[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 19 ~recap/review/opinion~

After watching this episode I am 100% sure that Joo Hee killed Woo Seok’s late wife. This woman lost it and even said so in this episode that she will do anything it takes to separate Woo Seok from Soo In. On a side note, I said in my review post that Joo Ran and her husband are a joke but now the husband may be a threat for Woo Seok in the future especially since Tae San seems to ‘like’ him a lot.

As for Aeng Ran, she is definitely one of the good people. Although I did had a hunch that Do Jin wasn’t Tae San’s son, this episode kind of put out the truth and confirmed everything – and Tae San seems to know it as well so it looks like I guessed it right in my review post. Going back to Aeng Ran, she is clearly trying to let Woo Seok find out about his past and memories but I wonder if she wants to take Shinhwa for herself and Do Jin or if she will give it to Woo Seok since he is the direct inheritor of the company. I mean she clearly knows the things Tae San did in the past to take the company from Bok Nyeo’s husband however I wonder if Tae San has any dirt on her since she tries to secretly make Woo Seok find the truth.

Also, I’ve started wondering if the first wife is acting up in front of everyone – however I will keep this idea on hold since I’m not sure but it is a possibility. Still, I am sure that she has the documents that Bok Nyeo is looking for.

The recap:

Woo Seok drags Soo In out of the coffee shop and because of the heat of the moment he tells her his feelings. Soo In doesn’t want to believe that Woo Seok fell in love with her especially since she is an ex-inmate, however he tells her that she being an ex-convict has nothing to do with his feelings. She goes on saying that Joo Hee is in love with him but once again he says that it has nothing to do with him.

Their conversation is disturbed by the agent who tells Soo In that he found someone who can help her with the insurance for the truck. On the other hand, Woo Seok who still doesn’t know why she meet the other man misunderstand thinking that she doesn’t care about his feelings and wants to leave with the agent. In the car, the agent apologizes to Soo In because he didn’t know that she had a boyfriend and asked her for a date.

Joo Ran sees Bo Kyung at a children’s store with the kid from the engagement party. Joo Ran decides to stay around and eventually she hears Bo Kyung telling the kid that she will forever stay with him. Later Joo Ran goes to meet two men and asks them to find more about Bo Kyung if she indeed as a child.

Aeng Ran goes to visit her former boyfriend’s grave and promises to bring Do Jin sometimes there. (this it pretty clear that Do Jin isn’t Tae San’s child). Secretary Wang also appears and calls Aeng Ran “sister-in-law”. The two are determinate to go forward with their plan regarding Tae San. Secretary Wang isn’t actually blood related with Aeng Ran’s former husband however the man took care of him just because both were from the same hometown. Aeng Ran tells Wang that she wants to tell Do Jin the truth regarding his real father thinking that her son will understand.

Do Jin goes to see Mi Oh and when he gives her money saying that he is at fault for going to prison, the girl declines the money, although his intentions were pretty good as he wanted to give her money to open a store for herself and to start making a living.

Meanwhile, the agent asks Soo In if she has someone who hates her – she probably has someone in mind. Woo Seok drinks alone trying to understand why Soo In ignored him when he just confessed his feelings.

Joo Ran starts asking Aeng Ran if she has any secrets that the family should hear about but Aeng Ran doesn’t understand what she wants to say and just ignores her. However Joo Ran notices that the tires of Aeng Ran’s car are dirty.

Aeng Ran goes to tell Tae San that she arrived home but the woman doesn’t say where she went and lies that one of her cousins had a surgery. But after she leaves the room, Tae San looks towards her way as if he knew that she was lying to him.

Yi Moon remembers the date he had with Bok Nyeo as the man told her again about his feelings and that they also have a right to love even at their age. After he wakes up from his day-dreaming, Nr 911 appears and starts talking about how selfish Bok Nyeo is. Hearing her talking bad about Bok Nyeo, Yi Moon gets a little irritated however Bok Nyeo appears and chases nr 911 away from “her house”.

Mr Tak and Poong Geum each have a blind date at the same restaurant and even at near tables. During the dates, they end up disturbing each other in the eyes of their blind date partners. Angered the partners start talking with each other and they decide the swap.

