[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 12 ~recap/review/opinion~

During breakfast, both Soo In and Woo Seok act weird and the two older members at the table ask if something happened but they just change the subject. Even when they are alone, the two act weird and almost can’t look into each other’s eyes. They talk it out as Soo In apologizes for entering the bathroom saying that she didn’t knew that someone was inside. Before leaving for work, Woo Seok tells Soo In that the rice with water was delicious however what he doesn’t notice (since he was way to nervous) that in his cup was only water.

At work, Woo Seok goes to Tae San to remind him about their promise: after the launching of the premium products, he can return to kitchen.

Joo Ran goes to do some shopping, but the employee form the shop tells her that someone made a reservation (to use the shop alone). To her surprise, the customer who made the reservation was Aeng Ran who came to shop for an engagement gift together with Bo Kyung. Joo Ran tries to enter between them, but Bo Kyung asks Aeng Ran to go to another shop.

Later the future mother in law and daughter in law go to meet up with Do Jin. Even though the two are pretty happy about everything, Do Jin tells them that he didn’t agree with the marriage but they still go forward without listening to him. Bo Kyung advices him that it’s better to go with what their parents want.

Mi Oh goes to meet up with her friends for a part time job interview and before leaving Soo In gives her some money to eat something together with her friends. Soo In continues and asks Mi Oh if she won’t take care of the misunderstanding Do Jin has regarding her (that she received money from Aeng Ran to abort), however the girl says that she doesn’t intend to do that.

Soo In remembers the times she spent with her mother in law. Meanwhile at the laundry shop, the neighborhood woman appears again as she tries to make Yi Moon chase the women who live in his house. Yi Moon get angry and chases the woman away from his store.

Poong Geum prepares to meet up with “Do Jin”. She makes up her mind and confesses to Soo In that she is dating Do Jin, however Soo In can’t believe her ears, on the other hand Poong Geum misunderstand asking if a woman like her can’t meet a man like Do Jin.

Mr Tak meets up with Soo In by mistake and they change greetings.

Mi Oh gets hired at a coffee shop, but that’s where Do Jin and his fiancé were at. He sees Mi Oh and chases after her. Do Jin calls Mi Oh names telling her that she lied about not wanting to give up on her son. Mi Oh can’t take it anymore and leaves but from behind Do Jin threatens her saying that he wants to see how well she can eat and live.

Joo Hee asks Woo Seok for lunch but when she mentions going to his house, he tells her that he needs to rest since it was his first day working at the office. On his way home, Woo Seok sees Soo In going somewhere and he goes after her.

Soo In enters a bakery for a job interview. Luckily she gets the job so she calls Poong Geum to inform her about the news. Woo Seok who followed her, ends up buys some bread, but Soo In goes back in the store, to hide from her, he turns away. Soo In confesses to the bakery owner that she got her baker certificate in prison. To comfort Soo In for losing her job, Woo Seok takes her to have a drink but he acts like he never saw her at the job interview and asks her how did the interview go. Soo In tells him that the interview didn’t go to well because she told the owner that she got her certificate in prison.

Joo Ran tells Aeng Ran that she finds Bo Kyung weird especially since she wants a rushed marriage. Aeng Ran gets angry and tells her to take care of her own things.

Joo Ran’s husband tells Joo Hee that rumors are going around the company that she and Woo Seok will marry, but Aneg Ran comes and tells her that one doesn’t know what life will give them.

Joo Ran starts crying as her mother tells her that she doesn’t remember her, but Tae San enters the room and tells the woman that she can forget everyone else but not her eldest daughter.

Do Jin rushes out of the house after remembering the meeting with Mi Oh from the afternoon, meanwhile “Do Jin” takes Poong Geum to the Ma family’s villa. While the two are trying to have a nice night together, the real Do Jin appears at the villa. Luckily for Mr Tak, Do Jin doesn’t see them.

Soo In gets drunk and on their way home, she tells Woo Seok that she will succeed and people will stop ignoring her (for being a former inmate). She goes forward saying that with him as an exception, the other people from Shinhwa Group will go down, but in no time she falls down and Woo Seok has to take her home on his back.

In the next morning, Bok Nyeo tells Soo In that she shouldn’t have told the owner that she was released from prison recently. At first she is confused seeing how Bok Nyeo knows about it, but the older woman says that Woo Seok told her after dragging her home on his back. On the other hand, Soo In doesn’t remember anything from a night before.

Joo Ran goes into Aeng Ran’s room and finds the tree picture but she doesn’t think much about it.

At the office, Woo Seok receives an envelope with a tree (it’s actually from Aeng Ran, the envelop she sent last episode) together with a letter. In the letter she tells him that he needs to finally regain his memories to take care of some important things. Later Woo Seok finds the tree but doesn’t know what’s the meaning behind it.

Joo Ran goes to the laundry shop to spy on Woo Seok. Bok Nyeo and Yi Moon treat her as the shop’s client but they don’t understand how she knows about their family or Woo Seok. To get out of it, she lies telling that she and Woo Seok work at the same company. On her way out, she meets Soo In.

In front of Joo Ran, Soo In is strong and doesn’t let herself get scared of her sister in law.

Mi Oh starts her part time job at the coffee shop but Do Jin comes and pesters her. She tries to ignore him but he goes around splitting coffee on the floor and when Bo Kyung arrives he acts as if they are in love.

Poong Geum goes to a pawn shop with the ring she got from “Do Jin” but there she finds out that the ring she received from him is fake. The two meet later and she tells him that he is a millionaire so he shouldn’t hit on the ‘sexy symbol’ Poong Geum with just 130$ (the price of the ring).

Woo Seok is curious to find out about the tree. Later Joo Ran tells Joo Hee that she went to Woo Seok’s house more than that she meet Soo In in the neighborhood.

During dinner, Woo Seok seems down. Although the others ask what happened to him, he tells them that he is just tired from work. Bok Nyeo is informed that she was accepted in a bakery competition and everyone agrees that Soo In should help her with the contest.

During the competition, the judges find out that Bok Nyeo and Soo In were released recently from prison as the two try to explain how they came up with the recipe for their donuts. However that doesn’t affect the result as they win the big award.



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