[Kdrama] ‘Remember’ ep 5&6~ impression/ opinion/review ~

First of all: Merry Christmas everyone! May this day bring happiness into your lives!

Now, let’s talk about the drama. The story is getting intense but still a bit predictable. I’m seeing Jin Woo and the other characters (but mostly Jin Woo) developing however In Ah doesn’t seem to have any more layers. Is the writer going to keep her just as a random female character for the main male character to fall in love with? In dramas of this type it’s hard to make a female shine, and I don’t even remember if there were many females that got the spot light. While I do understand that Jin Woo is the main and the plot centers on him and his father, In Ah should still be given a proper development.

To be a bit honest, Jin Woo as a character has been given a way too rash makeover. Making him a successful lawyer in just 4 years, that’s stretching it! On the other hand he understands much more about the reality of the court than In Ah who is an idealistic prosecutor.

A drama with a plot like “Remember” is hard to fill. I noticed this in other dramas of the mystery, revenge, court (police) type that they add some stuff just to fill in the episodes. We already understand that Jin Woo’s father is in prison but having a scene between father-son in every episode, quite emotional scenes I may add, I find them to be useless to the actual development. However that’s maybe because I kept investing my attention onto lawyer Dong Ho.

Jin Woo is rash and acts on impulse compared to Dong Ho who is calculative and thinks every step that may by favorable for him. The young lawyer is green, way too green to fight a big corporation group like Il Ho or a man like Nam Gyu Man’s father who pushed aside everyone who was getting between Nam Gyu and his future. What’s similar between Jin Woo and Dong Ho is that they are both detailed whenever it comes to a case they work on.

What I liked about these two episodes is that at least the writer is connecting the cases with Il Ho/Nam Gyu Man rather than having random cases every episode. We will have to see what’s going to happen in the next ones but I hope the idea of connecting everything to the evil characters will be more interesting than becoming just another drama about lawyers.

As for the case of this week’s episodes, I was pretty sure that the girl was lying. Even since she appeared at the police office, she was not scared of being touched by the police officers even though there were a lot of them around her. Some may thing that this isn’t important but if we think that she was indeed raped then wouldn’t she feel repulsive towards a man’s touch yet she wasn’t like that when the police officers approached her.

Although I’m not entirely sure if I like the drama, combined together the characters, story line and acting go well and I did enjoy episode 5 and 6 more than I thought I will. Still my favorite character remains Dong Ho even if he was somehow ignored in these episodes, in a way or another he managed to makes himself be seen.

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