Joo Ran spends her Christmas night with her mother and the mother talks about how she and her husband used to sell a lot of bread at their Geobok factory, however Joo Ran tells her that their factory is Shinhwa. The mother tells her that Jin Woo’s father owns the factory so that’s why its name is Geobok. Their talk is disturbed by Soo In who calls Joo Ran to have a talk.

Soo In demands to know the truth about her truck’s disappearance however Joo Ran acts ignorant and asks for evidence. But Joo Ran’s mouth is wild and without noticing she pretty much says that Soo In deserved to have that happened to her since she got in between Joo Hee and Woo Seok. The conversation doesn’t go further as Joo Hee appears and Soo In threatens Joo Ran before leaving that she won’t let her get away. Joo Hee asks if she left any evidence but the older sister says that this time she let professionals take care of everything thus she receives thanks form her younger sister.

Soo In arrives home and sees Woo Seok in front of the gate, although she tries to apologize, he doesn’t listen because he got drunk and started talking about how she doesn’t seem to care about his feelings at all. Tear eyed, she tries to apologize one more time but Woo Seok doesn’t want to hear it and asks her to forget that he confessed his feelings. Later Soo In falls crying in Bok Nyeo’s arms as she informs everyone that her truck got stolen.

Joo Hee looks at some documents of a franchise from their bakery whose owner is now Soo In – after that she talks with herself that she will do whatever it takes to break away Woo Seok from Soo In.

At breakfast Yi Moon asks Woo Seok why he got drunk a night before but Woo Seok lies that he meet some old friends. Still concerned about Soo In’s truck, Bok Nyeo and Yi Moon try to find other solutions so that she can get back her car – after hearing them talking Woo Seok finally finds why Soo In wasn’t paying any attention to him a day before even though he confessed his love to her.

Woo Seok then asks Soo In why she didn’t explain to him properly what happened but she tells him that everything was in a hurry thus her mind was all over the place. Soo In continues and tells Woo Seok that she will erase his confession from her memory and this is when he finally finds out what he said as he was drunk a night before.

Next day at the company, Joo Ran’s husband finds out that Tae San made Woo Seok Director of Production and the man starts firing up at the sudden news. When Woo Seok finds out he goes to Tae San to ask for clarification since this isn’t what they discussed – that after the premium products launching he will return to the bakery,that was the plan but it looks like the older man has another plan for him. Somehow Tae San makes Woo Seok stay in the company – more like he was forced to remain.

Woo Sok asks Joo Hee if she is the one who asked Tae San to name him as the new Director of Production but she denies any involvement from her part. Aeng Ran also finds out and she together with Wang decides to move one with their plan regarding Woo Seok.

Bo Kyung and her mother go to meet up with Aneg Ran where the mother starts acting mighty that Do Jin has a secret child and they wanted to lie to them (as if Bo Kyung doesn’t have her own secrets). The mother says that Bo Kyung is one of a kind and asks Aeng Ran to have Do Jin live in her house because she can’t trust him thus she wants to have him close. Aneg Ran doesn’t seem to want since a man can’t be seen moving in his in-laws’ house, but she is kind of threatened by Bo Kyung’s mother that the marriage will be cancelled.

Do Jin sees Kang Daeng and Bok Nyeo invites him in the house. Bok Nyeo tells Do Jin that he shouldn’t go to his ex’s house when he is engaged, before leaving Kang Daeng hugs him, but he doesn’t think much about it and tells Bok Nyeo that the boy seems to be sociable since he is okay with strangers.

Poong Geum, Soo In and Mi Oh are trying to find their truck but with no much luck. Later Poong Geum decides to make nr 911 open a store for them. On the other hand nr 911 doesn’t seem too willing if Bok Nyeo doesn’t apologize to her.

Aeng Ran talks with Woo Seok about an orphanage she helps and asks him to give baking classes to the children from there – “coincidentally” it’s an orphanage that he seems to know.

In the afternoon, Joo Hee calls Soo In and demands to meet up. Before leaving Woo Seok appears and Byeol tells him that Soo In went to meet up with Joo Hee. At a nearby coffee shop, Joo Hee takes out the documents for the franchise and tells Soo In to take it, but she refuses.

Joo Hee starts insulting Soo In telling the later one that she doesn’t want the franchise so she can go and make Woo Seok pity her again. Woo Seok enters and with a stoned face tells Joo Hee to sincerely apologies to Soo In for being rude.


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