[Kdrama] ‘Big’ episode 1 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Please choose the younger one!

Finally, after seeing the teasers I decided to start watching ‘Big’ and somehow I regret it, not because it’s not a good drama, but because it is a good one, a perfect drama for doing a ‘drama marathon’. But since it just started airing in Korea, I will watch it like this….

As maybe most of you know already, the plot is about a 18 years high school student, named Kang Kyung Joon  gets trapped, after an car accident into Seo Yoon Jae  body, a doctor who is also his teacher’s Kil Da Ran, fiance.

Before Kyung Joon gets trapped into Yoon Jae’s body, he was a transferred student from America. On his first day of school he meets one of his teacher, Da Ran, on a bus. Da Ran thought Kyung Joon was giving her glances because he liked her (they didn’t knew they were student-teacher), but actually Kyung Joon was laughing of her.

Da Ran takes Kyung Joon’s umbrella by mistake, and when she gets out of the bus, he follows her – to take back his umbrella – but again she thought that he likes her. Da Ran tells him that she is actually older than she looks and that she is soon getting married.

Later on they find out that they are teacher ans student, and the director of the school tells Da Ran to show Kyung Joon around the campus.

While she was showing him around the campus, her fiance calls. Because apparently he was busy (since he is a doctor – lol -) he can’t go out to eat dinner with Da Ran, bu she can go to the hospital and they can eat together there. (she even makes a heart on the window while talking with Yoon Jae on the phone).

Later, Kyung Joon meets Kil Choong Shik . Kyung Joon pretty much annoys Kil Choong Shik  for speaking in English – therefore Choong Shik wants to beat Kyung Joon but ends up making a fool of himself – of course Da Ran appears and beats Choong Shik – witch makes Kyung Joon a little confused – he thought teachers and Korea are allowed the beat students, but Choong Shik friends tells Kyung Joon that Da Ran is actually Choong Shik’s older sister.

After betting him, Da Ran goes in a somehow older sister-mom like mood about the little scare she gave Choong Shik while she beat him.

Another day, Kyung Joon goes to buy a bed, at the store he tells the seller that he wants to try the bed there, if he can sleep in it he will buy it. While he was ‘trying’ the bed Da Ran comes into to store – apparently she wanted to buy the same bed. She tries to convince Kyung Joon not to buy that bed, but she ends up breaking the bed, and you know ‘You break- You buy’ rule ? so she buys the broken bed. After that Da Ran tries to convince Kyung Joon to buy the broken bed.

Another day, after she saw Kyung Joon being scolded for not having an uniform, Da Ran buys one for him.

Da Ran: It wasn’t hard for me to get these clothes, so don’t feel bad about wearing them.  Put them on before afternoon classes start. Put your name badge on too.I saw you stick your hands in your
pocket during class earlier.Don’t do that in the future.

Later on, Yoon Jae calls to tell her that he can’t go to see the house:

Da Ran: Are you that busy?
Yoon Jae: I have an emergency, so…
Da Ran: Is that so?It’s all right. We can’t do anything about it.
Yoon Jae: Is it really all right?
Da Ran: Actually… actually, I’m not all right at all. I’m very tired…because Mr. Yun Jae, you said you felt sorry for me.You said you wanted to take responsibility. That’s why you wanted to marry me, right? Is that really true? Do you want to marry me because you feel sorry and want to take responsibility? If that’s not the case, do you really love me? If that’s not the true, it’s okay if we don’t get married.

Kyung Joon watched the scene – but after she said all those stuff, she wanted to all Yoon Jae to take back all she said. But Kyung Joon stops her and takes Da Ran to a -pretty- place near a river or lake -have not idea- at that place, Da Ran teaches Kyung Joon how to do ‘Ppuing ppuing’.

But Yoon Jae calls her:

Yoon Jae: I’m sorry I made you tired.You wanted to ask me something. Can you say it again?
Da Ran: Do you… do you love me?
Yoon Jae: Where are you? Let’s meet, let’s meet and then I’ll tell you.

On the way to meet her Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon have a car accident and somehow they end up one in the other one’s body.

Ok, this recap was a little to short and rushed, but there are already a lot of other recaps on this drama, I kinda want to say my honest opinion regarding this drama.

Now, I do like the story of changing bodies, but somehow I feel that if both Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon remained in their bodies, this drama could’ve been a better one, they could create a better drama – but this is just from my point of view.

I think they should’ve continued a little more the story of Kyung Joon. Honestly I would’ve liked it a little more if they made a love story with Kyung Joon and Da Ran when he was in his body. I mean come one can e have more dramas where the girls end up with the younger guys…please?

Remember what Dalja’s grandmother said in ‘Dalja’s Spring’ said: ” Younger guys are better, they are stronger” – yeah, I know Gong Yoo ( Yoon Jae)  is a man compared to the boy Shin Won Ho (Kyung Joon) but I kinda wanted them to make Kyung Joon – the student – fall in love with the teacher Da Ran and along the way Yoon Jae  realizes that he actually loves Da Ran.

Well, but maybe we still have time for that to happen – I really with for that to happen – since this was only the first episode.



  1. Oh my Gosh!! I started watching Big yesterday and have seen the first 2 episodes and thought it was AMAZING!! i did a review of the first episode on my blog too so people read about how awesome it is. It does suck that it’s still currently airing so we’ll have to be patient and wait for new episodes. But, man I am impressed so far!!

