[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 29 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Shim Dok is pissing me off; I think when she says all the stuff about not wanting Mong Gyu to sell accessories on the streets, or even daring to marry a woman like Min Jung (who by the way resembles Mong Hee) Shim Dok doesn’t notice how much she is hurting Mong Hee. Not to mention the way she treats Mong Hee in the last 3(?) episodes, lady, Mong Hee worked her butt off all her life to pay for everything you couldn’t, what’s the use of feeling proud of yourself for working in a fancy jewelry store, if your eldest daughter has to pay for the collage and everything for the other siblings…

Also, after this episode, Hyun Tae seems like the only real man among the 3 boys of the Park family. Leaving aside the way he acted until now, he is the only one who actually protected his wife in front of his family.

Now that Shim Dok found out about Mong Hee working as a designer for the Park family’s company, Sung Eun does all kind of tricks and puts all kind of lies in Shim Dok’s head, telling her that Mong Hee may be Hyun Soo’s relationship and that because of him Mong Hee got haired into the company. Shim Dok runs to Hyun Soo and demands some explanations from Hyun Soo. He tries to explain that there is nothing romantically between him and Mong Hee, but Shim Dok refuses to believe so.

Hyun Soo tells his father that Shim Dok’s recent attitude is because Young Ae and Dok Hee offered Mong Hyun 2 million dollars to divorce Hyun Tae. After Hyun Soo leaves, Soon Sang receives a phone call from Mina’s father who offers him a business deal.

Min Jung and Mong Gyu continue to sell accessories. Min Jung even prepares food for the both of them – this way to not spend money on other food when they are working. (I think they are my favorite ‘couple’ from now one)

Mong Hyun returns the 2 million dollars to Dok Hee saying that her parents won’t accept that money.

After receiving the call from Mina’s father, Soon Sang calls Hyun Joon and Hyun Soo to his office to update them regarding the business offer that Mina’s father proposed to him. Soon Sang and Hyun Joon agree in accepting the offer, since this way their company may grow, but Hyun Soo opposes thinking that they shouldn’t accept, because then Hyun Tae may have to divorce Mong Hyun and marry Mina.

Hyun Soo tells Mong Hee about the business proposal that Mina’s father made to them. Hearing about it, Mong Hee tells Hyun Soo that she won’t help him anymore with the development of the new product. Hyun Soo tries to convince her, since this business it may also be a once in a life time thing for her as well, and not only for their company, after all her jewelry will be more known. Mong Hee still refuses saying that she can’t betray Mong Hyun, but Hyun Soo tells her that is time to put herself first and then think about the others.

Hyun Soo: Sacrificing for your family won’t bring you total happiness.

Mong Gyu and Min Jung got to Mong Gyu aunt’s restaurant, because there they can eat for free. Later the aunt goes to Shim Dok and tells her about Mong Gyu and Min Jung coming to her restaurant and also that they may be dating.

When Mong Hee comes back home after work, the mother continues with her shitty attitude towards her saying that it her fault for Mong Gyu having to suffer all day while selling accessories on the streets. (lady, Mong Hee also did that, but it didn’t seem to bother you when she paid for her siblings’ studies with the money from selling all day accessories on the streets). Shim Dok also tells Mong Hee that it was her own choice that she dropped University to support her siblings….seriously what a mother…. At night, Mong Hee keeps working on the design for the new product.

Soon Sang takes Mong Hyun in the garden to tell her that he is deeply sorry for making her suffer but she will have to divorce Hyun Tae, he also tells Mong Hyun that even after divorcing his son, he will support her financially. Hyun Tae hears everything, and takes Mong Hyun and leave the house.

With just Hyun Joon’s car (he offered Hyun Tae to take his car), Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun go to Han river …and eat instant ramen in a very romantic atmosphere. They also talk about how they will support themselves, financially. Young Ae finds out about her son and her daughter in law leaving the main house. She tries to contact them but with no results.

Sung Eun tries to improve her relation with Hyun Joon since she noticed that lately he was rather cold towards her. Hyun Joon acts like there is nothing wrong but still remains cold towards his wife. While talking he informs Sung Eun about dinner plans he made with Sang Chul.

Sang Chul and Mong Hee meet at the elevator, a few seconds later, Hyun Soo also appears. The atmosphere is rather awkward. Hyun Soo leaves first the elevator, but when Sang Chul was at the moment to also leave, he comes back and tells Mong Hee that if she needs help, he will help her.

Later, Sang Chul takes Sung Eun on the hallway, and demands her to give back Aram, but Sung Eun refuses. Then Mong Hee appears and tells Sung Eun that it will be better if she returns the girl to Sang Chul since Aram may also be suffering being away from her father. Sung Eun gets irritated with Mong Hee and tells her that it’s not her place to say that. Seeing Sung Eun insulting Mong Hee, Sang Chul shouts at Sung Eun:

Sang Chul: Don’t ever insult her again. She shed enough tears because of you and I in the past and I won’t let you insult her anymore.

Mong Hee meets Hyun Soo and tells him that she decided to drop out of the developing of the new product. Sung Eun also finds out about it.

Sang Chul, Hyun Joon and Sung Eun meet out for the dinner that Hyun Joon planed. Of course everything is somehow awkward. At some point Hyun Joon asks Sang Chul how Aram is doing and seems rather shocked when he hears that Aram is currently at her mother’s place. For a moment, Hyun Joon may have thought that Sung Eun may not be the mother of Aram, since the girl wasn’t at their house. But Sang Chul adds that the mother took Aram and that the girl is currently with the parents of the mother.

When Hyun Joon and Sung Eun arrive at the house, Sung Eun tells him about Hyun Soo who is probably giving up on the new product. She seems to somehow threatens Hyun Soo telling him that all he needs to do is continue love her how he used to, if he wants her to help him with the development of the new product.



  1. Thanks for the recap!! Wish they were longer 😦 but thank you so muchhh

    1. Thank you for reading ^ ^ I will try to make them longer, but to be honest I was thinking that people will find it dragging if I were to write longer posts m(_ _)m

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