[Kdrama] ‘Big’ episode 2 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I may be over thinking, but the Kyung Joon from the 18 years old body wasn’t this childish, he acted …..cooler.  I mean when he changed his body, he also changed his attitude?

Conclusions from this episode (writing them now…): 1) Kyung Joon’s life is damn miserable, poor kid; 2) Yoon Jae is a total jackass; 3) Da Ran’s family is awesome.

After Da Ran found Kyung Joo (still in Yoon Jae’s body) in his home, she wants to take him at the hospital to tell the doctors that they did mistake, and have to take responsibility for what they did – she thinks the doctor are at fault for Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae’s change of soul and body.

Da Ran: You became like this at the hospital, so this should be considered a mistake in the medical treatment. Let’s go to the hospital to find out. They will take responsibility and switch you back.
Kyung Joon: What can we find out from them? Oh… Tell them that  this person is my fiancé, but they got these two people mixed up.  So they should take responsibility  and switch them back. Were you going to say that?
Da Ran: Yes. Perhaps they will say I’m crazy, but they will find a treatment method.
Kyung Joon: Yes. They will say you are crazy, and then, to treat your craziness, they will have the three of us locked up.

Kyung Joon makes a -stupid-  explanation about how his and Yoon Jae’s souls flew from their bodies during the accident, because Yoon Jae’s soul thought that his body was dead he entered Kyung Joon’s body, therefore Kyung Joon’s soul entered Yoon Jae’s body.

After that, Da Ra tells Kyung Joon that he should take care of Yoon Jae’s body –  until they swap bodies back he should eat healthy food.

Da Ran goes at the hospital to see Yoon Jae. There she remembers how during winter, because it was cold, Yoon Jae took her hand – here I thought that Yoon Jae actually liked here, but as the episode progressed, I’m not too sure if he liked Da Ran – still this part was cute.

Da Ran: Mr. Yoon Jae, your hand feels really warm.
Joon Jae: Maybe because I was holding the coffee can.
Da Ran: It is said that the hand’s temperature is as warm as the soul’s. Mr. Yoon Jae, you have a warm heart,  so your hands are also warm. You are the only person with such warm hands.

Next day, at school, during the morning warm up, Kyung Joon came at school in a hurry – with his body half outside the taxi’s window – and makes a commotion… Apparently Kyung Joon ate a pizza with mushrooms, and Yoon Jae was allergic to mushrooms.

While Da Ran was checking Kyung Joon to see the rashes, from outside the room it looked like….well….the pictures will speak.

After the whole incident with the allergy, Kyung Joon goes to the hospital to visit his…body. But he doesn’t know that Yoon Jae was working at that hospital, so because everyone greet him, he thought they mistaken him for someone else. Da Ran’s father also went to the hospital to visit his ‘son-in-law’ and to give him eel dumplings – since eel is good form a man.  Da Ran’s father sees Yoon Jae’s body (cuz the soul is still Kyung Joon), but because Kyung Joon didn’t knew the man was actually Da Ran’s father, he ignores him.

Kyung Joon, sees a poster in the hospital with Yoon Jae holding a baby – now he knows why everyone greeted him, and asks as if he is in some James Bond movie.

Yoon Jae’s friends appear, and Kyung Joon tries to get away from them, but the witch Lee Se Young, touches his hand (witch gives Kyung Joon chills – or maybe he was just grossed out by the way she touched him):

Lee Se Young: You still have what I gave you before?
Yoon Jae (Kyung Joon): Hmm? Oh, that.
Lee Se Young: It’s for you to use it at times like this. We’re close, so don’t worry about using it. Do what I say.
Kyung Joon: *Why is that ajumma touching other people’s hand? (Ajumma – older lady)*

When Kyung Joon meets Da Ran, more like Da Ran found him, he tells her about thee way Lee Se Young touched him, but she treats it as ‘they are friends’. Kyung Joon remembers that when he and Yoon Jae were in  the lake, after the accident, him and Yoon Jae touched hands – so Da Ran and Kyung Joon go to Yoon Jae’s room to see if they touch hands again, maybe they will change back. But it didn’t happen.

Kyung Joon’s uncle and his wife – but since Kyung Joon is in Yoon Jae’s body, they thought he is a doctor. When the nurse asks what to do with his stuff and the uncle’s wife throws his stuff and takes only the money and the cards.

Outside the hospital, Da Ran tries to comfort Kyung Joon after hearing his uncle and his wife’s words (about the fact that they don’t want to take care of him, because he is the son of a relative, but they aren’t that close). Kyung Joon thinks that Da Ran is  caring to him because he is now in Yoon Jae’s body, not because she actually cares for him. While they were arguing, Kyung Joon pushed Da Ran, a little, but the scene is seen by Da Ran’s younger brother, who immediately thought that brother-in-law was violent to his sister.

