[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 28 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


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Am I strange for finding Soon Sang, Dok Hee and Young Ae’s ‘relationship’ rather cute and funny at the same time? Soon Sang and Dok Hee used to be so scary in the past episodes but all of a sudden they are the mood lifters of the show.

Sang Chul tells Sung Eun to return his daughter, but she refuses. Thinking that the only way she may return Aram to him, Sang Chul threatens Sung Eun that if she doesn’t return his daughter, he will tell everything about their past to Hyun Joon. Unfortunately for Sang Chul, Sung Eun doesn’t back off saying that if he ever dares to do that, she will keep Aram and also tell the girl that she didn’t wanted to give birth to her and that she hates her, this way creating an emotional scar on Aram. Out of anger, Sang Chul slaps Sung Eun.

Shim Dok visits Mong Gyu at the accessories truck and she sees Min Jung helping Mong Gyu sell. Shim Dok takes Mong Gyu to lunch; at the restaurant she asks her son where Mong Hee is, since Mong Hee was also supposed to work at the accessories truck. Mong Gyu refuses to tell his mother where Mong Hee is. After that the mother asks him if he is dating Min Jung but he says they aren’t dating but just collages.

Mong Hee and Hyun Soo meet up to talk about the new product plan; Hyun Soo thanks Mong Hee once again for doing everything to help him develop the new product.

Dok Hee offers Mong Hyun 2 million dollars to divorce Hyun Tae. The witch tells Mong Hyun that Young Ae also contributed with 500,000$. Mong Hyun is shocked but refuses the money.

Mong Hyun: Even if I divorce Hyun Tae, my parents won’t take that money.

When Mong Hee arrives home from work, Shim Dok scolds her for letting Mong Gyu sell accessories on the street. Without noticing (I suppose) the so called mother puts Mong Hee down by saying that she doesn’t want to let her child (Mong Gyu) sell accessories or eat on the streets. Of course Mong Hee feels offended but thanks to the grandmothers who appear at the right moment, the fight is toned down for a while.

Sung Eun asks Hyun Joon how he found out Sang Chul, Hyun Joon answers that someone from the company recommended Sang Chul as a craftsman. To put pressure on Sung Eun, Hyun Joon says that from time to time he and Sang Chul will go out drinking.

Hyun Tae goes to his father and tells him about Dok Hee and Young Ae’s plan regarding Mong Hyun. Angered, Soon Sang dashes into Young Ae’s house to make Mina leave. Out of shock, Mina faints and everything ends as a rather funny scene…After the incident from her house, Young Ae goes to the main house to update Dok Hee with everything. While the two were talking, Soon Sang returns and shouts at Young Ae for wanting to marry Hyun Tae with Mina. Young Ae gets irritated and shouts at Soon Sang saying that she did all that for her son to live better than he is now, since in their family she and Hyun Tae are always mocked. Young Ae fall on her knees and gets Mong Hyun to divorce Hyun Tae and take the 2 million $ so that Hyun Tae can marry Mina and have a better life without being mocked by Dok Hee and Hyun Joon.

On her way to take some papers to the craftsmen office, Mong Hee meets Sang Chul and the two go out to talk. Mong Hee confesses to Sang Chul that over the years she have been thinking/prepared of what to say to him when they meet again, but at that moment she couldn’t think of anything to say. On her way back to the office, Sang Chul called her name and I thought he would at least apologize (sincerely) to Mong Hee but he just tells her to act as she doesn’t know him.

Later, Mong Hee and Hyun Soo meet up. Mong Hee tells Hyun Soo about her and Sang Chul and the two ended up walling all night without talking.

Mong Hyun goes to her parents’ house to tell them about Dok Hee’s proposal to take the 2 million and divorce Hyun Tae. The paternal grandmother tells the other members of the family that it will be better if Mong Hyun take the money and leave that house.

Sung Eun tries to act all sexy near Hyun Joon but he reminds as a rock…..I mean cold towards her and brings up Sang Chul and Aram into their conversation. He also tells Sung Eun that it will be nice if she goes and buys a dress for Aram, Sang Chul’s daughter.  Afterwards, Hyun Joon goes out and spends his night drinking on the streets. Honestly I do understand him for acting like this, although he is acting like a kid rather than saying everything he thinks out laud, he had the right to know about his wife having a hidden child with another man, I mean the dude feels betrayed.

Hyun Soo meets with Dok Hee outside of the main house. He asks Dok Hee if she knows where his mother is, but Dok Hee glares at him saying that she will tell him where his mother is, only if he leaves the house and the company to Hyun Joon.

Sung Eun tells Mong Hee to take some papers with designs jewelry to the craftsmen office, on her way Shim Dok sees Mong Hee.

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