[Kdrama] ‘Sweet, Savage Family’ episode 5 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Tae Soo and Eun Ok start thinking about all kind of useless things like garlic to wake Ki Bum up from being possessed. The two can’t do anything to stop Son from possessing Ki Bum’s body, eventually they all arrive at the place Son was buried. Those that knew about the body being there start feeling scared about the consequences that will follow but to everyone’s surprise, only sand bags were buried there and the late Son’s body is gone. Then Ki Bum wakes up from being possessed and doesn’t seem to be aware of what just happened as he is frightened for finding himself in the middle of the forest thus he faints.

Ki Bum is taken to the hospital where he finds out from Tae Soo what happened. They continue to talk and wonder where Son’s body may have disappeared since they never moved it. While they secretly talk, Tae Soo’s friend – the detective friend- appears and finds it fishy since the two were talking so quietly. The man wants to ask them if they know something about the body but Man Bo appears and starts shouting to the detective that he should leave the patient alone and go catch North Korean spies. Before leaving, Man Bo invites Tae Soo and Eun Ok to his house for dinner.

Some of the One Heart members arrive at their office – or should I say place where they always go to – and Kyung Mi makes fun of how Ki Bum was possessed by Son’s soul. She also wonders why of all people the soul took Ki Bum’s body. At that moment Eun Ok tells her to stop joking because she is scaring the other women.

On her way home, Do Kyung meets Ki Bum who wanted to meet her to make it sure that she will keep everything what happened during the day away from Hyun Ji so the girl will never find out. Do Kyung finds out from him that his father was informed about the ‘possessing incident’ and called him an idiot. Hearing that, Do Kyung gets angry and tells him to change because he is a 40 years old man with a daughter so he needs to stop being afraid of his father.

Of course Man Bo was curious about where the body is that’s why he invited Tae Soo and his wife for dinner. Surprisingly the boss is actually happy that Son’s body disappeared to celebrate he tells them that if they want something they shouldn’t worry and just ask. Eun Ok cuts it short and says that since he already promised to help Tae Soo with the movie then he should also write it on paper, like that both her and her husband will feel at ease. The mood turns a bit black but Joo Ran comes with the drinks and Eun Ok takes advantage of the situation to further ask the man if he will make it official and write it on paper. They are disturbed again by Ki Bum who arrives home…..drunk. Seeing him drunk the father gets annoyed and even though Tae Soo tells him to eat together Ki Bum declines the offer and goes to his room.

Man Bo goes up to his son’s room and tells him to stop drinking but Ki Bum starts babbling about how he is jealous of Tae Soo for being free even though he doesn’t have anything except his family. Ki Bum brings up all the things he couldn’t do because of his father and even more blames Man Bo for kicking his daughter and wife away while he takes care of Tae Soo’s wife and family.

Ki Bum visits the guy that Tae Soo beat in the first episode and both seem to have a grudge on him.

Next day, Tae Soo goes to Man Bo’s house with the papers for the movie investment since he promised his wife. It’s pretty clear that Man Bo doesn’t want to sign the papers nor help Tae Soo but he eventually stamps the contract. After Tae Soo takes his leave, Man Bo’s assistant asks him what to do with Tae Soo – they decide to “take care of him”.

Later he goes shopping to buy underwear for Eun Ok but at the store he meets Do Kyung who tells him that older women like wild and colorful underwear. Happy to have got stuff for his wife, Tae Soo leaves all smiling but on the way he senses that someone is following him. We don’t see what happens but things get fast forwarded and Tae Soo meets his wife and then takes her to a hotel. He shows Eun Ok the contract Man Bo signed earlier and then gives her the lingerie. She can’t help but show her happiness. Although they are happy at how are turning, EUn Ok still feels a bit uneasy. But whatever they still have a wild night.

In the morning the couple is happy and both keep sending hearts to each other. At work, Tae Soo makes a scene to make it seem like he will commit suicide since the script is crappy but the writer accepts to re-write it so he won’t kill himself.

