[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 35 ~recap/review/opinion~

In Chul is like a sly crow and complains about how he doesn’t want his children to live with another man so if Sang Tae is to marry Mi Jung, then he will take the children to his house. But Sang Tae gets angry and shouts at him that Mi Jung’s children shouldn’t be put through the trauma of living with the woman that separated their parents. Moreover, he already set up his mind to marry Mi Jung and both will take care of their 5 children, together. In Chul can’t believe what he hears however he can’t say anything more because the children come back from the store.

The in laws visit Sang Tae’s parents to ask them to let him marry Mi Jung. They think that it’s time to accept his new path. The mother in law brings in the fact that Sang Tae is also thinking of taking the children to live with Mi Jung, but hearing that, his mother doesn’t seem to like the idea, luckily Sang Tae’s father stops the conversation. On their way back home, the in laws seem to be ok now with having to part ways with their son in law or at least they are trying.

The father tries to make his wife understand that Mi Jung had a hard life, that her husband cheated on her but his wife continues to be hard to move and thinks that because Mi Jung had a hard time, she doesn’t have to take care of her.

The bowling club continues their meeting and the couples introduce how they meet and who confessed first and since they were next, seeing Yeon Tae nervous, Sang Min jokes with her and says that she should tell the others that she was the one who fell in love at first sight with him. When their turn is up, Yeon Tae says exactly like Sang Min told her to, but then even though he tries to explain to the others that she was just pranked by him and in fact he is the one who confessed first and loves her more, Yeon Tae fights back and says that she likes him more. What can I say, they are crazily in love.

Meanwhile, Jin Joo is worried about her future. Like she seriously is!! So she discusses things with Tae Min but she is somehow ashamed to say the things she likes (shopping, nail art and everything that is about dolling herself up). Even though she likes stuff like that, he doesn’t understand why she chose the major she enrolled in – wonders if she followed a guy there, but Jin Joo dismissed anything that has to do with another guy.

After the meeting, Yeon Tae and Sang Min take a walk. They are pretty sweet to each other however things change a bit when Sang Min starts asking about the 7 years crush Yeon Tae had and asks her what would happen if she is to find out that the guy also like her. To Yeon Tae, the question was inappropriate so she thinks that Sang Min is bothered by her past thus she remembers the moments when she was suffering over her crush and he told her that he also was dumped before. She asks different questions like what point did his past relationship reach and so on. Sang Min tries to change the subject a bit but she says that to her, a crush and love are two different things. Sang Min stops Yeon Tae and asks her to say once more what she just said but she is too embarrassed so she leaves, having Sang Min giggle behind her back.

In Chul receives a call from Soo Young to go back to her because her mother was in a surgery and something seemed to have gone bad.  Although, at first he refuses to go, thinking that he promised the kids to camp together, eventually he accepts and tells Soo Young that he will go to her.

Since In Chul left, Woo Young calls his mother to go to them and camp together. Mi Jung is worried that Sang Tae has to take care of 5 children but he is sure he can do it.

During that time, In Chul and Soo Young get scolded for not knowing what happened with her mother.

Considering that Yeon Tae still doesn’t know that Tae Min is his brother, Sang Min goes to his younger brother to ask him not to talk about their relationship outside their house. When he finds out from Tae Min that he never speaks about him outside, Sang Min is actually offended after all he is an amazing and cool man. To find out why Tae Min doesn’t speak about his brother with other people, we are taken back during his school days when he forgot his art project at home and Sang Min had to bring him the project. At that time, Sang Min was a model and his entrance at school was something….big. He used the hallway as a runaway and that made Tae Min feel embarrassed therefore he refused to tell others that they are breathers. Hearing that, to Sang Min feels it’s rude since he is a pretty awesome guy but to Tae Min, it’s burdensome.

Mi Jung arrives at the camp and after dinner, she spends time with the girls while Sang Tae with the boys, making a perfect family picture with the two and their 5 children.