    1. I also watched episode 2, I must say that I’m slowly falling in love with this drama. Yes, it’s true, we have to wait every week for more episode, but at least they air 2 episodes every week. ^ ^

      1. Yeah that’s true and there should be one on Hulu tomorrow because it airs Monday in Korea and they are like a day ahead of the USA. I know it took Love Rain’s spot and that’s how it always was with Love Rain.

      2. From what I know, Hulu is only for North American citizens. But the good part is that there are livestreams ^ ^

      3. There are a lot of websites out there that have kdramas. When I can’t find them on Hulu I usually go to dramacrazy.net. Where do you usually watch them?

      4. For kdramas I also use Dramacrazy. There are other sites that I use for ex: mapledramas, EP drama, drama fans, kimchidrama. But I normally like to watch dramas in good quality so I dld them

      5. Okay I will keep those in mind if I can’t find a drama.

      6. Okay I will keep those in mind if I can’t find a drama. What country are you from by the way, if you don’t mind my asking?

      7. I’m from Taiwan

      8. Oh okay that’s awesome!! One of my best friends is half Taiwanese and half American Caucasian. His mother came over to the United States from Taiwan and then met his father here. He still has a lot of family in Taiwan. I have seen that there are some Taiwanese dramas online too. Are they really popular as well?

      9. Waah that’s awesome,normally halfs are good looking ^O^ I was born in Taiwan, but moved to Japan because of my father’s work, and now I’m back to Taiwan for my studies. I’ll return to Japan – I was supposed to go back at the end of May, but now I have to stay a little longer. My family lives in Japan, still I also have a other relatives here in Taiwan.I don’t really watch taiwanese dramas – the only one I’m currently watching is ‘Alice in Wonder City’ – but only 4 episodes aired so far. Yesterday another one started ‘Love in the Wind’ – it seemed pretty good but I’m not sure if you will find eng subs, maybe viki will start translating

      10. Haha I will have to tell him you said that, it will make him smile :P. OMG!! That’s awesome!! I’ve always wanted to visit Japan!! Is it very different from Taiwan? So you speak Taiwanese, Japanese, and English? That’s crazy!! Wow Americans are really lazy about learning languages lol. I only know English and a little bit of Spanish and a few Japanese and Korean words and phrases I have picked up from watching subtitled shows. I have seen Taiwanese dramas on dramacrazy.net, but I haven’t checked to see if they are subbed in English.

      11. I also have some friends from mixed families, they are all really good looking, I’m sure your friend is also handsome hahah ^O^ Actually I moved to Japan when I was at a young age, so my Japanese is better than my Chinese. I know some Korean as well, not fluent but enough to have a talk with someone in Korean. You know watching Kdramas it will help you a lot if you want to learn Korean. For example I watched a lot of Korean dramas before taking Korean classes, it was easy to learn afterwords. It’s not too late if you want to learn another language – especially if you like the culture. All you need is time!

      12. I want to get the Rosetta Stone program for Korean and Japanese or take classes and then watching subtitled things will help too. I am keeping a notebook of Korean phrases and words I have learned from watching and I’m up to 40 now lol. I don’t quite understand the grammatical structure of the language though so it would be hard for me to form sentences at this point. It seems like the structure is really different from English. I also have a hard time understanding the difference between formal and informal language and the tones, I would need to be tutored in that. We don’t have a tonal system in English so it is hard for us to understand that because our brains are not wired that way lol. If we raise or lower the tone of our voice it just changes the emotion, not the meaning of the word.

      13. For me after watching dramas, I started learning Korean language grammar, and somehow it comes natural after a while – most of the time didn’t even bothered a lot with doing grammar exercises or stuff like that – the same with pronunciation, didn’t bothered with the reading rules cuz it kinda came naturally after watching so many stuff – but still the most important factor is time. I will say what probably a lot of people say (I didn’t took it seriously at the beginning -but hope you will): Doing even 5 minutes a day of Korean/japanese will help a lot! At first I wanted to know everything, I thought that if I start learning today, tomorrow I will speak Korean, of course it wasn’t like that – after a while I started to take seriously the fact that if you do even 5 minutes a day it will help, also understood that it takes time to learn – take everything slowly and have lots of fun while learning Korean/japanese. PS: taking classes it will help more than Rosetta Stone program – don’t believe those programs. Not to mention classes are fun and you meet people with the same interest as you ^O^

      14. I guess I do need to practice lol. Understanding the basic structure would just help me to understand how to hear the different words in longer sentences when I’m watching subtitles. I can catch short phrases and words in isolation, but when they start talking fast and for a long time I can’t figure where a sentence begins and where it ends lol. Yeah taking classes would probably be more fun, I just don’t know where they would offer Korean classes near me. I don’t live in a big city and Korean is not a language commonly taught in the U.S. Mostly European language classes are taught and Chinese and Japanese, because that’s who we do business with the most. I can check at the local colleges here though and see if by chance they do have a Korean class.

      15. Try searching if there are any language schools in your town – who knows maybe there are. If there aren’t try learning the Korean grammar from internet or buy korean language books. The important thing is to learning the grammar/structure after that it will be very easy

      16. Yeah I bet there are virtual classes I can take if they don’t have any here.

      17. yep, even if there aren’t any virtual classes that you may like, we still have dramas – dramas are big sources of learning after all

  2. I think I am going to put a link to this post from my blog so people can see all of the pics you put up too. Let me know if you want me to take it down or anything. I just think you did a good job showing how the episode went with pics and everything 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading my review. I will let this comment, maybe others may want to read your opinion too. Going to post the review on the second episode later today.

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