[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 23 ~recap/review/opinion~

I’m not prepared to watch episode 24 at this point…not because Seung Hee will die, but because it was such a beautiful drama that I don’t want to finish it. Honestly for me ‘Mama’ is the best drama I’ve seen in a while, from writing to acting and directing, everything was beautiful and well done.

Really for those who were doubtful regarding the plot, don’t worry, ‘Mama’ isn’t a makjang drama.

Seung Hee tells Groo that everyone in this world has to say farewell at some point but she has to tell him a little faster. The boy’s eyes are filled with tears when he asks Seung Hee if she is dying, unfortunately, she confirms his fear. Groo tells his mother that now she doesn’t have to hide whenever sshe is hurting – and the two hug each other. (I can’t write how beautiful this scene was but still hurt so much watching it).

Seung Hee apologizes to Groo for wanting to give up so many times because it was hard; the mother continues to say sorry to her son for not knowing how much she loved him and again for wanting numerous times to give up (because of her illness). However, looking at her son, Seung Hee tells him smiling that from now on she is will do her best no matter how hard it may be.

Because Seung Hee’s pains were taking over she asks Groo to go back first, but he refuses. Still thanks to Ji Eun who comes fast, the boy goes returns first. Seung Hee confesses to Ji Eun that she told Groo the truth about her condition… meanwhile, as Groo returned first, he breaks into tears.

Later, after Groo fell asleep, the two friends share a moment of honesty. Seung Hee revels to Ji Eun that she doesn’t know who to act around Groo anymore, because now he can’t look her in the eyes and she can’t look into his. Seung Hee continues saying that she wished to keep it a secret from Groo; knowing everything, Ji Eun asks if this is why she planned to send Groo to Tae Joo in the beginning.

Seung Hee: “Mum, left me with dad and left, what a bad mother.”

Seung Hee’s wish was for Groo to not know the truth about her illness. On the other hand Ji Eun knows that everything was messed up because of her however she seems ready to put things back into their place. The two women share their true feelings for each other and more importantly both of them m are thankful for the friend each won.

Groo wakes up in the morning and the first thing he does is to check is his mother is still breathing, but when he sees Ji Eun looking he goes out of the room.

On their way home, Seung Hee tries to hold Groo’s hand, but it seems that the boy is still awkward and doesn’t know how to face his mother. When the boy left to classes, Seung Hee tells Ji Eun that she wished to become a mother whom can be a pillar for her son. As the two women left, Groo watches them leaving, he starts crying.

Before the board meeting, Tae Joo tells Ji Sub to protect Seung Hee. When the meeting started, Director Kim begins his attacks over Ji Sub. However when the CEO reveals that he is resigning, Kim tells everyone that Ji Sub and Stella Han must’ve planed everything with his father so he can become the new CEO – Kim also tells everyone that the marriage between Ji Sub and Stella was his plan to inherit all of her fortune. But Ji Sub fights back saying that it’s a personal matter. When Kim attacks again, Ji Sub tells him that he will marry Seung Hee because he loves her and for not any other reasons, he goes further showing that he isn’t afraid of Kim saying to Kim that is he wants to become a CEO he should use his own abilities.

Ji Sub: “Don’t play dirty by using an innocent woman.”

Tae Joo calls Kang to reveal that the two contacted Stella Han first and it wasn’t the other way around, but she refuses. Because Tae Joo still doesn’t want to go back with her, Kang begging her petty games telling him that it was nice seeing Ji Eun putting her head down.

Tae Joo visits Ji Eun at her workplace and asks her to quit the job but she refuses saying that it was her choice to work there.

Groo once again checks to see if Seung Hee is still breathing. After leaving her room, he starts cooking something – when his mother comes into the kitchen and tells him to let her cook, at first the boy refuses to let her but after hearing from his mother that she can still do it (cook), Groo leaves the room.

Han See bothers Groo again saying that he doesn’t have a father and that Seung Hee is dying. Of course that was the last drop for Groo and he ends up beating the other kid. The parents are informed about it and both rush to the school. Fortunately the incident doesn’t get bigger because Han See’s mother leaves. Seung Hee asks Groo why he did it but he doesn’t want to say anything. Meanwhile the teacher informs Han See’s mother that the boy has ADHD, more than that apparently he knew about his parent’s divorce. (he is Director Kim’s son).

