[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 26 (Trip to Tokyo – part 3)

This is episode 59 of ‘The Superman Returns’ (Uhm Tae Woong and daughter Ji Oh’s part coming soon)

Song Il Gook continues his trip to Tokyo together with the triplets. This time he takes the boys to an aquarium so that they can finally see he whale they really love.

After they entered the park, ll Gook shows them where the whales are but Dae Han calls them sharks however Min Guk tells his brother that it’s ‘whale’ not ‘shark’. They move towards the entrance of the aquarium, but since the father had to hold the younger ones, Dae Han wants to run around but luckily he stays around Il Gook after he is being called back.

First, the triplets meet the dolphins and they look fascinated. Yet after a while Man Se sees a man in the water and asks him what he does there, then Il Gook who actually wanted Man Se to say “Uncle do you live in the sea?” but in return the boy doesn’t imitate his father and just answers “yes”.

The visit around to see more fishes (even one really ugly big fish) and in the same tank with the ugly fish there were some small sharks. They all continue the journey and they arrive at the seal section where Dae Han calls it a walrus.

Next it’s a tank full of various fishes and when the triplets see the shark in the same place they tell the fishes to run away so the shark won’t eat them. Since Dae Han was too excited seeing all the fishes as he runs away, the boy stumbles and falls yet he doesn’t cry and just gets back on his feet.

They finally arrive at the whale tank where they are in awe especially Dae Han. Although Man Se and Min Guk get bored kinda fast, Dae Han is still mesmerized by the huge whale.

Later, Il Gook takes the triplets outside the aquarium to meet a dolphin and a white whale. At some point the whale makes a sound, Il Gook asks what kind of sound is that and Min Guk replays that it’s the sound of a fart. Since Dae Han liked the while whale, Il Gook lifts him to touch it, to everyone surprise the boy even feeds the whale some fishes from the trainer’s bucket.

During the interview, Il Gook reminds everyone about the time when he took the triplets to the dinosaurs’ park and Dae Han was really scared, however this time the eldest out of the triplets was the bravest as he touched the whale and even feed it.

I think Il Gook is in the process of teaching the boys their age; he asks first Min Guk how old he is and the boy answers 4 years old but when the father asks Man Se, the boy answers “Man Se” (his name can also mean 10,000 years) making Il Gook burst into laughter.

Il Gook: Man Se how old are you?

Man Se: Man Se (10,000 years)

Il Gook: Aigo grandpa!

Man Se gives the start to a song but later on Min Guk starts singing the same song – it was “Twinkle twinkle little star”. During the interview, Il Gook says that it was the first time he hears Min Guk sing that song as well and that the boy probably learned it at kindergarten. He continues and tells the staff that he heard from his mother-in-law that his wife also used to sing like Min Guk, Dae Han is exactly like him and Man Se………he is just a free spirit.

Later Il Gook takes the triplets to eat, however he is having a hard time since the father doesn’t know Japanese, eventually he writes down his order. Since they had to wait for the food, they walk around and a cake shop appears; the father wants to order cakes for the boys but this time as well he is having a hard time ordering and just points to a cake.

The food is ready and the boys are happily eating – the staff puts two cameras on the table to film the boys and the triplets call the cameras dinosaurs as they normally do.

Man Se: A dinosaur came up. Oh! Another one came!

Dae Han: Dinosaur, let’s eat!

Man Se: Come here to eat (near them).

The triplets continue eating their food, on the other hand Il Gook who is on a diet drools at the sight of food. Luckily to him, Dae Han gives a dumpling; although he acts like he shouldn’t eat, in the end the father starts eating to his heart’s content.

After eating the dumplings, the cake appears and Min Guk tells Dae Han to share with him as well thus Dae Han starts sharing the cake with both of his father and he even wipes his brothers with a tissue.

The next morning Min Guk and Man Se are the first ones to wake up and they ask the ‘dinosaur’ if he slept well and later Dae Han comes and kisses it. Man Se is especially excited this morning and shouts out “It’s startinggggg!” (but I have no idea what’s starting). The boys find 2 mics and play with it until the food arrives.

The breakfast is served and they all enjoy their food – Il Gook tells them that they can take the fish with their hands and just eat it. Later Min Guk asks his father where the fish went……..in his tummy but he forgot. After everyone finished eating, to Il Gook’s surprise, Min Guk tells him that he is hungry.

Min Guk: I’m hungry, I’m hungry!

Il Gook: You’re hungry? You want to eat again?

Min Guk: Yes.

Il Gook: You ate that much but still hungry?

Min Guk: I’m hungry, I’m hungry!

The triplets start singing and since they were in a good mood, Il Gook tells them that they will go to the hot spring but he is quickly interrupted by Man Se who informs his father that he has to poop. Il Gook takes him away and tells him to stay near the window to poop and even wishes the boy good luck (fighting).

Because the other two were making the fart sound, Man Se tells them to poop together.

Later, the father takes them to the hot spring. After bathing them, they all go to the outside bath to play – the boys enjoy the warm water. Il Gook tries to teach the boys once again their age, but they aren’t paying much attention to him. Still, he continues speaking telling his “wishing list” (for the triplets):

  1. To learn to ski;
  2. To try snow sledding
  3. To participate in a triathlon
  4. Participate in a stroller marathon

Then he asks the boys to make a wish but since they still weren’t listening, Il Gook asks Man Se if he wants to stop using diapers however the boy shakes his head as a rejection.



  1. Keep up the good work… I really enjoyed reading your recap about the triplets every week… ^^

    1. Thank you~

  2. I totally laughed at that Manse 10000 years old comment, hahahahaha! I LOVE these 3 kids, they all have different charms, so lovely. Daehan is just awwwww, so kind and caring, he’s also very responsible, I can see how he resembles his dad. Mingook is just full of aegyo, probably cute like his mom and Manse is just…. Manse… lol! He’s the unique free-spirited kid.

    1. Ikr? he is such a joker XD I noticed that every time he doesn’t know how to answer to something, he just says “Man Se” lol

      Min Guk was so cute when he started singing in the bus and Dae Han was such a sweetheart at the aquarium.

  3. thank you for the recap 🙂 i hope the triplets have their own channel someday, too adorable! ❤

    1. Thank you for reading ^ ^

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