[Kdrama] ‘Color of Woman’ episode 5 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Dear Director, Writer, Producer and God! Thank you – I’m saying this from the bottom of my heart. Chan Jin your cuteness kills me but your one sided love breaks my heart!

The first half of episode 5 is rather slower that the other episodes so far – and it’s actually focused on the ‘secretary couple’. If you all remember, in another episode, ‘husband secretary’ (I don’t remember their name so I’m going to call them Husband secretary and Wife secretary) carried the Director in his arms and the Wife secretary saw them.

At the board meeting, while Wife secretary was preparing the teas, Jin Joo comes and asks her if she isn’t feeling well. Wife secretary says that she was a little stressed lately, but Jin Joo thinks it’s because of constipation:

Jin Joo: Ah, you must be having trouble going to the bathroom (constipation). I have some medicine. It’s very effective. Within 10 minutes of taking it, everything comes flowing straight out.

Wife secretary takes the medicine from Jin Joo and puts it in the directors coffee.  During the board meeting, Jin Joo still tries to seduce Joon Soo – of course with no result.

In the mean time, So Ra goes in Chan Jin’s office to give him some samples to give out as gifts. In his office, there were present, younger alumni from their collage. The alumni remember So Ra – and apparently she was really famous for being number one (studies) in their collage. While they were talking, one of the alumni asks So Ra and Chan Jin if they are currently dating. But faster than light, So Ra responds

If you left the two of us on a deserted island, nothing would happen.

Because of So Ra (fast) reply, Chan Jin makes a troubled face. (Yeah yeah, we all know that you like her, you just need to figure it out already).

After the board meeting, the medicine Wife secretary put in the director’s coffee takes effect, but Joon Soo sees that the director’s stomach is upsetting her starts talking even more. (I love the way those 2 fight).

Back at the company,  Joon Soo informs Chan Jin about a future project and wants him and So Ra to form a team:

Joon Soo: I want you and So Ra to put together a team and be prepared.
Chan Jin: There’s already a development team in place. Is there any special reason why it has to be So Ra?
Joon Soo: You and So Ra work well together.
Chan Jin: Our problem is we match to well.
Joon Soo: Well, is that considered a problem? Didn’t So Ra als write up your reports?
Chan Jin: Ahh that’s right. But I don’t know if you can entrust the fish to a cat. You’ll regret it.
Joon Soo: Who is the cat and who is the fish?
Chan Jin: Of course I’m the cat.
Joon Soo:  And the fish?
Chan Jin: So Ra.
Joon Soo: I guess I’ll just have to trust the cat.
Chan Jin: Don’t trust too much.

Back in Chan Jin’s office, So Ra was putting lipstick on an alumni’s lips and Chan Jin seems rather fascinated. He stares at So Ra’s lips and remembers when (in an earlier episode) he was putting make up on So Ra, and dropped the brush when he had to put lipstick on her lips. While he was there dreaming about So Ra’s lips, So Ra put some lipstick on his lips.

Meanwhile, because Joon Soo told Jin Joo to bring So Ra in his office, she was trying to find So Ra. When she finds her, Jin Joo drags So Ra in Joon Soo’s office. There, after they talked about some work related stuff, a board member enters the office, and Joon Soo writes a note and gives it to So Ra. Unfortunately, So Ra throws the note, but Jin Joo takes it. On the note it was written:

Do you remember our library date? At lunch time, let’s meet on the 13th floor of the stairwell.

At lunchtime, the problems between the Secretary Couple continues, and poor Jason is the one suffering the most – yeah yeah we know Jason, that would’ve never happen in New York.

Because Joon Soo had to eat out with a board member, he rushes to a store to buy 2 lunch boxes, one without onion, because So Ra doesn’t like onion.While he was waiting for So Ra on the stairwells, Jin Joo appears, she butts in (as she always does) and they end up eating together.

At a restaurant, Chan Jin and So Ra were eating some sandwiches, but So Ra bites from a sandwiches with onion. Chan Jin tells her that she can have his sandwich.

Chan Jin: You eat this one, it won’t have any (onion).
So Ra: You don’t like raw onions either.
Chan Jin: But it’s not impossible for me to eat, unlike some people.

Because he gave So Ra his sandwich, Chan Jin starts eating from the sandwich So Ra already bite. After that their conversation it’s like a sign, telling me to continue believe in a possible relationship between them – an end to Chan Jin’s one sided love.

So Ra: Eating something that I’ve partially eaten, apart from my mom, I think you’re the only one who’s done that.
Chan Jin: Same for me. Apart from my mom, there’s no one who’s ever made food for me.
So Ra: It really doesn’t bother you?
Chan Jin: Has it been only one or two days that I’ve eaten your leftovers? If you think about it, we’ve deep-kissed at least 100 times.

After he said that, So Ra wants to hit him (it’s more like a friendly hit) but Chan Jin wanting to stop her, he catches her hand, and for a few moments he has that hurt look in his eyes that breaks my heart. When he releases her, Chan Jin still has a lost look, but So Ra thinks that he wants to throw up (because of the raw onion) – Chan Jin tries to saves himself saying that he wants to throw out because of the words ‘deep-kiss’ (yeeeeaaaahhh sure. Dude, you want to smooch her like crazy).

Then, So Ra, tells Chan Jin that she has something to confess to him:

So Ra: Actually, there’s something I never told you about. Before Joon Soo sunbae went to America, I dated him for a while.

Hearing that, Chan Jin made a face as if he wanted to cry – well, not really cry but a face that makes the viewer wanting to jump into the computer/tv and give him a tight hug! She also tells him, that Joon Soo asked her to start again with their relationship.

Because Jin Joo and Chan Jin are …..identical in thinking. They both have the same idea. Jin Joo tells Joon Soo that he should start dating again, but with a different person, and Chan Jin says the same thing to So Ra.

Start again with a new person

And this is how episode 5 ends. Now after seeing the preview of episode 6:

Dear readers, I’m sorry, but the recap for episode 6 will be delayed since  after I’ll watch episode 6, I will be in the hospital – having a heart attack.

– For the English parts (quotes) thanks to Color Of Woman subbing team from viki

– I’m really sorry for the bad quality of the pictures – I’ll re-do it ^^ – and maybe gonna do some gifs as well.


  1. Thank you! I was waiting for this recap!

    1. Thank you for reading. I will post the recap for episode 6 later today ^ ^

  2. I love your recaps – So fuunny. I love Joon Soo, but to be honest Chan Jin has completely stolen the show! Thanks for the recaps!

    1. Thank you for reading ^o^

  3. yeah yeah we know Jason, that would’ve never happen in New York. LOL

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