[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 36 ~recap/review/opinion~

Woo Young explains to everyone why he wants to live with his father and not with his mother. According to him, In Chul won’t have anyone so it will be better if at least he will live together with him. That shocks the granny and Mi Jung but Woo Joo is concerned that she won’t get to see her brother. What will she do when she will miss him?

In Chul and Soo Young cry at her mother’s bed after the surgery thinking that they are at fault for her becoming sick.

Back to Mi Jung’s house, she tries to make her son understand that if he really wants her to be happy, he also has to live with her.  Woo Young doesn’t change the idea of moving with his father but Mi Jung thinks that it will be better if she talks first with In Chul before the boy gets to speak with him. The two little sisters aren’t happy with the news as well and Woo Ri tells her brother that she doesn’t want to live separately.

Sang Tae is taken aback with Soo’s reply of not wanting to become family with his friend, Woo Young, moreover the boy wants to continue living with his grandparents. Looks like Soo doesn’t want to be laughed at by his classmates if he and Woo Young become brothers. Bin interferes and advice her brother that other people’s opinion doesn’t matter, that is what Woo Ri told her. Hearing that, Soo is a bit irritated and replays by saying that she shouldn’t believe in Woo Ri’s too much because at the end of the day, she is just a child. Bin doesn’t like the answer and asks him back if he isn’t also a child.

The father tries to make Soo understand that the point of his marriage is for them to live together and not separately. Sang Tae reminds Soo that he usually likes to check on them at night and watch them sleep but if they are to live in different houses, he can’t do that anymore therefore he asks Soo to think about it one more time.

Sang Min is still worried about the whole meeting with Tae Min and Yeon Tae. But before arriving to the bowling hall, Jin Joo receives a call from her boss. When they want to inform Yeon Tae that they can’t go anymore because Jin Joo was called from work, Yeon Tae tells them that it will be nice to enter for a bit, just to say hello. In the meantime, Sang Min disappeared from sight. He looks at them from afar and finds out that Jin Joo, the girl he had a blind date with is actually Tae Min’s girlfriend. He is even more surprised when he finds out that Jin Joo and Yeon Tae are actually in laws and that Sang Tae is his girlfriend’s older brother.

The in laws find out that Soo wants to continue living with them and when the mother in law wants to show her happiness, her husband stops her since they can’t separate Bin and Soo. After Sang Tae leaves the kitchen, the father in law tells his wife that it will be better for them to get along with Mi Jung since their son in law is pretty much set with the wedding.

On the other hand, Sang Tae’s parents talk about their in laws and are aware that they can’t separate their son from them since Bin and Soo are in the picture. The father tells his wife that she needs to think of the in laws’ feelings and not mention Sang Tae’s marriage.

Sang Tae and Mi Jung inform each other about what happened with their children. Although they are worried about Soo and Woo Young they are still happy with the votes from Woo Ri, Woo Joo and Bin. Before ending the conversation, Sang Tae tells her not to worry too much about the boys because eventually they will all live together.

Jin Joo goes to her workplace but the boss blames her for some missing protects. When they realize that it was in fact the boss’ fault, Jin Joo tells her that she will call the police and tell them that they never had a contract and asks for her pay until now.

Jin Joo and Tae Min leave her workplace and go to a coffee shop. There she is still not calm considering the problem with her boss, but all of a sudden, Tae Min asks her to marry him and promises her that she will ask her parents as well since he wants to build their future together.

Meanwhile, Sang Min thinks about their current situation. Between him and Jin Joo nothing happened, moreover she is his brother’s girlfriend, however he thinks that Yeon Tae liking Tae Min in the past remains a problem. But the biggest out of all problems is that him and Sang Min are brothers while Jin Joo and Yeon Tae are in laws. By the way, Sang Min is also scared a bit of Sang Tae.

Tae Min comes back home and surprises his brother with a photo card from their parents that was full of news for them, the parents are returning to Korea. After reading the photo card, Tae Min thinks that it will be a good idea to introduce his girlfriend to their parents when they return. Sang Min shouts out that he has to do it first because he is the older brother. For Tae Min it doesn’t matter who does it first but tells his brother that he already proposed to his girlfriend.

At work Mi Jung and Sang Tae talk about a fashion show they have to do with Sang Min. While Mi Jung praises Sang Min’s personality, that turned out to be better than expected, Sang Tae receives a message from his father who asks him to go during the weekend with Mi Jung and have their official meeting.

Mi Jung goes to meet with Sang Min but he isn’t agreeing with the fashion show. However when Sang Tae appears in the picture, Sang Min gets up, greets him and even says that he will agree with the show since they are the company that sponsors him. Mi Jung is confused but happy with Sang Min’s sudden change of heart.

Sang Tae tries to approach Woo Young by telling him to come with them when they search for a home, to see where his mother, sisters and granny will be living. He also tries to make him happy by saying that Woo Young will be the eldest son of the family however the boy continues to think that his father won’t refuse him.

Mi Jung meets with In Chul and wants him to tell his son that they can’t live together. But along the way, In Chul remains a bastard and asks Mi Jung to think about the good of the children and not marry at all. Mi Jung gets angry and tells him that just because her first marriage failed she doesn’t want to give up her own happiness. Because In Chul is an idiot, she reminds him once more that he will have a meeting with Woo Young and that he should refuse him.

Sang Min prepares himself to write a mail to his mother in which he wants to tell her about his girlfriend. When Tae Min comes home, he makes him write a contract where he has to say that he won’t marry before him nor oppose his girlfriend. Tae Min is confused but still goes on with the contract.

