[News] Shim Ji Ho become a dad!!!

I have a great news for Shim Ji Ho fans! Although I normally write about dramas, and barely post any news, but since I love Shim Ji Ho (as a fan of course) I want to share some news with the other fans.

As I wrote about his wedding last year, I want to share another happy moment: Shim Ji Ho become a dad!!! It was revealed that Ji Ho’s wife gave birth on the 20th May at a hospital in Seoul Mapo to a baby boy.

Shim Ji Ho meet his wife through a mutual friend and after a relationship of 3 years the two tied the knot last year in July in a private ceremony.

All the best to the young family~



  1. lam tuyen · · Reply

    In 2015 does he have any new dramas?

    1. There are no news of any new projects, hopefully he will appear in something soon.

  2. lam tuyen · · Reply

    I read on some webs that he took part in a drama named Sweet Secret as the leader man at the end of 2014, but I don’t know if it’s true. P/s: thank you for replying so soon, I thought I had to wait for your answer several months ^^

    1. He was supposed to act in that drama as the lead male, but didn’t – I don’t know what actually happened there. Maybe this year, he will come out with a movie or a drama

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