’s kept excusing his behavior as “oh that means he likes you” if he smacks you on the head) his dad never reprimanded his poor behavior instead they just laughed it off… he put his legs up at the dinner table at the restaurant. lots of people kept sticking up for lee junsu but after watching the triplets who are way younger than lee junsu who is 7 (US age he was born in 2007) show much more manners when they are barely 3 years old. it goes to show the parents (lee junsu’s) are lacking in the discipline area. even jung woong in’s youngest daugher da yoon knows how to bow properly when told to..while lee junsu does not do as he is told. hopefully i am wrong and that this is a phase and junsu grows out of it…

      1. I don’t think you are wrong, Jun Su was also my favorite from the first season of DWAYG, however even before he had a rude attitude towards adults. I won’t blame his father tho for not , because Tak Su (his older brother) behaves properly, I suppose Jun Su was too spoiled by his parents since he is the youngest. Yet, the parents should know where the spoiling ends and where the proper behave should start.

        No matter how much people stick up for him, he is rude but as I said mostly because Jun Su was spoiled a lot.

        By the way, the triplets aren’t even 3 years (2.5) ^ ^

    2. I agree with you, indeed it will be sad when the Song family will ‘graduate’ from the show, but until then we should enjoy the show.

      Honestly for me, I’m learning a lot from watching Song Il Guk on how to handle children and so on (plans for the future XD).

      But I’m pretty sure the boys will continue to be on TV, Min Guk always seems ready to sing and as for Man Se and Dae Han I won’t be surprised if they will ever wish to become actors, so I’m looking forward to the future.

  2. Thnx for the recap! I’m loving this family! Sik is so admirable, hes doing great job as a father and husband! My kind of ideal man! I read somewhere that sik and triplets will continue till the end!!

    1. Thanks for the comment, indeed Song Il Guk is a great father. ^ ^

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