Hyun Ji receives a message from Ki Bum asking if she wants to eat something good with her. After reading the messages, the girl sees Sung Min and goes to him. He brings up her past as a trainee and asks about the music she used to train in – like what genre – but Hyun Ji takes the opportunity to hit on him – half hit half make fun of him – and asks if he is curious about the music or about her. Flustered, Sung Min takes his leave however Hyun Ji follows after seeing his face turning red. Yet she manages to take his attention by telling him if he wants to go busking together.

At the One Heart meeting the others see that Eun Ok and Do Kyung have the same lingerie and the later one starts smiling and asks if Tae Soo got that for her. Eun Ok confirms but with that she also finds out that Do Kyung was the one who told him what kind of lingerie to buy.

Kyung Mi receives pictures with Sung Min and Hyun Ji sitting together at school and like that the two mothers start fighting. Eun Ok doesn’t even get to push Do Kyung but she acts like she was pushed down when Joo Ran enters the room. Joo Ran misunderstands the scene and thinks that EUn Ok used violence against the members. She asks the others what happened but before they got to say that Eun Ok didn’t do anything, Do Kyung starts crying and says that it’s her fault for joining even though the members didn’t want her to.

Eun Ok cries her eyes out at home and Tae Soo doesn’t understand what’s wrong with her or what he did wrong. But he later sees the lingering in the garbage and understands why Eun Ok was crying.

Joo Ran tells Do Kyung that she’s helping her get into One Heart because of Ki Bum. But Do Kyung says that she doesn’t want to get back with him because she wants a father for her daughter not the grandfather’s son – implying that Ki Bum is too scared of Man Ho and will always do what his father wants.

At home, Do Kyung spends time with her daughter. Hyun Ji tells her that Sung Min wants to study music but without his mother knowing so she has to keep it a secret from Eun Ok. After they talk Do Kyung reminds Hyun Ji to take her medicine.

The detective has a hunch of what happened with Son but Tae Soo says that Ki Bum isn’t that kind of man – to kills someone.

In the afternoon, Do Kyung sees someone following Tae Soo and somehow she ends up a bit hurt. At the hospital when Eun Ok and Ki Bum arrive they don’t seem comfortable with Tae Soo and DO Kyung being together. Do Kyung starts laughing and brings back the past talking about how the four meet for the first time and she asks Tae Soo if he doesn’t regret his choice because she does sometimes regret it. She wasn’t hitting at Tae Soo/Eun Ok but rather wanted to make Ki Bum hear that she regrets choosing him, however Tae Soo says that he never regretted his choice – dating Eun Ok.

The One Heart members come to compliment Do Kyung but Eun Ok stops their party and tells them that it’s great since she saved her husband but the main point is that someone tried to hurt her husband so it’s not the time to go “haha, hoho”. Joo Ran is offended and leaves.

Hyun Ji keeps asking Sung Min if he decided to go busking with her. After remembering some of their past memories Ki Bum appears with a teddy bear for his daughter. Sung Min leaves and let’s the two talk – looks like the father-daughter relationship is slowly getting closer.

Back at home, Sung Min thinks about Hyun Ji but his mother enters the room and tells him to keep it up for a year, until he get into a good university. The boy receives a message and Eun Ok seems suspicious of who it might be. Of course the message is from Hyun Ji asking about the busking again but before reading it, Sung Min asks his mom to leave the room because he has a lot to do – for school.

Looks like Ki Bum made a plan with Joo Ran. She can marry his father only after he and Do Kyung are back.

Man Bo gives all the power over the movie to Ki Bum and he moves the office of the movie production into the building that One Hear members have their office. Having all the power, Ki Bum goes to Do Kyung to brag about it.

On the other hand Eun Ok and Tae Soo are upset that their positions are being taken away by Ki Bum and Do Kyung. On their way home, the two see Sung Min busking with Hyun Ji on the streets when he was supposed to be at the cram school. Eun Ok pushes Hyun Ji aside but Do Kyung sees the scene and of course the two start fighting….they actually fight ……hair pulling and all that stuff.

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