[Kdrama] ‘Color of Woman’ episode 10 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Before getting into the recap I have to say: hope people didn’t get the idea that if I stopped doing the recaps for ‘Color of Woman’ it means that the drama sucks. Because I have a lot of school work do do, and because recapping takes a while that’s why I stopped for some time….a lot of time. Anyway, I’m back at sharing my love for ‘Color of Woman’!!

I feel that I’m one of the few people who actually likes Jin Joo. In this episode, well mostly in the beginning of this episode, I started to believe that Jin Joo is slowly stating to like Joon Soo. But what I actually like about Jin Joo is that she’s actually a great friend to So Ra.

Also, I’m slowly getting more and more annoyed by Joon Soo – he is venting his anger on Chan Jin, when actually Chan Jin wants the best for Joon Soo and So Ra, although he clearly loves So Ra. Ohohohoh! and let’s not forget Joon Soo’s father. It’s so annoying….I mean Joon Soo and Chan Jin are very attached one of another – in a brotherly way – but the fact that Joon Soo (and maybe also Chan Jin?) ‘s father shows favoritism to Chan Jin, it makes Joon Soo vent his anger on Chan Jin. Somehow I do understand Joon Soo, but getting annoyed with Chan Jin, when the poor guy wants the bet for his hyung is kinda stupid.

As, maybe you all remember, in episode 9, Manager Park, meet with Joon Soo to inform him about the President’s plan of giving Chan Jin a higher position in the company. Also, manager Park implies that Chan Jin may be Joon Soo’s half brother. Being in a shock, Joon Soo gets drunk and forgets that he was supposed to meet So Ra at the train station to go to the beach. Jin Joo sees Joon Soo passed out at the hotel and takes him in a room.

When, Jin Joo wanted to call So Ra, Joon Soo who was passed out drunk, put his hand around Jin Joo’s neck. She looks at him with  puppy-loving eyes.

At the train station, Chan Jin finally found So Ra – and the manly Chan he takes her hand and tells her to go back home – on the taxi, she was thinking about her bad luck with love, and at the same time Chan Jin was looking all hurt at So Ra – bet she didn’t even noticed, but as a viewer it kinda breaks my heart – So Ra, Chan Jin is perfect for you, just choose him already –

When they reached home, Chan Jin wanted to stay with her, but So Ra told him that he should go:

So Ra: (…):it’s embarrassing.
Chan Jin: What?
So Ra: Don’t you think so? My boyfriend stood me up from the beginning of the year, and my friend caught that. Go. I’m going. Happy New Year.

But before entering the house, the wheel of her luggage broke, so Chan Jin wanted to help So Ra, but told him not to get near,  and she burst out in tears. Of course, Chan Jin breaks my heart from the way he is looking at her crying back – seriously he is damn good at this!!!

Back at the hotel, Jin Joo takes care of the passed out Joon Soo, after he puked – while she was cleaning the puke -lol- she touched his lips but he murmured So Ra’s name:

Jin Joo: Jin Ju yah… can’t you say it like that?

After she calmed down, So Ra talks on the phone with Chan Jin – she’s now panicked that maybe Joon Soo got into and accident, Chan Jin makes a somehow annoyed face, and tells So Ra to come out.  When she comes out, Chan Jin was waiting for her. She makes tells him that is cold outside, and he puts his muffler around her neck.

So Ra: Where are we going? (…)
Chan Jin: Just think that we’re taking a walk on the beach, and think of me as Yoon Jun Su. My girlfriend, what do you want to do after taking a walk? What did you want to do?
So Ra: I wanted to buy delicious food…

Because if was New Year, nothing was open, but of course by magic a street-food tend appears. They enter the tent – both of them get drunk, So Ra tears up, and Chan Jin comforts her.

Chan Jin: I’m… happy that you didn’t go on that trip.
So Ra: I’m happy that I didn’t’ go on that trip too! Let’s just do what we do every year. Let’s greet the New Year together. Okay?
Chan Jin: Let’s do that.

In the morning, Jin Joo wakes up almost naked on the same bed with Joon Soo, who was also pretty much naked.  She dresses up fast, and because Joon Soo was waking up, she jumps back on the bed.  Joon Soo also shocked for waking up on the same bed as Jin Joo, dressed up fast, and wakes up the -sleep-faking- Jin Joo. She acts as if he just wake up, shocked that maybe over the night they did ‘something’. But Joon Soo assures her that even if he was drunk he wouldn’t do that to a woman – of course dude, you didn’t even did it, after 10 years, with your girlfriend-.

When they reach home, Joon Soo asks Jin Joo, to tell So Ra to come out of the house (so he can talk with her about not going on their meeting yesterday). After Jin Joo enters the house, he hears her screaming. When he also enters the house to see what happened, he sees So Ra and Chan Jin on the same bed, hugging – in their sleep – if you ask me, that scene was so cute~~~~.

Joon Soo gets annoyed, and pretty much vents his anger on Chan Jin – again. Seriously, he has no right to do that, I mean he also woke up almost naked on the same bed as Jin Joo, he has no right to get all annoyed.

