[Kdrama] ‘Falling for Innocence’ ep 1-6 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

Another drama out of a large pot that uses heart transplant and love as a main reason for the plot yet it made me fall in love with a character who wasn’t supposed to have such a big impact on the story…or me. Anyone else fell for a character that died at the beginning of the drama? That one character that makes you interested in the drama even though you had no desire to watch it at first.

For me, it’s the second time when the character I like the most from a drama dies in the second episode. Yes, it’s the second time and I’m losing faith in Korean drama writers who end up making secondary characters that get more attention and have more flavor than the main ones. I personally wanted to give up after Dong Wook died, it’s like the story had nothing more to offer because I don’t know if it was him but the drama got a little tiny bit boring with him stepping out of the story. I don’t know if it was Jin Goo or the writer’s outline of the character, or both, but as a character he had to offer much more than what Min Ho or Joon Hee can.

After an unfortunate incident (murder) that lead to Dong Wook’s (played by Jin Goo) death, his heart is received by Min Ho, a young entrepreneur (?)with a desire for revenge and a weak heart. Shortly after, Min Ho starts developing feeling for Dong Wook’s fiancée, Soon Jung. Having a deja-vu? Too many dramas like this one!

Luckily the writer of ‘Falling for innocence’ searched about the subject compared to other dramas with similar subject where they just used to love from the donor as a main point for the plot however this time, they are using dreams such as Min Ho having Dong Wook’s vision from when the accident happened and taking some of Dong Wook’s characteristics or food habits, for example the lollipop. I’m not sure if the impulsive personality is also from Dong Wook since both were like that from the start, this is a feature that both shared.

Although I found some interesting cases of memory transfer that occurred in real life like-wise Min Ho starting to love Soon Jung  but will he love her or Dong Wook’s heart beats for her? In a way it’s unfair for both. For instance Min Ho doesn’t have a say in this as the heart beats harder every time Soon Jung is around or when she gets hurt, on the other hand, Soon Jung will fall for a man who has the heart of her past fiancé mostly because Min Ho shares and does what Dong Wook used to.

Apart from the love issue, I’m curious to know how a heart recipient receives the news of gaining his donor’s personality traits and how Min Ho will deal with it. This seems like an interesting way of developing the story rather than keep pushing the love relationship or centering the donor’s love as a main factor. I really wish the writer will go further with this, after seeing that in episode 6 there were some hints that “Falling for Innocence” will probably take the route of Min Ho dealing with the donor’s trails that are slowly gluing onto his own personality.

Leaving aside Min Ho and Soon Jung, I like how Joon Hee had his own moment to say out his feelings of affection for Soon Jung, but I find him not to be the typical pitiful second male lead character. In a way, he is typical since he didn’t had the confidence to share his feelings to the woman he loves nor can do anything else to help or save her just that I have zero sympathy for him. Joon Hee is showing the normal way of second leads with him not being able to reveal his attachment because of his social status that turned out to be a major complex within the character.

As for the acting, it’s okay, all the actors are doing a good job, nothing exceptional yet they still have a good manner of delivering feelings and the character construction is done nicely.

Overall I am enjoying the drama but to be honest I’m not doing it to its fullest, I’m not really into it as much as I would like, probably because as I already said it Dong Wook had a big impact on the story, thing that made everything else look not that impressive. However I’m looking forward to see how things will evolve and how Min Ho will deal with his new heart or how things will end for Jung Hee. Regarding Soon Jung, I like her and for now I don’t think she needs any development as the character itself is all around well made and acted but we’ll see what’s going to happen in the next episodes.

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