MAYDAY to release “Bitter Blood” theme song as a single


Mayday decided to release the theme song of the Fuji TV drama “Bitter Blood” on 4th June as a single. The CD ver. single will include 5 songs that want to give the overflowing thought of “singing the life’s essential”. In addition, the drama ver. will include a bonus track full of onomatopoeias.

The musical composition of the theme song “Do You Ever Shine?” was made by the vocalist Ashin and incorporates dashing feelings of elements such as rock, electro and symphony. Regarding the Japanese lyrics, major producer Takeshi Kobayashi was involved, so that the song could convey the strong contradicting existence (of the lyrics). This is the first time for the producer to be offered to provide lyrics for an album of a foreign artist. Mayday-Takeshi Kobayashi, the birth of “the strongest buddy”. (Strongest friendship…?)

The limited edition DVD will include the making of “Do You Ever Shine?” music video and also a documentary of the visit in Japan.

Original article by: TVfan web
English translation by: Soori @shimidrama.wordpress
(English isn’t my first language so the translation may not be 100% accurate -I’m sorry)
If reposting please add proper credits – do not add your own.


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