Back at Joon Soo’s house, he is still venting his anger on Chan Jin:

Joon Soo: There’s a limit to how much you can meddle.
Chan Jin: It’s frustrating to watch from the side.
Joon Soo: You’re not watching from the side but interfering! Me and So Ra! Me and… Let’s stop. I don’t want to talk anymore

Chan Jin: You know So Ra and my relationship, the thing earlier…
Joon Soo: I don’t want to see your face, get out!
Chan Jin: What?
Joon Soo: Just let me stay alone for a few days. We can talk about the rest then.
Chan Jin: Hyung.
Joon Soo: I have something I have to think about.
Chan Jin: All right.
Joon Soo: You can go to our  hotel. (the hotel of the company)
Chan Jin: Do you think Kang Chan Jin has nowhere to go?

Then, Chan Jin goes to So Ra’s house asking if he could stay there because he was kicked out.

Back at Joon Soo’s, he was talking with his tarantula – looool – near the tarantula’s aquarium (?) he sees a framed picture with him and Chan Jin – and at that moment his father calls but he doesn’t answer.

At So Ra’s house, after finishing talking with her father on the phone, Jin Joo asks Chan Jin about his father, but he says that his father died when he was younger, and that Joon Soo’s father took him in and raised him.

Joon Soo goes at a bar – where apparently when a lot with his father – there the people from So Ra’s team from work appeared and invited Joon Soo to stay with them at them same table. While listening to Jason playing the drums, Joon Soo remembers the happy moments he lived with Chan Jin

Chan Jin: You know that I only have you and Chairman. (…) I can’t live without you Hyung.

But he also remembers that his father show more favoritism to Chan Jin and  what manager Park told him when they meet on the New Year day.

At So Ra’s home, Chan Jin was -trying- to sleep on a 1 m sofa , by the way he is 1,83 cm. Because he couldn’t sleep he saw So Ra’s big with teddy bear and started to hug it – bet he imagined that the teddy was So Ra. At that moment Jin Joo enters the room, and asks if he want to drink some beer. Chan Jin asks Jin Joo to keep a secret from So Ra about the fact that she, Jin Joo, slept on the same bed as Joon Soo – look look how nice this guy is, you break my heart dude.

Jin Joo: Isn’t this actually a chance? Because of their personalities this fight will last long, at this time, if you get the courage…
Chan Jin: Aren’t you being a bit too transparent?
Jin Joo: I know, it’s my greed, but I am thinking about So Ra. So Ra is happier if she’s with you Chan Jin. In my eyes I can clearly see that, but I don’t think So Ra can see it.

The next day, the witche, Sung Ae Shim  invites Chan Jin to a coffee shop. She tells Chan Jin that she can help him get anything he wants if he goes on her site but Chan Jin says that the bond he and Joon Soo have won’t break so easy just because of money – seriously, Chan Jin thinks only of Joon Soo’s happiness, but in the end Joon Soo sees Chan Jin as a betrayer/ enemy and always vents his anger on Chan Jin. Gosh this is annoying!!!

Chan Jin: The time between head manager and I cannot be easily broken off. If I told you I want to keep that bond stronger and tighter than money, will you laugh at me?
The witche: How long will you wander not finding your shell and live under Yoon Jun Su’s shadows?Don’t you want to push him from the top?
Chan Jin: Why are you forcing your greed on me Director?
The witche: You don’t have dreams, or greed. You’ll probably regret this stupid attitude of yours once you live and learn.
Chan Jin: I’ll deal with it myself.You’re busy, but thank you for having an interest in my dreams and greed. Happy New Years

At the office, Joon Soo sees Chan Jin and So Ra laughing happy, Chan Jin asks Joon Soo if he eaten lunch, but Joon Soo ignores Chan Jin and he tells So Ra to be in his office at 3 o’clock. Chan Jin says that at 3 he and So Ra are having a meeting for the special line. But Joon Soo, annoyed says that he doesn’t need to explain to a subordinate.

In the bathroom, while So Ra was making herself prettier (wonder how she can make herself even more prettier, I mean Yoon Soo Yi is one of the most beautiful korean actresses, you can’t hide her prettiness with those ugly clothes). Anyway, Jin Joo who was busy with ….some work, came to wash her hands:

Jin Joo: What are you doing that you’re dressing up? By any chance is it to go to Head Manager’s office?
So Ra: What if that’s right?
Jin Joo: You don’t even have a veil being a girl.
So Ra: Are you telling me to keep my pride or not to reconcile?
Jin Joo: I’m telling you to think this through at this time, who’s really right for you?
So Ra: Who’s the right one for me?
Jin Joo: Chan Jin must be hurt if he heard you.

After the announcement of Chan Jin promoted as Director spread in the company, the episode ends when Joon Soo’s father came.



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  2. lam tuyen · · Reply

    I saw a scene that Chan Jin was sick and stayed in hospital, which episode it is?

    1. I don’t remember the scene you are talking about since I watched this drama 4 year ago ^^

      1. I watched this scene from a fan-made clip, maybe my memory was not clear, everything I remember was that Chan Jin lied on a bed, So Ra was next to him and then fell asleep. Then Chan Jin left the bed and wanted to kiss her…

        P/S: thank you for your patience towards me! I’m not usually crazy like this, how embarrassed!

      2. Don’t worry about it XD it’s just that from 2011 until now, I watched a lot of dramas and I don’t remember the scene since it’s also been a long time ^o^

  3. lam tuyen · · Reply

    yup, then I will try to find out that scene ^^ goodnight Soori 🙂

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