Things seem to work for Ho Tae who manages to sell a script he wrote for a commercial. However, to be frank he is full of bullshit. He also gets offered to direct a drama but refuses because he is a movie director who doesn’t do dramas. Is he in a situation where he can refuse work? He has a child coming…

Sang Tae made his mind to reveal to his children that he and Mi Jung will get married but she is still worried about how her children will receive the news. They stop the conversation and next morning they spend time with the children during breakfast. Everyone works together and enjoy their time and by the looks of it, the children enjoy their time and seem to get along pretty well.

Soon Young wants to make Ho Tae rethink about the drama offer and tells him that they are a couple now so they need to discuss things together.

The in laws finally understand that they can’t demand Sang Tae what and what not to do and so they tell him that he can marry. It was more like they wanted to settle things and make everything right. Later, Sang Tae decides it’s time to tell his children about the marriage. At the same time, Mi Jung also tells her 3 children about it. They both tell the children about the person who made them happy.

The children are shocked with the news but the two already come up with a plan. They tell the children to think carefully for a week if they agree or not with the marriage.

Sang Tae’s mother s worried and wonders why he didn’t call her. But the husband starts making fun of her saying that maybe Sang Tae already cut ties with her. He continues and tells her that Ho Tae also didn’t ask for her permission when he got a woman pregnant so why would Sang Tae ask her about his marriage.

Ho Tae and Soon Young come back from their honeymoon and the family prepares a surprise for them. Everyone, including Sang Tae, Bin and Soo are present and they reenact a wedding as they enter the house. After that Bin tells the family that her father is also getting married. Because things may turn serious, Yeon Tae takes the children with her while the rest speak. The mother is still not ready to accept Mi Jung however the husband tells his son to bring MI Jung with him the next day to talk things out. Sang Tae finds out about the promise his mother made Mi Jung make. He is clearly not agreeing with her and tells his mother that Mi Jung isn’t at fault for giving birth to 3 children, since he also had 2.Ho Tae and Soon Young also jump in to help Sang Tae and ask the mother to stop treating Mi Jung like she does because that is painful for Sang Tae to hear.

During the night, the mother tries to call Sang Tae but he refuses to answer. She then tries to call him from her husband’s phone. Knowing that it might be his mother, he doesn’t answer. Afterwards she goes and calls him from a pay phone. She scolds him saying that he doesn’t understand her heart. The things she does isn’t because she doesn’t like Mi Jung but because she is scared of him having to suffer with 5 children.

After that whole scene, Sang Tae goes to his parents and calms his mother down.

Another day, the children talk about if they should accept their parents’ marriage. Although Bin and Woo Ri are still not sure, Soo and Woo Young are decided to not accept the marriage.

Yeon Tae invites Tae Min to come with Jin Joo to the bowling club. When the weekend arrives, the bowling club meets up and Sang Min finds out that Tae Min will come with his girlfriend at the meeting.

Meanwhile, Sang Tae and Mi Jung finally hear the answers of their children regarding the marriage. Bin, agrees, Soo disagrees however when it’s Woo Young’s turn the boy says that he agrees because he wants his mother to be happy but given the case, he decides to live with his father.

My thoughts on episode 35:

Ho Tae is seriously an idiot. This is not the time for him to be acting cocky and saying that he is a movie director, he creates art and not dramas. But dude, you need the money for the baby that is yet to come. Honestly, he lives in his parents’ house so I think that he still doesn’t realize the situation he is in. Ho Tae is the head of a family, he needs to wake up and see the reality of his life. I would’ve admire him if he was in a whole other situation than the current one.

By the way, speaking of children, I knew that at some point Woo Young will create problems. He was way too mature to be a reality. Maybe because he doesn’t know the truth about his father that he is starting to act like he is. He will have a cold shower when the truth will reveal itself. It’s not like Mi Jung is able to tell what’s the truth behind the divorce since she doesn’t want the children to hate their father, but I hope Woo Young will go to his father’s house and see that there is a woman already.

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