[Kdrama] ‘Color of Woman’ episode 3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

This episode is the best one so far. Mostly episode 3 is about lipstick and kisses! Yep, that’s why I said that this episode is the best so far.

And oh Dear Lord, I love Chan Jin!

In the beginning of the episode, Jin Joo is still making trouble for So Ra. Why? Because So Ra, had a presentation at work and she prepared an outfit, but of course, Jin Joo liked that outfit, and she took it without So Ra knowing. And so So Ra had to wear some ugly outfit for the presentation.

At the company, Chan Jin and Joon Soo, are talking about moving together, Chan Jin doesn’t really like the idea but Joon Soo says that he should be grateful for letting him chose the house. Chan Jin picks the house that’s in front of So Ra’s house.

Chan Jin: This will take care of many things at once. Food, cleaning, writing reports for work…
Joon Soo: Hey, aren’t those things that a wife should do for you? If you are going to be like that, why don’t you get married to So Ra?
Chan Jin: What can I do when there’s no attraction? Is it my fault that for the past 10 years, I haven’t seen her as a woman?

Now, dear Chan Jin – not sure if this is a mask – but please stop lying to yourself (or maybe he is just lying those around him?)

During So Ra’s presentation, the director (I’m sorry – don’t remember her name right now) pretty much makes a fool of So Ra, by speaking on the phone, and saying to the person on the line that she can talk now, because “there’s nothing worthwhile listening to”.

Moving on moving on. At the grand opening of their new products, they couldn’t sell a lot because at the same time a rival company had a fan-sign event with the model from episode 2. After a while, a seller from the store, tells So Ra that if she doesn’t use any make up how does she expect others to buy from her. When the sellers starts applying make up,  Chan Jin, tells the seller that he should put make up on So Ra. (Did I say how much I love Chan Jin’s way of making So Ra feeling better? )

When it comes to put the lipstick on, So Ra remembers what Jin Joo said to her that morning:

To kiss or not to kiss. When you’re hesitating…lipstick click the switch on. The tigger to make love burst forth.

but at that moment, Chan Jin becomes nervous and drops the brush on the floor. (he’s s cute~ again, Chan Jin likes her but I think he denies his feeling for her or he just doesn’t want those around know that he likes her).


After a while, because they didn’t sell almost nothing, Joon Soo, comes with a plan – making an event/show: boyfriends have to put lipstick on their girlfriends lips and then they receive a kiss on the cheek. After explaining the rules to those who came to the event, Team leader 1, tells the chief (meaning Joon Soo) that is his fault for all of their ‘suffering’. So Joon Soo is the first participant, but of course he can’t kiss himself, he needs a girl. Deputy section chief Song pushes So Ra. Now Joon Soo has to put lipstick on So Ra’s lips. What I love more about this part are Chan Jin and Jin Joo’s faces. Anyway, both Joon Soo and So Ra are really nervous, and Joon Soo misses her lips (lol) and puts lipstick on her cheek – of course, these 2 have a small argue .


The whole audience starts saying ‘KISS KISS KISS KISS’ (here I love Chan Jin’s confused face) then Joon Soo, puts lipstick on his lips and kisses So Ra on the cheek (and again we see Chan Jin’s priceless confused/worried face).

When you’re hesitating about whether to kiss or not kiss…could it be that lipstick is what flips the switch on?

And the, the big bomb drops, Joon Soo kisses So Ra on her lips in front of everyone!! But Chan Jin’s reaction breaks my heart.

After the whole thing Chan Jin gives So Ra a pack on wet napkins (gonna say wet napkins because I’m not sure what are those in English).

Chan Jin: You’re okay, right?
So Ra: What? You think I might commit suicide or something over a simple little kiss? I have to do what I can for the company…
Chan Jin: It was just a kiss, right?
So Ra: If not, then what would it be?
Chan Jin: Um, it’s just that it looked like you were trembling back there.
So Ra: In front of all those people. If it were you, wouldn’t you have been embarrassed? Just think, if someone I knew had seen. How humiliating. It sure is tough to make a living.
Chan Jin: Should I have done it? Wouldn’t it have been comfortable with me than with Joon Soo sunbae?
So Ra: What good is it to talk about something that’s over and done with?
Chan Jin: Why do I feel so strange? Hey, do you want to quit your job at the company?

Back at So Ra’s house, So Ra kicks Jin Joo out of her house (finally) so Jin Joo sneaks into Chan Jin and Joon Soo’s house.

Big thanks to the people from PERVERTS II @ viki.com for making the translations

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