[Kdrama] Looking forward Summer season list (May-July 2015)

I’m not ready for the summer dramas. Although the spring dramas weren’t what I was expecting, some ended up being a total mess, the summer dramas, or some of them, look so good even if the plot isn’t anything that will make us crazy in love, the casting for a few of them are making me look forward to them, yet at the same time scared because the writers may destroy the hard work of the actors.

Lucky Romance (MBC / 16 episodes / from May 25)

This drama is probably the one I’m looking forward the most. Hwang Jung Eum, Ryu Jun Yeol and Lee Soo Hyuk are a great combo. Jung Eum has the recognition and Jun Yeol has the fan base at this point so I do hope that ‘Lucky romance’ will get popular.  However, we don’t have much details of the writer’s past work so that kind of scares me a bit. Because I’ve seen the other Reply cast members failing to keep their popularity and if the writer destroys the plot by making it too childish, Ryu Jun Yeol may end up leaving the drama world for the movie world. Not that I mind, but seeing him for 2 months, 2 times a week it’s way better than seeing him for 2 hours in a movie.

The director also doesn’t have any notable works for now and frankly speaking I’m not a fan of Lee Chung Ah’s acting.

Judging from the recent teaser, the drama won’t be just some fantasy-rom com as it will also have some heavy details. But I don’t know, at this point I’m a bit sick of all the heavy stuff that have taken over the drama world lately so I hope they will go for a more comedic story.

Baek Hee Has Returned (KBS / 4 episodes/ from June 6)

Too bad this drama will be only 4 episodes long. I was quite excited when I found out that Kim Seung Oh will be the main male lead and these short KBS dramas are normally pretty good so even if it’s short, at least it will be good.

Again, no details of the writer’s past works but the director, Cha Young Hoon, directed Joo Won’s past drama, Bridal Mask. Kang Ye Won and Kim Seung Oh will be an interesting pair to watch.

Beautiful Mind (KBS / Ep number TBA / from June 20)

Jang Hyuk, Park So Dam, Yoo Hyun Min and Park Se Young – do you need anything else? Although I’m not sure about Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam as a possible couple but he always has such great chemistry with the actress he plays so I’m not that concerned with this couple. What I’m concerned about is Park Se Young’s acting. Even though she is a good actress, her acting is more for family or weekdays dramas than the prime time ones as she tends to exaggerate her anger and facial expressions.

The writer is Kim Tae Hee with a notable work: Sungkyunkwan Scandal and the director is Mon Wan Il worked on ‘Smile Dong Hae’ (with Ji Chang Wook – it was a family drama) and ‘Dream High 2’.

Doctors (SBS /TBA, from June 20)

Before I will talk about the cast I want to have a work about the writer. I wish this drama will wash the shame that High Society brought to the writer. That drama was so bad even though her past works, One Warm Word and Can We Get Married? were good, she then wrote that disaster, High Society.  Actually if it wasn’t for Kim Rae Won, Park Shin Hye, Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Kyun Sang I wouldn’t even glance at this drama.  Yes, yes we need to give second chances but High Society had such a great negative impact on me that I would’ve ignored this writer for life.

But director Oh Choong-Hwan who worked on ‘My love from the star’ won’t let her mess up again. Hopefully.

The plot? Well another drama about doctors but again, the cast just makes me look forward to this one.

Wanted (SBS/ 16 / from June 22)

“One of Korea’s top actresses has her son kidnapped. She struggles to carry out a mission on a live reality show following the kidnapper’s demands.”- from dramawiki

I think the writer wrote ‘Will it snow for Christmas’ (or was an assistant writer, but I’m not sure) and if she continues with the same pattern them we will end up crying like crazy.  The director, Park Yong Soon, is the one who directed ’49 days’, ‘You’re beautiful’ and ‘Divorced lawyers in love’.

The main actors are Kim Ah Joong, Uhm Tae Woong and Ji Hyun Woo. Actually, I’m not pleased with Ji Hyun Woo being in this drama. He is okay but there’s something that I don’t like from his acting moreover he won’t live up to Uhm Tae Woong’s acting and will end up looking as if he is a newcomer.

W (MBC / TBA / From July 20)

W doesn’t offer much in terms of plot but it might have the chance to become something promising. Although it’s about the story of people in their 30s, I’m looking forward since each story has its own ‘personality’.

Moreover, Lee Jong Suk, Han Hyo Joo and Lee Tae Hwan will give us the eye candy while Kang Ki Young and Lee Si Un will assure us with the comedy.  I’m not sure if Lee Tae Hwan is ready to jump into the lead characters even if it’s a second lead as his acting is still green. But we will have to wait and see.

The writer, Song Jae Jung, wrote Nine, High Kick and Coffee House meanwhile the director, Jung Dae Yoon, directed dramas such as: The King 2hearts, Cunning single lady and She Was Pretty.

Uncontrollably Fond (KBS / 20/ From July 6)

Suzy and Kim Woo Bin! Yesss please! Lim Ju Hwan ….well, not that he isn’t a good actor just that his acting his isn’t my style. Suzy and Woo Bin are definitely not the best actors and I don’t consider them to be good but there’s still something that draws you in.

The plot is about love. Duh! But I’m still ready for Woo Bin and Suzy as a screen couple.

The production team is finally made up of people with at least steady works. The director worked on ‘The princess’ man’ on the other hand the writer wrote:  Will it snow for Christmas?, A love to kill, Sorry I love you and Innocent Man.

The next two dramas are part of my ‘looking forward to’ list but since I’m not a fan of historical dramas I’ll just briefily talk about them. First is Park Bo Gum’s new drama, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, where he teamed up with teen actress Kim You Jung.  The other one is Korea’s remake of one of my favorite Chinese dramas (historical drama actually, ha) Scarlet Heart.

I was so disappointed with the casting because as a big fan of the original it seemed like the Korean team didn’t work on the casting but they just randomly picked actors. Lee Jun Ki and Kang Ha Neul was a good start but then they started casting IU, Nam Joo Hyuk and some random idols. It’s clear that they just think about selling this drama overseas but at this point I just want to throw some tomato spaghetti on the casting team’s shirts. They deserve it.

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