At home, Seung Hee tries to make her son understand that in life he will also hear things he doesn’t want to hear, however Groo is hurt seeing his mother talking about his future without her in it.

Groo: “You said you will do your best so why are you already thinking about leaving me?”

Groo looks himself into his room, but when she finally gets in, she starts asking him if she is informing her eyes because she is dying. The boy looks back at her and pleads his mother not do die, not to let him alone. Seung Hee jumps to hug her son telling him to cry and let everything out.

Seung Hee: “Let’s cry only for today and from now on let’s just create good memories.”

Seung Hee wants Groo to sing her a lullaby; although shy at first, he eventually does it.

An article about Seung Hee and Ji Sub’s marriage appears on the news appears (it was from Kim’s order) and while Director Kim was enjoying the news, Ji Sub appears and tells him to take down the article. Kim replays that he will delete the article only if Ji Sub comes down from being one of the candidates for the future CEO and if he will also transfer his authority over Stella Collection to him.

Ji Sub informs his father that he will step down from the future CEO candidates list.

Reporters come at Seung Hee’s house – even if Ji Eun tries to chase them away, Seung Hee starts southing if she has no right to hide her death. Before things got bigger, Ji Eun takes Seung Hee into the house and chases the reporters away.

Because Seung Hee is still irritated, she asks Ji Eun why the sudden change from hating to helping and if it’s because of money or pity. Ji Eun gets hurt by her friend’s words but she still manages to stay calm and tell Seung Hee that she doesn’t pity her.

Tae Joo’s mother goes to visit Ji Eun to tell her that she is the only one who can make Sueng Hee bring Groo into their family. Since the woman was talking bad about Ji Sub saying that he is only after Seung Hee’s money with the marriage, Ji Eun fights back and tells her former mother in law that she is actually the one who wants the money from Seung Hee and not Ji Sub.

Ji Sub is shocked to find out that Groo knows everything. When they meet, Groo asks Ji Sub to look straight into his eyes and tell him if he sincerely loves Seung Hee. Ji Sub doesn’t hesitates and looks straight into the boys eyes; then he asks Groo if he thought about the proposal to live together (all 3 of them), on the other hand the boys reply is that if Ji Sub can make his mother happy until the end everything is fine with him.

Groo calls Tae Joo and tells him that even if he and his mother are far away from him, he will always keep both in his heart.

Seung Hee asks Ji Sub to help her because she doesn’t want to live a lousy life. Next day she thanks Ji Eun (for her support and for being near her). When Seung Hee leaves the room, Ji Eub’s tears are falling but she ends up smiling.

Tae Joo’s mother wants to ask for a paternity test to take Groo away, but the lawyer tells her that it will be rather hard to ask one and shows her Groo’s certificate – Goo Ji Sub was written as the father of Groo.

Ji Sub asked Tae Joo to take his place during the board meeting for electing the new CEO. Through Tae Joo everyone find out that Seung Hee donated her fortuned thus the marriage isn’t a plot for the succession, also Ji Sub made Stella Han Collection as a separate enterprise, moreover all the profit from the collection will be given to charity.

Groo takes his mother to a church where Ji Sub was waiting. Seung Hee doesn’t understand the situation but Ji Sub tells her that it’s the day he promised Groo to protect both of them.

The actually marriage doesn’t happen but the 3 take photos as a family.



  1. I’m just so happy to see that Ji Sub and Seung Hee gets together, at least she have someone by her side in her last days of life T_T. I’m not in the mood for melo so I’m only reading your recaps, haha! But I may catch up with it for HJH’s sake when I’ve the mood to marathon it.

    1. Unfortunately for Ji Sub, she doesn’t return his feelings. But I like that he is mature about it and wants to show his support for the woman he loves. To be honest, Seung Hee is the one who made him change, because Ji Sub used to be kinda like a brat when he first appeared.

  2. kimjibyung · · Reply

    thank you so much for reviewing this drama eventhough i also downloaded and have watched it until final episode. 🙂
    hope song yoon ah, and other main actors will get an award an also for yoon chan young (best child award).

  3. kimjibyung · · Reply

    thank you so much for reviewing this drama eventhough i also downloaded and have watched it until final episode. 🙂
    hope song yoon ah, and other main actors will get an award an also for yoon chan young (best child award).
    keep fighting for you…

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, I’m grateful that there are people who enjoy my recaps 😀

      I also hope they will get an award and not only the actors but the production staff as well, they all did a great job with this drama.

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