[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 30 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Hyun Joon and Sung Eun arrive home – after Hyun Joon left the room, Dok Hee remembered that earlier someone called at the home phone asking for Sung Eun. Dok Hee tells Sung Eun that the person’s name who called was Jin Sang Chul; hearing his name, Sung Eun is visible shocked; Dok Hee asks her daughter-in-law what’s wrong with her and if she knows that person, Jin Sang Chul, but Sung Eun says that he is just an acquaintance.

Dok Hee returns to her room, but after thinking for a few minutes, she goes to the kitchen where Sung Eun was.  The mother-in-law asks Sung Eun that if she needs any help with Jin Sang Chul; Sung Eun tries to persuade Dok Hee to let go of the subject by saying that there is no need to worry about Jin Sang Chul because he was a former employee of the company who got cut off recently. Dok Hee tells Sung Eun that if she feels endangered because of Sang Chul, she will call him and put him in his place.

The next day, Sung Eun rushes to Sang Chul’s flower shop to threaten him that if he dares to call at her house again he won’t get to see Aram in the future.

Mong Hee visits her brother and Min Jung and also brings them lunch. After Min Jung showed to Mong Hee the money they made, Mong Hee and Mong Gyu leave Min Jung alone at the truck accessories for a few minutes so they can talk about their mother and her recent attitude.

Mong Gyu, jokingly, tells Mong Hee to apologize to their mother, after all the recent (childish) attitude of Shim Dok is because Mong He, who until then was a son and a husband for their mother, is trying now to follow her own dreams.

Mong Gyu: It’s your fault for being too good in the past, you should rebel in small doses so mom can get used to it.

After talking with Mong Gyu, Mong Hee returns to the company, she apologizes to her mother. Later Hyun Soo comes and tells Mong Hee about Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun leaving the house and although the people from the Park family tried to contact them, the two runaways aren’t answering, therefore she should also try to contact them.

In the meantime, Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun enjoy their lunch in a pretty lovey-dovey way….To take revenge on Mong Hyun for putting him lots of garlic into his grill rolls from when the 3 brothers when with their wives on a trip, Hyun Tae also puts lots of paper into Mong Hyun’s roll, but she sees him and plays along saying that she doesn’t want to eat anymore but he should eat it in exchange since he will do a lot of physical work, he has to eat a lot.

Worried because of Sung Eun reaction when she heard Jin Sang Chul’s name, Dok Hee pays Hyun Joon at the company. She asks him why recently he is so cold towards Sung Eun and who Sang Chul is. At first Hyun Joon didn’t want to tell his mother the truth but in end he decides to tell his mother about Sang Eun’s past with Sang Chul and that she also had a daughter with that man:

Hyun Joon: I know her past but I can’t do anything about it (…) it’s humiliating as a man.

When Sung Eun arrives home after work, Dok Hee tries to act normal around her, but when Sung Eun asks Dok Hee to help her make Hyun Joon sleep again into their bedroom and not into the office, so they can have a child, Dok Hee gets irritated and shouts at the daughter-in-law saying that now it’s essential to focus on the development of the new product rather than on having children.

Shim Dok tells her husband about her plants to marry Mong Gyu with a pharmacist, but Byeong Ho seems rather angry hearing his wife’s plan and tells her that they can’t afford another wedding right now. But Shim Dok doesn’t really care and wants to go on with the pan and also informs the two grandmothers about it.

Mong Hyun calls Mong Hee to tell her where she and Hyun Tae are staying currently. Hyun Soo and Mong Hee rushes to take the two fugitives back home, but when they arrive at the meeting point Hyun Tae tries to run from his brother. Honestly speaking, I thought Hyun Soo chasing his younger brother to take him back home was rather cute, after all during their childhood they didn’t actually acted like brothers with each other but this scene was cute.

Because Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae didn’t actually had a proper honeymoon, Mong Hee asks Hyun Soo to take them somewhere so that the young married couple can make beautiful memories, so Hyun Soo takes them to a ride in his yacht……rich bastard….

While Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae were enjoying their time on the yacht, Hyun Soo confesses to Mong Hee that he came there with his wife Yoona as well but during that time they never enjoyed the time spend together and mostly was his fault. Then re remembers a time when he and Yoona went to a ride with his yacht, and when Yoona asked him to stand like in Titanic with their hands wide spread, Hyun Soo refused. Judging from his memories, although their marriage was planned by their parents, Yoona seemed to try to get along with Hyun Soo but he always had an indifferent attitude towards her.

After the write with the yacht, Hyun Soo tells Mong Hyun about the opportunity Mong Hee has to become a real jewelry designer, but because she always thought of Mong Hyun she had to give up on her dream again. After hearing Hyun Soo, Mong Hyun goes to Mong Hee and tells her to take the opportunity to develop the new product. Later, Hyun Tae prepares a romantic event for Mong Hyun. After spending some time along just the two of them, Mong Hyun tells Hyun Tae that if they will break up, she wants to remember everything about him.

Mong Hee calls her mother to tell her that she went to a business trip. The next day Shim Dok finds out from Sung Eun that Hyun Soo is also in a business trip, which Shim Dok think that the two are together, so she hurries and calls Mong Hee. Having no other choice, Mong Hee tells the truth to her mother about Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun leaving the house of the Park family.

Hyun Soo drives Mong Hyun and Mong Hee back to their parents’ house. After the two girls entered the house, Hyun Tae tells his brother to stop the car and follows Mong Hee and Mong Hyun into the house. There he asks Mong Hyun’s parents to let him say with Mong Hyun in their house.

Because Dok Hee couldn’t sleep thinking what Sung Eun made Hyun Joon go through, Dok Hee goes to Sung Eun and shouts at her get out of their house.

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