[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 28 ~recap/review/opinion~

This show kind of lost its main purpose, the revenge of Soo In over the Ma family and it’s more focused on the fire incident and the sins of Tae San over Aeng Ran, Bok Nyeo and Woo Seok.

However I wonder if Do Jin is really not Tae San’s son. In this episode, they reveal that Tae San did enter Aeng Ran’s room in the past, we don’t know if it happened just once or more but in a past episode, she was pregnant and clearly Sang Woo’s child, yet in the memories presented in this episode, she didn’t seem pregnant. Wonder if this was just a slip of the production team.

Tae San comes home and the moment he steps into the bedroom, he slaps Aeng Ran calling her a traitor. Although she knew what the man was talking about, Aeng Ran feigns ignorance however Tae San ‘reminds’ her that she is the one who saved Jin Woo from the fire, gave him a new name and also a scholarship under Shinhwa Company’s name. Since he already put it out on the table, Aeng Ran reveals why she wants to take revenge on him and that’s because apparently Tae San is behind the death of Do Jin’s real father.

Stunned at first and flustered, the Chairman doesn’t want to let himself be scared thus he laughs but that angers Aeng Ran who shows him the papers with statements and evidence that he stole the factory from Jin Woo’s father. Yet, Tae San still doesn’t get scared of her threats so he tells Aeng Ran that those papers are over the limitation period since it’s been 30 years therefore he doesn’t accept her proposal of making a deal together.

Woo Seok is still thinking about Tae San’s statement that he was the one behind the scholarship – later he calls Yi Moon asking to have a drink together. Soo In asks Bok Nyeo how would she feel if Jin Woo was alive however the reply is short and put as a wall in front of such possibility.

Nr 911 continues her plan to fool Joo Ran making her curious about the ‘Assets’ top safety’ (from the bank). Joo Ran catches the bait and asks that she also want to know about the asset however Nr 911 and her friend keep acting as if they can’t disclose information about those secret assets. On her way out, Joo Ran pushes Nr 911’s purse down (by mistake) as the attention was on the fallen purse, the older woman’s friend puts something in Joo Ran’s purse.

Aeng Ran packs her stuff and decides to leave the Ma house leaving behind a threat for the family members. In the yard, before leaving she steps into Dan Shim’s room to tell her goodbye. She apologizes for doing many cruel things to the first wife of Tae San but in return Dan Shim gives her some coins to use for the fare. Then, Aeng Ran does her final bow towards Dan Shim.

Wang comes to pick Aeng Ran but as a last goodbye she takes out an envelope (of money?) to give it to the woman who does the cleaning in the Ma house. In the car, Wang asks if she doesn’t want to call Do Jin but Aeng Ran replies that she needs to stay quiet for a few days.

Woo Seok asks Yi Moon about how Bok Nyeo used to be when she was sent to prison. Yi Moon starts remembering that time and says that Bok Nyeo even wanted to commit suicide. Curious, Woo Seok also asks if he knows anything about her son and his father in law says that he died in the fire. After that, Woo Seok carefully asks if Bok Nyeo indeed killed her husband but Yi Moon is confidently saying that she was definitely falsely accused.

Later, after drinking with Yi Moon, Woo Seok goes to the bakery and when he enters the sound of the wind chimes can be heard making him remember some small parts from his childhood. Soo In appears and he asks her if those wind chimes are from his father’s former factory and is surprised to find out that it’s in fact true.

A few minutes later Woo Seok tells Soo In that he always thought of himself as being a brave man, but lately he started to find out that it was just an act because he can’t bear the consequences (of knowing his past). Soo in comforts him following Woo Seok’s confession that he wanted to get drunk and then reveal the truth to Bok Nyeo however he couldn’t do that either. Next Soo In promised to make him drunk with a special alcohol, her lips so she processed in giving him a kiss. (I swear these two spend a little too much time together, they need to win the cheesiest couple award).Woo Seok lets out a pleased laugh making Soo In feel embarrassed but to thank her, he gives her a hug in return.

Yi Moon falls asleep near the sick Bok Nyeo while he was looking after her, but after a while Nr 911 sees the two sleeping next to each other and in the end she makes a huge ruckus.

With the help of Mr Tak, Do Jin finally gets a job as a substitute driver.

On the other hand, the landowner of the bakery tries to kiss Poong Geum but luckily Mr Tak interrupts the moment. Later, Do Jin enjoys some sweet potatoes with Mi Oh and his son.

Aeng Ran decides to live in a hotel for a while however she remembers the past when she used to be happy with Sang Woo (Do Jin’s father). However one night Tae San entered her room but shortly after Sang Woo also enters and sees the two hugging (actually Tae San was forcing himself on her). Since Sang Woo didn’t pass the bar exam that year as well, Tae San used that as a way to make him leave Aeng Ran. Feeling like he had nothing to give Aeng Ran, Sang Woo rushes out and unfortunately a truck hits him.

Woo Seok and Soo In return home and see Bok Nyeo carrying Byu on her back. Although Woo Seok tells her that she will break her back, Bok Nyeo says that she remembers the past when she used to carry her son as well. Thinking that Woo Seok may like to hear about his childhood, Soo In asks the woman about Jin Woo and how he used to be. While telling them about ‘Jin Woo’, Bok Nyeo starts crying as she remembers that her son used to like bean paste soup thinking that she should’ve cooked more of that food for him. Woo Seok hides behind Soo In and struggles to hold up his tears. After Bok Nyeo leaves the room, Soo In advices him to reveal the truth rather than letting the woman blame herself for the past.

Joo Ran brings Dan Shim to the breakfast table but the woman asks about Aeng Ran. Also Joo Ran’s husband notices that Dan Shim got worse since Aeng Ran left the house.

Woo Seok wants to set up the truth about him being Bok Nyeo’s son so he tells everyone that he has to announce them something at dinner.

Tae San accepts Woo Seok’s resignation (finally) however the man gets flustered when Woo Seok asks about the factory he owned together with his father. But refuses to say that truth about that factory being Shinhwa’s base and just says that the former factory went bankrupt.

The thing that Nr 911’s friend put into Joo Ran’s purse was a phone. Nr 911 calls Joo Ran on that phone to set up a meeting. (to fool her some more)

Do Jin is hired by a substitute driver company but he is somehow disappointed to find out that he will be paid mostly 50-100$ a day.

Meanwhile, Aeng Ran goes to Shinhwa for a meeting with the share holders of the company but first she fills in the divorce papers and asks for half of Tae San’s assets. Tae San can’t believe it so he starts shouting around therefore his blood pressure goes up.

Joo Hee sees Soo In and Woo Seok together and her blood pressure also rises up. Since she wants to get back at Soo In for ‘stealing’ Woo Seok, Joo Hee decides to sign a contract with the companies that her former sister in law delivers bread at.

The grand moment came and everyone is excited to know what Woo Seok has to say. He finally gets some courage and after bowing down in front of Bok Nyeo he reveals that he is Jin Woo.


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