[Kdrama] ‘Sweet, Savage Family’ episode 4 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Posting two recaps on the same day shows how much I like the drama. I’m enjoying it so much especially since the show follows all the characters from the married couples (Eun Ok – Tae Soo; and ex-couple Ki Bum – Do Kyung) but also their children. Probably the story will turn into a type of Romeo and Juliet while keeping the quirky attitude of the characters.

Eun Ok enters Man Bo’s office and sees her husband kneeling. She tells him to get up and then shows Man Bo some footage with Ki Bum’s men trying to put the dead Son in Tae Soo’s car. Now that her husband’s name is cleared, Eun Ok gets angry and tells the boss that if the house were to be on fire then Tae Soo would save him first before her however her husband’s trust is returned by making him sign a contract to give back 3 billion won even though he neve saw that money.

Apparently Eun Ok took the footage from a street CCTV in front of their house but that was thanks to the neighborhood head lady who was spying on people throwing away garbage through that CCTV.

The two go to a bar where Eun Ok tells him that he already saw what kind of people Ki Bum and Man Bo are so he can’t return to work for them. Later they get drunk and start babbling about living in a tent or using the public restroom because even though they won’t have the money they have now at least there won’t be any more worries – like the worries they have working for a thug.

Tae Soo brings his drunken wife at home. The moment they enter she starts shouting and being happy –asking high fives from the mother in law and so on. When Eun Ok is eventually dragged in the bedroom, she starts crying about their miserable life.

Man Bo asks Tae Soo to meet up. The man tells Tae Soo that he can do whatever he wants to Ki Bum, even go to the police to reveal the truth about Son’s disappearance. While they were talking, Tae Soo notices Man Bo’s men hiding after trees and all kind of stuff, knowing that if he is to say the wrong thing they will go after him. Therefore he decides to tell Man Bo that he is indebted to Ki Bum so he doesn’t want to do anything to his friend and also says that the movie production should continue.

On his way back home, Tae Soo sees his wife waiting for him. The two hug and Eun Ok thanks him for returning safely.

Man Bo’s wife tells him that he should make a family for Ki Bum because the reason he is lost is give by the fact that he doesn’t have a family to protect.

Man Bo’s wife, Joo Ran pays Do Kyung a visit. The later one asks where in Seoul she lived because her face looks familiar. Joo Ran gets flustered and says that she lived mostly oversea and not as much in Seoul.

Tae Soo and everyone else see that Son’s mother put posters with Son around the town, reporting him as missing. Both Tae Soo and Ki Bum start taking the posters down however Tae Soo’s mother brings home Son’s mother saying that she is a famous shaman. The woman asks Tae Soo why he didn’t had a son, at that moment he and his wife look at each other and he replays saying that he already has a son. But to the shaman it doesn’t seem like Tae Soon and Sung Min resemble each other. The conversation about that subject ends and Tae Soo’s mother says that the shaman will stay with them until her son will appear.

Tae Soo has a nightmare where some random dudes where beating him up but Son appears and saves him after wards he says “we’ll meet again”. To calm down after the nightmare he had, Tae Soo goes in the living room, there the shaman woman was having some kind of ritual that scares him. Eun Ok and Tae Soo start wondering if Son’s mother knows something ……… since she is a shaman and all.

Next day, Tae Soo’s mother brings the shaman to his office to show her where her son worked. The woman looks around but her eyes kind of scare the other men from the office. After that they go with the shaman to Ki Bum. There, Ki Bum is getting flustered but Tae Soo saves him saying that there was something between Ki Bum and Son, the first one threw hot soup on the later one’s pants. The woman scares Ki Bum and Tae Soo by saying that she is going to pray on the mountain – the same mountain Eun Ok and Tae Soo buried Son.

Man Bo goes to Do Kyung’s restaurant where he tells his former daughter in law that she should leave their town. At that moment, Hyun Ji appears and tells her grandfather that he shouldn’t treat her mother like he does because she asked to move back after that the girl runs away. She arrives at the place Sung Min sings and gives him a kiss making him remember that they used to know each other when they were children. The dudes who were bothering Sung Min a couple of days before appear again and everyone starts fighting.

The teenagers are taken to the police office and moments later Eun Ok and Do Kyung appear. The officer tells Sung Min and Hyun Ji that next time they should date somewhere else and not in a dark alley. Hearing that, Eun Ok gets annoyed and tells the man that no matter how many slutty girls go around her son, Sung Min focuses only on his studies.  The two mothers start fighting but Hyun Ji saves Sung Min and tells his mother that they weren’t on a date and that he saved her from the kids that were bothering her. At home, DO Kyung tells her daughter that she can say the truth about what happened but Hyun Ji says that it doesn’t matter anymore. The girl starts wondering why no one in their town welcomes them and starts singing. Ki Bum who was around their house listens to his daughter’s singing as well.

Eun Ok tries to find out why her son skip cram school but Sung Min just tells her that he was embarrassed with her acting like she did at the police station. He goes back into his room and remembers when Hyun Ji took the blame on her.

Next morning, Sung Min has a surprise, his new class mate is Hyun Ji who decides to sit near him in class. During breaks, they talk and Sung Min thanks her for covering him at the police station.

Because it’s starting to rain, Tae Soo and Ki Bum go to take Son’s body from the mountain but some random people appear and they have to stop the digging.

Another day Joo Ran tells Ki Bum that his father meet up with Do Kyung.  At the next One Heart meeting Do Kyung is presented as the new member. Eun Ok tries to show that she is pleased with the new member but remembers everyone that there is a rule Do Kyung needs to respect. Joo Ran remembers and tells everyone to lift their hand if they don’t agree with Do Kyung’s join but everyone seems to accept since they kind of fear Joo Ran. After the voting, One Heart members have to proceed with the ceremony and that is washing the new member’s feet.

The ceremony is disturbed by Tae Soo’s mother who comes with the shaman asking the One Heart members to help find Son.

Son’s mother does an exorcism ceremony to call for him and everyone takes part of it. During the ceremony Son’s soul possesses Ki Bum’s body and everyone goes towards the place Son was buried. While digging at the place possessed Ki Bum showed them, they find something.

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