[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 37 ~recap/review/opinion~

Mi Jung tries to calm the boy but because Woo Young feels cheated he runs off with Sang Tae chasing after him leaving the two parents in shock. He rushes without being careful of the cars, he almost got hit by one but luckily Sang Tae saves him. As for the mother, she tries to make it clear to In Chul that no matter how mature their son may seem, he is still a child.

She is angered by the fact that her ex-husband didn’t discuss things with her beforehand and just jumped in to tell Woo Young about his marriage. However, In Chul doesn’t understand what he did wrong or why he is always the one at fault when she is also getting married. But he forgot that his current marriage is based on another person’s sadness.

While the parents talk, Sang Tae takes Woo Young to a drug store to get some medicine for his wounds. There, Woo Young can’t stop his tears while being comforted by Sang Tae.

After seeing his brother with Yeon Tae, Tae Min tries to avoid Jin Joo finding out as well so he convinces her to go to another place to celebrate her future. At the same time, Yeon Tae takes a picture of her boyfriend but he notices what she was doing so he starts taking pictures of himself, with her phone, since she seemed to want to have pictures of him, even though she did deny it. Afterwards he wants to take a picture with Yeon Tae and as he takes it, he kisses her on the cheek. When he wants to send the picture to his phone, Sang Min notices that she had him written as “Mr Sang Min”. He takes Yeon Tae’s phone and chances the name to “Mine” (as in he is Yeon Tae’s). She has a shy reaction seeing the changed name but he explains that because he is her boyfriend of course his name in her phone should be ‘Mine’.

Jin Joo is happy to have changed especially now that she finally found something to secure her future however Tae Min doesn’t seem to listen to her and is in fact worried about Sang Min and Yeon Tae. She finally gets his attention but Tae Min is starting to become greasy seeing how he openly tells Jin Joo that all of him is hers, especially his lips. Yes, for sure he is Sang Min’s brother…. He falls again into deep thoughts and decides that he should talk with his brother at home therefore he interferes with Sang Min’s date and calls him back home, as fast as he can because they need to have a serious conversation.  Sang Min doesn’t like that he has to shorten his date with Yeon Tae and even though she told him that he doesn’t need to take her home, he still wants to, after all he can’t leave his girlfriend alone at night on the streets.

Tae Min also takes Jin Joo home. On their way, they wonder how they can get permission from her parents to date so they can later on get married.

In Chul’s mother in law finds out from her daughter that her son-in-law is meeting with his son and that Woo Young wants to live with him. But it was clear that the mother in law didn’t want to, even Soo Young didn’t want to since he was thinking of her mother.

Woo Young goes to his mother’s room and the two talk things out. She explains everything to the boy and asks him that he also needs to think about his own feelings after seeing that he was worried about Woo Ri and Woo Joo finding out about their father’s marriage. He then asks his mother if he can also follow her, to live together. Hearing that, Mi Jung is happy and ends up hugging her son telling him that no matter what happens, she will always be with him.

Sang Tae’s mother thinks that it’s better to ask her son what kind of food Mi Jung likes, to prepare it for her when they will have their formal meeting with the family. Ho Tae calls his brother to ask, but when Sang Tae wants to know why he asks for Mi Jung’s favorite food, Ho Tae tells him that their mother was curious about it.

Tae Min isn’t pleased that Sang Min already knew about Jin Joo and Yeon Tae being in-laws and considers his brother to be a coward for making him write a contract when he already knew all that. Because of that, from Tae Min’s point of view, the contract is void. Another thing, looks like the mother of the two won’t like the idea that the girls are related.  However to Sang Min, the bigger problem is Yeon Tae who will probably break up with him if she finds out that Tae Min is his brother.

But Tae Min also plays dirty and writes a mail to his mother telling her that he has a girl he likes and wants to marry her.

Sang Tae’s mother-in-law is worried that the other family talks about the marriage without her so she goes to her in-laws’ restaurant. She thinks that Sang Tae’s mother is hiding things from her and when Mi Jung appears with flowers she becomes sure that they don’t want to discuss things with her. The mother apologies to Mi Jung for saying awful things. The mother in law does the same thing. Meanwhile, Woo Young tells Soo that he will move with the family but Soo is dumbfounded that he will be the only one left out.

Back to the restaurant, the in-law wants to help with the new house.

Things are going great for Ho Tae who will be receiving a great amount of money for his drama directing and even an office. Soon Young also receives the deposit money from her former apartment.

Jin Joo and Tae Min are finally putting their plan into action.  They plan was to make some “mobsters” threaten her parents. When they appear in front of her parents to bother them, Tae Min comes and saves them. When the men leave, her father wonders why he appeared just a the right moment but Tae Min lies saying that he had some work to do nearby.

Afterwards, he takes the two to a coffee shop. While he was ordering, the two are curious about his background but the mother says that they can’t do a background check on him because Mi Jung told her that it’s illegal. When he returns with the order, Tae Min already prepared for the background check and he hands them papers of his grates and some regarding his health. But that wasn’t what they were interested in, they wanted to know more about his …money. Hearing that he lives in his brother’s apartment, they don’t really seem to like that fact but hearing about his parents’ resort, they start to like him. After all, they hit the jackpot. With everything settles, they agree with Tae Min to date Jin Joo.

Mi Jung, Sang Tae and the children go house hunting. After searching various places, they finally find one they like.

Sang Min has a mental breakdown when he finds out that Sang Tae and Mi Jung are getting married. He gets over that pretty fast and asks Yeon Tae if she doesn’t want to get married. But he is shocked to find out from her that she can’t because she doesn’t have enough money and doesn’t want to burden her parents. Even though he tells her that he will take care of everything, she just needs to come to the wedding, Yeon Tae still thinks that it’s not right. Yet, Sang Min wants to rush and marry her before Tae Min gets to marry Jin Joo.

Sang Min drives Yeon Tae home but he doesn’t want to let her go until she kisses him. He shows his cheek towards her but after thinking a bit, Yeon Tae kisses him on his lips. Before he manages to leave, he sees Mi Jung and Sang Tae arriving for their official meeting. Then he starts to be sure that both of Yeon Tae’s brothers won’t like him and is worried that they won’t agree with him marrying their little sister.

After dinner, the whole family talks in the living room. At some point, Sang Tae’s father starts dissing his mother about how there were times when he didn’t want to see his wife because that’s how marriage is. The point is that he tells Mi Jung and Sang Tae to bear with each other.  Later, Mi Jung helps the other women of the family with cleaning in the kitchen, at some point Sang Tae calls her out ‘honey’ making her surprised and happy at the same time.

Since the father in law worries about his grandchildren, after talking with his friend, he decides to buy a building……


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