Sang Tae goes to his parents and asks them to let him and Mi Jung resolve their own problems. He also asks his mother to stop giving Mi Jung a hard time considering that she is already hurt because of her past. The mother gets angry again since she doesn’t want to stay still and do nothing as asked by her son. The reason she is angry is because Sang Tae asked her just to attend the wedding without doing anything else.

Before leaving, the father wants to talk with Sang Tae. He scolds his son for the way he spoke with his mother. But Sang Tae thinks that he and Mi Jung don’t have a usual relationship like other people since they have 5 children and that doubles their problems so he doesn’t want his mother to add more problems. Yet the father still thinks that he shouldn’t speak like he did to his mother, otherwise he won’t support him anymore.

In Chul discusses with his wife the idea of Woo Young living with them. But Soo Young can’t accept considering the problems with her mother.

Ho Tae seems to have woke up to reality and accepts the drama directing job.

Sang Tae informs his in laws that he will get a house nearby. The father in law hands him some money, so they will manage to buy a bigger house but Sang Tae refuses the money.

Later the in laws seem to be worried about Bin and Soo who may not have their own rooms. On the other hand, Sang Tae’s mother cries again. I’m too tired to writer about her stuff so I’ll skip a bit of her parts. Back to the in laws, the mother in law is speechless that Sang Tae didn’t take the money

Sang Tae talks with Mi Jung about their day. He tells her that he didn’t get the money from the in laws but Mi Jung thinks that it would’ve been better since that way they would feel better.

Yeon Tae is worried that Sang Min does only the things she likes so she wants to try things that he also likes. Meanwhile, after Tae Min helps out Jin Joo with money for her nail art tuition, they decide to go to the pool bar where she went once with her blind date guy. Yes, it’s exactly what y’all been thinking, Sang Min takes Yeon Tae to the same pool bar.

Sang Min teaches Yeon Tae how to play pool but after some time we get to see a bold Yeon Tae who even initiates skinship. Even though she probably had no idea what she was doing.  Jin Joo and Tae Min also arrive at the bar but since Jin Joo needed to go to the restroom, Tae Min enters first. There, he sees Yeon Tae with his brother and finally gets that his brother’s girlfriend is his friend. At first he is actually happy but then he understands that Yeon Tae’s 7 years crush is …him.

Woo Young meets his father. Although at first only Woo Young was talking minutes later, In Chul decides to tell his son the truth. The boy isn’t happy. Mi Jung also arrives at the restaurant with Sang Tae knowing that In Chul will tell Woo Young the truth about his marriage. When she arrives, the boy asks her is she also knew about his father’s marriage. As she tries to answer the boy’s question, he runs away.



  1. Nuri Sue Lim · · Reply

    Hi Soori. Thanks for your fab recaps. I look forward to them every week. I live in Malaysia and the episodes are a week behind what is aired in Korea. Been following your recaps of this drama series for a while now and I think your take on all the characters are spot on. My favourite couples are Yeon Tae-Sang Min and Tae Min-Jin Joo, then only Mi Jung and Sang Tae. I was waiting for weeks for poor Sang Min to get his girl. Totally agree with you that Sung Hoon is great as Sang Min. Love his interpretation of Sang Min’s character! The actress playing Yeon Tae is also pretty awesome. Hope they garner some awards for their acting. The writers are also right on track with their scripting and how they had the characters unfold, and the pace of the drama has been just right. Of course, there are days when I wish that there would be four episodes per week!

    Right now, everything seems to be unfolding. Sang Tae and Mi Jung seem to be almost at their finishing line, just the two boys left to convince. Can’t wait to see how the fateful foursome of YT, SM, TM and JJ are going to resolve their issues. What is the taboo about brothers marrying in-laws, by the way? Was hoping you would be able to shed some light on that for me.

    Meanwhile, please keep your wonderful recaps coming!


    1. Hi there~ I agree with eveything you said, the writer really knows how to make its characters shine, be it secondary or lead characters.
      Hahaham 4 episodes a week will be great but we have to wait for the weekend.

      Given the high rating that this drama is getting, I’m sure they will get some acting awards. Sadly I think the writing award will not be given to a weekend drama. Wish they will at least get a couple award.

      I think that because the girls are in a way family, even if they are in-laws, isn’t proper for two siblings to marry people from the same family. I think this is what they are talking about but I’m not 100% sure. This is more like a hunch of mine.

      Thank you for the comment, you really made my day~ glad you’re liking the drama as well.

  2. I wondered about the in-laws marrying situation back while watching Smile Dong hae ( Ji Chang Wook!). JCW’s character was going to marry a girl. His mother was mentally a child. The girl’s uncle fell in love with Donghae’s mother yet they could not marry because Dong hae and his niece were marrying even though the mother really needed someone to look after her and the girl’s uncle would have been the perfect solution. So I looked into it and it just isn’t really socially acceptable. And until recently, it was against the law to marry someone with the same family/clan name even though you have no blood relation. Think of all those Kims, Chois, and Lees in love but forbidden to marry!

    Love Five Children!

    1. I remember the Smile Dong Hae issue. Thanks for the info regarding the names, regarding the in laws thing, it may be a cultural thing but it’s a bit hard for me to get since they aren’t really blood related.

  3. Thanks for the insight into this. So it is a taboo, rather a serous one, by the looks of it. Hope it doesn’t put a damper onto the Yeon Tae – Sang Min relationship. Good opportunity for the writers to flesh out the depth of their feelings.

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