[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 24 (END) ~recap/review/opinion~

When Seung Hee and Groo enter the church, Ji Sub tells her that it’s the day he has to fulfil Groo’s wish, to protect the two of them. Then Ji Sub lifts his hands and Seung Hee places her on his (as a sign of accepting the proposal). They don’t show the actually marriage (meaning that the official thing didn’t happen) but they do show the 3 taking photos as a family.

After the wedding, Seung Hee looks at the pictures from her studio and remembers the happy moments she lived until then with Groo, Ji Eun and Ji Sub.

Seung Hee goes outside and sees Groo and Ji Sub playing with the RC cars, although the boy had to go to school, when Ji Sub asks for another game, Groo tells him that it has no meaning since he will beat Ji Sub once again. When Groo left for school, Seung Hee tells Ji Sub to cancel the marriage registration, but the later on refuses saying that he promised not to let her worry about Groo (in the future). Ji Sub opens up to Seung Hee and tells her that Groo likes his father a lot however the boy also feels like burden to Tae Joo thus Ji Sub continues saying that she should think of him as a mentor for Groo because he will also try to live a better life (for the sake of the boy). Although Seung Hee still doesn’t agree, Ji Sub tells her that it’s something he wishes to do for her.

Tae Joo finds out about the certificate from his mother who still nags at him to do something. To the woman’s surprise, Tae Joo tells that he knew about the matter from before and leaves the room. In his room, Tae Joo remembers Groo’s words when he said that both his father and mother will be forever in his heart.

Groo has to write in a note what he wants to do with his mother. At first he writes “I want to do with mom and dad….” but then he torn the page to start a new one. As Seung Hee was folding clothes, Groo sees her crying. When he asks why she is crying, Seung Hee replays that sometimes she has weird thoughts and that she also forgets some things, she follows up that if it will happen to forget about him, he shouldn’t take it to heart. On the other hand Groo tells his mother that he will make her remember about him.

Groo: “Mom, it’s me, your son, Groo.

Seung Hee: Thank you.”

Later Seung Hee asks Groo what does he want from her, but the boy tells her that for him it’s find just to talk with her and remember about the past when they lived in Canada.

Ji Eun’s mother is starting to get worse as the woman is thinking that her daughter in law is her real daughter. Even though until now the mother in law and the daughter in law were on bad terms, Ji Eun’s mother actually understood her son’s wife the most.

One of Seung Hee’s wishes was to get a kiss from Groo before he goes to school.

Ji Eun asks Seung Hee if she registered the marriage because of her but she looks a little relived to find out that it wasn’t because of her but because Groo asked his mother and Ji Sub. In return Ji Eun apologizes for the things she did to Seung Hee, more than that she names one of her coffees (she is waiting for her coffee taster test) “Stella’s Shot”. To give courage to Seung Hee, Ji Eun tells her that she wishes for her friend to hang in there until the end because she will keep the promise they made (to take care of Groo).

Ji Eun finds Groo’s notebook where he wrote that he wanted to do something with his mother and father.

Kang still tries to bring Tae Joo back to her but he isn’t interested. The CEO tells Ji Sub that he wants to give Stella Collection to Kim so he can save the company, but Ji Sub doesn’t seem to want to do the same as the collection is important for Seung Hee. Since the father kept talking about saving his company, Ji Sub brings up his mother and how his father left her all alone after being too focused on the company so he says that he doesn’t want to do the same to Seung Hee.

Because Kim didn’t want to get back together with his wife, the big mouth of the mothers’ club starts spreading fliers around the company about the divorce and how he cheated on his wife with Kang. During the board meeting Ji Sub is elected as the new CEO.

Ji Sub and Ji Eun seem to have made a secret plan to bring Groo, Tae Joo and Seung Hee in the same place. Seung Hee is shocked to see Tae Joo but Ji Eun tells her that Groo really wanted to take a photo with his mother and father. During the photo shoot, Ji Sub tells Groo to grab his parents’ hands. Seeing the 3 taking photos together, Ji Eun wants to leave to let them be alone for a moment but Ji Sub stops her.

Seung Hee confesses to Tae Joo that she wanted to give Groo a family but then she found out that it was just a mistake.

Bo Na knows that something isn’t right since her mother keeps going to Seung Hee but not to their own house, Ji Eun tells her daughter that when she will grow up she will understand everything.

The grandmother meets up with Groo and tells him that he should go to his father and not live with a stranger (Ji Sub). But to her surprise Groo tells the woman that she asked Ji Sub to marry his mother, however that won’t change the fact the he is Tae Joo’s son nor that Tae Joo is his father. Before leaving, the boy asks his grandmother to stop giving his mother a hard time.

Returned home, Groo sees Ji Eun and Seung Hee in the living room and without saying anything he goes to hug Ji Eun.

Groo: “Thank you and I’m sorry.”

The relations between the mother in law and Ji Eun’s sister in law seem to have gotten better. Apparently all this time Ji Eun’s mother pretended to be out of her mind for the sake of her daughter in law but only Ji Eun finds out the truth. Later the daughter in law also finds the truth because she hears the conversation of the two from the other room.

After going with Ji Eun for her test, Seung Hee meets up with Groo at a library however all of a sudden she starts feeling dizzy and her eyes are becoming fussy. Once again Seung Hee loses her memories and when she sees another boy she thinks of him as being Groo. He real son appears; his tears starts falling after seeing his mother in that state. But the boy doesn’t make a scene and tries to make his mother remember him. Luckily, thanks to Groo, Seung Hee comes back to her senses, but that is only for a short period because she falls on the floor.