Later that day, Kyung Joon goes to Da Ran’s house – of course the rest of the family thought he was Yoon Jae – he acts like a normal teenager -lol-  Da Ran’s father. After the dinner, Da Ran’s mom was happy to see her son-in-law acting like that because it means that now he is more comfortable around them.

Da Ran and Kyung Joon go to Yoon Jae’s house to take some clothes. While Kyung Joon was changing, Da Ran sees him, half naked, and becomes all shy.

Kyung Joon: Why are you like this?Didn’t you run up to hug me at the hospital when I wasn’t wearing my clothes?
Da Ran: That was because of  the situation at the time.I never took a proper look before.
Kyung Joon: Oh my God! So, Teacher Gil, you and this ajussi haven’t been close with each other to that degree… There’s only one month to the wedding. How can you two still be like this?

Kyung Joon says, to have a body like that you need at least 2 hours of work out everyday, but Da Ra start thinking, if he had time to work out, why didn’t he had any time to spend with her – was it maybe because he didn’t liked her. Kyung Joon tried to convince her that is not like that, he sure liked her since the day of the accident he was on his way to meet her.

Kyung Joon: Wasn’t he on his way to see you that day, Teacher Gil? If he had met you, wasn’t he  going to say something to you?
Da Ran: Did he want to say that he loves me if we had met? What if it wasn’t?
Kyung Joon: Miss Gil Da Ran.I love you. Like this. He would have said it like this.

While searching for clothes, Kyung Joon finds a key and asks Da Ran about it, but it was the first time seeing the key. Lee Se Young call and tells Yoon Jae (Kyung Joon) that she is on her way to his house to bring his stuff from the hospital. After Kyung Joon went down stairs to get the stuff from Lee Se Young , Da Ran wanted to clean the house – Yoon Jae’s room she finds a luggage and a plane ticket.

Down stairs, apparently Lee Se Young  had a identical key. When she arrives, Lee Se Young  hugs Yoon Jae (Kyung Joon) but Kyung Joon pushes her back – then she tells him that she loves him – of course at that moment Da Ran appears and the episode ends.

Pfuuu! I must say that his guy Yoon Jae is a total jackass. To be honest, I thought he actually loved Da Ran after she remembered that time when Yoon Jae touched her hand…but now I know he is a total dickhead. I know there must be something and maybe it will turn out that he actually loved/loves Da Ran, but for now he is a total jackass.

I’ll still be waiting for Da Ran to end up with Kyung Joon (with the right body and soul of Kyung Joon), although he is young….


  1. I don’t know how I feel yet. Whether I want it to turn out that Yoon Jae really loved her, or whether I want him to stay a jerk and her end up with Kyung Joon. After I watch the third episode we’ll see how I feel. Although I have to say I am a teacher myself, and the idea of ending up with a student is super weird lol, but at least he is 18.

    1. I know the teacher-student relationship is a little…. but this drama is a fantasy. I mean they change souls and if the only problem will be the student-teacher relationship then it will be a little stupid – all of a sudden reality slaps them. Still Kyung Joon is 18 years old, so he is in his 3rd year of high school, and we know how fast time is when it comes to dramas. Therefore give them, maybe, a few episodes after that the teacher-student relationship won’t be a problem – I hope. I am kinda confused when it comes to Yoon Jae’s feelings for Da Ran. Honestly when she had that flashback I really thought he cared for her, but as the episode progressed I changed my mind -lol- but I think the producers want to confuse us. Anyway I really hope Kyung Joon (real Kyung Joon mind and soul) will end up with Da Ran.

      1. It seems that since Kyung Joon is the main character they probably do intend for him to end up with her. I know he’s 18, which in the United States is considered to be the legal age for and adult, so it’s not so strange. It’s only weirder to me because I am a teacher and am probably around the age she is supposed to be in the drama, and I couldn’t imagine having a relationship with one of my students. However, like you said it is a drama and it’s not real lol. But actually, although it is frowned upon for a teacher to have a relationship with a student here (even if they are 18 or older), it still happens. When I was in high school there was a teacher that dated one of his 18 year old students and they hid it until after she graduated, but they got married not too long after she graduated high school and they are still together now with kids and everything, so it does actually happen in real life too sometimes lol.

      2. AAAAHHHH!!! Just finished watching episode 3 and saw all the flashbacks and stuff, and Yoon Jae was so cute and he really liked her… now it’s definitely a toss up. I don’t, every now and then they surprise you and they don’t end up with the lead. Have seen that I think twice now with Birdie Buddy and Dream High. I’ll have to think if I’ve seen it in another one… but anyway even if she doesn’t end up with Yoon Jae (which I’m kind of leaning towards that right now) I hope that it turns out that he really did love her and maybe he just didn’t want to hurt the other girl or something since they had been friends for so long. Who knows, but it would be better than him being a cheating jerk. That way Gil Da Ran wouldn’t feel bad about herself and that b*tch doctor woman won’t get what she wants. Gah!! I’m going to to go blog about it now lol.

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