After a while, Groo and Bo Na enter middle school – and now the girl knows that Groo is her real brother. Ji Sub, Tae Joo and Ji Eun come to the school to congratulate the two. Ji Eun brings Seung Hee with her. They all take a photo together.

Shortly after the entrance ceremony, Seung Hee dies.

The big mouth mother is now the mothers’ club president and Han Se’s mother is more comfortable around Groo as all the kids are now friends.

With the money from Stella Collection, Tae Joo and Ji Sub make a facility for single mothers. While Ji Sub was taking photos for a mother with her son, she calls him Groo; Ji Sub asks if her son’s name is Groo and she replys that she wanted to name the boy like that to show her gratitude for all the help she received while being in Stella’s facility.

Tae Joo and Ji Sub take care of the company.

Tae Hoon marries the girl who liked Ji Sub and they have 3 children.

When Ji Eun’s brother tells his wife that they should take his mother to a senior center, but the daughter in law refuses to let him do that.

Ji Eun opens up a restaurant where she makes a small corner of it as a memorial for her friend, Seung Hee, she also gets back with Tae Joo.

Groo made a custom for himself to close the door of his room to speak with his mother (‘s picture) but Ji Eun thinks he speaks on the phone with his girlfriends. When she goes to make him get out of the room, Groo tells Seung Hee that now Ji Eun become like her. Since she couldn’t make Groo get out, Ji Eun wants to break the locker but Ji Sub appears and tells her that they should live peacefully.

Groo grows up (much like Ji Sub and dayum they couldn’t find a more perfect guy than Park Seo Joon, thank you dear producers lol). He returns to Canada, at the farm Seung Hee got for him. (the place from the first episode).

Groo: “How is it? I’ve grown as a nice man, didn’t I?”

Seung Hee appears (actually it’s Groos’ imagination) and he tells her that she left him too fast, didn’t she worry if he will drive the bike she got for him safely.

The drama ends with big Groo driving in the same place when he was in the first episode with Seung Hee.

Thank you to everyone who read my ‘MAMA – nothing to fear’ recaps and I’m sorry for all the grammar mistakes I’ve made. I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful drama!

Final review coming soon!



  1. Adekoya adeola · · Reply

    Thanks for recapping ds drama Soori, i recally enjoy it all away from africa.

    1. Thank you for reading and for the comment, I’m glad you enjoyed it ^ ^

  2. Thanks for the recaps! : )
    I just happened to stumble across an episode on tv and didn’t have the time to watch the whole drama so your recaps filled me in greatly. It’s such a nice drama overall with so much emotions, waterworks happened even though I read it haha. The lead actress always impresses me in anything she does, especially emotional dramas. It reminds me of the movie she starred in which in some aspects paralleled this drama, it’s called Wedding Dress (a must see IMO!!) i never cried so much for a drama/movie before! Anyway, thanks again for the recaps!!!

    1. Thank you for the comment and for reading ^ ^

      It’s indeed an emotional drama, hopefully they will win some awards at the end of the year drama awards.

  3. seanandnan · · Reply

    I love this drama too, but wonder how you know that Ji Eun and Tae Joo got back together in the end. In the end Ji Eun is on the phone and tells her mom that she will be coming home late, so that means she is not staying with Tae Joo and Bo Na. This was the only let down for me because I wanted to see Ji Eun and Tae Joo raising Groo. I still love this show though and think that it is the best show I have seen since I Hear Your Voice. Soon Yoon A is the absolute best and is up there with Lee Bo-Young for me. I started watching all of her shows after seeing On Air, she and Kim Ha-Neul were so good in that. Definitely deserved her best actress in the MBC awards. She absolutely with Moon Jung Hee carry that show all the way to the end. Beautifully acted and so sad, like watching 12 Terms of Endearment movies in a row.

    1. I don’t remember correctly but Ji Eun never filled the divorce papers to begin with, they were separated for a short time. However I may be wrong about it – also Ji Sub tells Ji Eun “let’s live quietly” when she goes to scold Groo at the end so maybe they were all living there at Stella’s former studio. But you may be right and the two may have never got back together as a real couple however they do say at the end that in that day it was a ‘family reunion’. Or maybe in fact Ji Sub was the one raising Groo and the two were living at Stella’s studio – well, they never actually explained it and the ending was kind of open for the viewers to interpret.

      Yes, the two actresses carried the show towards an wonderful presentation, both did a great job and pretty much they carried the drama onto their shoulders because to be honest, if other two actresses were to play these roles, I don’t think the drama would’ve been the same.

      Thank you for your commend and I’m glad to see people who enjoyed this drama.

  4. teammy · · Reply

    The drama is very lovely and thanks for the recap

    1. Thank you for reading and I’m glad you think like that of the drama. It is one of my favorite dramas.

      Thank you for the comment! ^ ^

  5. why did she die d ending should have been more miraculous like she meet a professional doctor who cured her this is more of a tragedy….but if it ended more hopeful i would have loved it. bummed up by d end

  6. why did she die ,d ending should have been more miraculous like she meet a professional doctor who cured her this is more of a tragedy….but if it ended more hopeful i would have loved it. bummed up by d end
    😦 i decided not to finish d movie again

    1. The thing is that she was in the terminal stage and the drama was following a realistic pattern so they couldn’t cure her miraculously.

      Thank you for the comment ~

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